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  1. I don't love the strip, but I don't see any swastikas or union flags or that, so I can get on with my life. You'll never please everyone, and I suppose it's good that it's at least out there and people are talking about it and able to pre order. Club has been in worse states than that. We'll all want it if it becomes the 'cup run strip' or the promotion strip. Nice socks tbf
  2. Don't recall him doing anything grave enough to get time?
  3. Don't think anyone said he wasn't good and getting better. Prefer Good Egg FC tbh and so do you surely!
  4. I remember that being basically comical how bad the weather was and how hard it was to see. Knew it was 3 0 and Crawford scored but no more. Also mind a guy singing 'stormy weather' about 17 times, because the first time it got a minor laugh...
  5. A big strong striker... called 'House'. Decent
  6. I like Tilt and the Drift but also Scott 3&4 - not sure there's much of a thread through it all except the voice but that seems to be ample. To tell the truth one of my favourites is a ballad from his not really trying years, a Paul Anka song called Do I Love You. Lol And the Walkers at their most boyband, my ship is coming in and that. Seek out the film of you haven't seen it: 30 Century Man. Especially you @Yoss
  7. Agree with you there. It's rough on everyone who owns or runs smaller venues, labels, studios and many will surely fold or change hands. The bigger venues might change hands too but unlike club sized places I think they're less likely to be repurposed. Their big chain owners are horrible soulless ghouls and who cares if they go bust. As probably really obvious with tv right now the way music is made is more limited for the time being and while it might take longer to be visible there will be a gap in ensemble or big studio productions getting released. On the plus side there will be increased demand for those by the time they're possible again. Including but not limited to four dudes in a professional studio type affairs. Studio owners who can do mixing and mastering at home could be just about coping depending on their overheads.
  8. That one just went up recently (thank you legend Dan elder) and indeed was an absolute robbery. Actual crime. The maligned Derek Holmes (?) with a weird but emphatic winner
  9. Yes! I don't even have to look it up. Jim o'Hare from Glenboig or Glenbogle, which was two miles from Airdrie or something. But I thought we lost 3 1
  10. And you think it must be true? Don't you think that maybe those people are very acustomed to having that exact kind of arrangement in their own favour, and now anything else is unfairly slanted against them?
  11. I never liked him before, but aren't there 9 people on that board? Can you be sure he is the problem? His face might not be great but I wouldn't base a judgment on that. The root of the problem is not having a provision in the rules for abandonment due to war, pandemic etc. Other than deciding champion clubs which is in the rules (just read them and see - it is). My work has continuity planning for pandemic and everyone always thought it was unnecessary - so I could see why they got into this position. Most of the inconveniences of the vote setup were due to company law were they not? e.g. the 28 days. Doncaster seemed to be quite well versed on those bits tbh. Stewart Robertson has been the most embarrassing person in the whole affair and if you find yourself on his side... schedule a thinking session
  12. If I told somebody I was away to buy something off 'Fred Panther' they would not be guessing bread.
  13. Anyone able to post, or link to, the Bayern XI that played in the Stark's Park friendly 1996?
  14. Allan Preston OG as well? Remember it being a bullet volley off the wrong side of his boot flying into too bin...so it probably wasn't. Incidentally where'd you get the Cameron hat trick footage?
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