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  1. Can't go wrong with Tago Mago or Monster Movie, but a non-Can tip would be Faust IV if you haven't already heard that And a bit more of a stretch but why not Popul Vuh as well
  2. Have heard/seen a lot of the podcasts including the live ones in the US - diverting enough on a work day but wouldn't have travelled very far for the live 'experience'.
  3. Good shout, Arfield, De Vos, Zanatta, the big boy Hearts had, Nick Dasovic, Paul Fenwick... plus anyone from after 2002 who i've automatically not heard of
  4. Iran will be really stuffy and probably on a world record win bonus to beat the US again, but something's really wrong if England don't beat them. EVS is pretty good. Qatar could probably get enough help and be prepared enough to keep the Ecuador game tight...enough to get a win is itself quite a big call. Then they have to get a draw with Senegal (look at Senegal's XI), and then Senegal have Ecuador in the 3rd game and likely just need to better Qatar's result against them? I'm of the same mind as you in theory but it needs to be pretty long odds.
  5. To me that seems closer to the total SPFL players at the tournament? Only Wotherspoon in for Canada (no Arfield or Zanatta etc)
  6. Main fear is getting moved for telly to some abominable time of the week like a Monday night. TBF will probably have a decent amount of match based fear once that telly issue is resolved
  7. There may well be a secondary issue with overseas players and work permits but there's a major reset of the footballer labour market in the UK this summer. Inflation affects footballers too, and given that most are on 1 or 2 year contracts, a huge proportion are reassessing what they are worth in GBP (with agents in their ears I assume). I don't think the Rovers put season ticket prices up so something has to give. Players at our level are likely looking one level further down the English league than they would have a year ago, unless they're happy with a real terms pay cut - like the one you are currently enjoying, versus inflation. We're not the only club in a poor state of readiness for the start of the league. Clubs will have to be very shrewd indeed to avoid some overall drop in quality or consistency. IMO.
  8. If there is already something to this effect in the Heardle thread... sorry. It's probably old news that are loads of these springing up; the source code seems to be available in the 'info' section on each site, if you are inclined to make your own. That kind of thing is beyond me though. If there are any replies with others I'll try to add them to this post here and there. https://beck-heardle.glitch.me/ https://nin-heardle.glitch.me/ (Nine Inch Nails) https://takeoasis.glitch.me/ (REM) https://90s-heardle.glitch.me/ https://heardle80s.com/ https://metalheardle.glitch.me/ https://marillion-heardle.glitch.me https://manics-heardle.glitch.me
  9. Gig was really tremendous Did you see the man himself dotting about?
  10. Class, first go of this one #Yeardle #71 https://histordle.com/yeardle
  11. The correct answer is surely a nice long train to Montrose with a big bag of cans
  12. I don't remember seeing a vacancy for CEO before we appointed one.
  13. Yeah I think it's spoken about because it's a really obvious match of out of contract, proven manager with a club that needs exactly what he's done before. It's an interesting test of just how farcical Falkirk these days, whether they're at least looking at it.
  14. Kind of what I'm getting at, it might be easier for those people to stay very quiet - so any person or group with a platform who can challenge them to align with, or disown, Sim's position should really do so. I'm sure we'd all want to know what the new chairman's position is.
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