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  1. Yeah I was about 20 yards away. Could barely believe it
  2. East Fife 3 Peterhead 2 Falkirk 2 Dumbarton 0 Forfar 3 Stranraer 0 Montrose 1 Airdrie 1 Rovers 2 Clyde 1
  3. Airdrie 2 Forfar 2 (1-1 ht) Clyde 2 EF 1 (1-0) Dumbo 2 Rovers 2 (0-1) Peterhead 1 Falkirk 3 (0-2) Stranraer 1 Mo 2 (1-0)
  4. A poisonous witch, jfc Val's a successful female and we're lucky enough that she gives her time and money to our club. She ropes in the first minister of the country, also female, to come down and talk to a team of young women and girls, boost their confidence, show them how far women can go in life. Getting upset about that is off the chart mental
  5. Mendy had a disaster today but I think leaving him on actually paid off - he recovered a wee bit (a wee bit mind) and hos confidence shouldn't be totally shot. With a two year deal, if there's a player in there we need to be finding it. Having said that about his confidence, he still looked (overly) willing to play possession in tight spaces, hit first time passes and played it long cross-field quite ably. Most important now is that he can reflect on what happened and adjust his game: strikers shut you down quickly and they shove you, get used to it immediately. Whatever McGlynn got the bin for, he was pretty sure of what he was saying...or very stressed about having signed a pure pudding on a 2 year deal. Takes the wind out our sails pretty early doors though.
  6. Simple enough I reckon. I think those of us that commented all emphasised commending the welcome transparency and had misgivings about some the territory entered into. Hardly condemnation. Overall pleased, clearly. We don't need absolutes do we?
  7. I'm pleased with the chairman giving us a lot of info, rationale for decisions, transparency and so on - I appreciate this especially while there's not much to be made official/public re signings/departures. Smart move as we've already seen how hard it is for folk not to speculate wildly and jump to gloomy conclusions. At the same time I don't think it's the chairman's place to say which player did well or poorly as he's not part of the football operation and not really entitled. I wouldn't appreciate my boss's boss giving me a public appraisal, good or bad. What would be ok is saying where you see a player in terms of squad status/importance in a strategic sense. Worst of all is the Buchanan chat, big earner or not, since he's already left the club and most people are happy with the effort and professionalism they saw from him. I think there were similar remarks about Wedderburn? Nonetheless very happy to have the openness about what and how the club is doing. And I think the previous chairman might have been superhans lal
  8. Benedictus would easily get a championship club but i'd rather not find out. Same goes for Hendry I suspect but who knows what pull McGlynn can exert. Looked good.
  9. Hype is all about what other folk are saying, and the fact that it's getting said leading to more chatter. These men about town getting quoted are setting the tone, town's buzzing, we're going up - have you heard? Big Team FC
  10. Me too. Stuttgart were really poor. Limp, submissive, extremely relegatable. Mind you having seen the 2nd-4th BL2 toiling themselves they might find an undeserved lifeline in the playoffs.
  11. Anyone interested in two for The Beths on the 13th? (Mash House Edinburgh) I have too much on and won't be able to go. 25 nicker
  12. Just swinging by to wish Brian Potter the best, a Rovers legend and just a young man. Everyone old enough remembers our cup win against Celtic, but Brian's heroics in the semi final are an even better story. Hoping to hear good news soon.
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