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  1. Completely different phase of play when Morrison is shooting / scoring. As soon as the keeper makes the save phase 1 is finished. Official got it wrong ( Again )
  2. Another match we should have won, but if we’re not going to play two up front, and a forward doing his work in the penalty area we’re not going to score. Im not going be too critical of some of the poorer performers last night, we need to regroup and work out what is best for the playoffs and Semi Final. The drink must have been good in hospitality last night for them to choose Kennedy as MOTM clearly clueless who ever made that choice
  3. Your on a trip. Morrison is two yards onside when Donaldson shoots, Kennedy is not in active play. His position and actions had no bearing on the goal being scored. The penalty claim, I’ll not even bother arguing that decision with you other than saying that’s down to the standard of officials.
  4. If you get your mind set to the team totally imploding and missing the playoffs, Dunfermline winning the league at Falkirk and loosing the Cup Semi Final 6-0 anything other than that will start making you feel better. Don't say on a football forum " Your bricking it" you'll get ripped rotten.
  5. Eleventh Semi coming up in my time following Falkirk Partick LC 1971 0-2 Hibs LC 1974 0-1 Celtic SC 1997 1-1 2-1 Hearts SC 1998 1-3 Kilmarnock LC 2007 0-3 Rangers LC 2009 0-3 Dunfermline 2009 SC 2-0 Celtic LC 2012 1-3 Hibs SC 2013 3-4 AET Hibs SC 2015 1-0 Inverness 2023 SC 23 Years to get from 2 to 3 26 Years to get from 3 to 11 Gutted I’m missing this one as I’m out the country, will be watching with 15 Yorkshire Men in Turkey but back for the final. Never been to or golfed in Belek before so pub recommendations welcome for watching the match
  6. Here’s a true story about that Latapy banner 2009 Cup Semi Final or Final, can’t mind which one, there was a couple of Pre Match Parties at the Shed, a guy who worked with us was doing his DJ bit from a booth above the main part of the club. The Latapy banner was draped from this balcony to the floor. A good time was had and I went to balcony to say thanks to DJ, and get my son and daughter who were too young to booze then, when a Falkirk fan, absolutely blotto, starts climbing over the balcony onto the banner. After a bit of a struggle I grabbed him back and asked what you doing it’s 30 feet to the ground he replied “ I want to slide down the Latapy Shute”
  7. Actually, for £ 28 and £ 38 the club should do all possible NOT to sell the first 10 / 12 rows at Hampden as the view is abysmal. I will be requesting seats middle to high wherever i choose to go, and the ticketing dept should be looking at with holding selling shit view seats / rows given it is nowhere near a sell out
  8. I though you might have meant the other one from the 1960's if you were in it
  9. Your Main Stand ( South ) did have terracing and the players came down steps from the changing rooms in the middle to get on the pitch. Get with it, learn about your club.
  10. So i was right. The ref looked towards the linesman a long time and i'd imagine he asked "Are you sure this is a goal" The ref obviously seen Burrell's block and knew that wasn't over the line. The linesman's guessed wrongly.
  11. Where did you see that ? Obviously impossible to tell live from far end and it was the linesman that gave the goal. The only thing i'd say, there wasn't a goal like roar until the crowd see the linesman running up the park.
  12. If you want to know what nervy is, its being level 1-1 with Clydebank for over an hour on the last day of the season, whilst Dunfermline are hammering Clyde, knowing if we lost a goal we'd have lost the League. Of course it didn't happen
  13. You sometime just have to accept you've lost a game of football to a rival. Over the years both clubs have won crucial games, promotions, relegations, Cup Ties, against one and other, we've both had our days. In my lifetime i've had more of these good days than the Dunfermline guys, so i'll take comfort in that. Best of luck in the Championship, see you there next season.
  14. Euan Anderson ref, same guy that did Dunfermline match v Alloa on Saturday, wonder if he got a big envelope left for him after the match. Has done this match before 1-1 draw. Gave Dunfermline a penalty dubious hand ball against Tom Tiawo even before dubious hand balls had become common place.
  15. If the current membership is say 650 it might get to 1000 in the short term if we were promoted. The target / aim should be to that 650 members to " Sign Up" one or two lapsed / ex pats / relatives that call Falkirk their team but don't go see them. The membership doesn't need to come from folks that actually go to games. I could probably get 3 people without any effort to sign up for a tenner a month, and i'm sure many other members could do the same.
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