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  1. Poland currently playing with the intensity of Germany vs Austria in 1982.
  2. Neither of the Tunisia defenders seemed to move with Griezmann, so I've no idea why that was chalked off.
  3. Whoever finishes top of group c will be very happy to be playing whoever finishes second in this group.
  4. This cup needs to be an unseeded free for all. I want to see what happens when some Tartan Army banter merchant tries to take a piss in a Pyongyang fountain.
  5. Israel and Scotland would still end up being drawn against each other in the first round. Meanwhile England would get Barbados away.
  6. I know she would be disqualified under the Phil Taylor's mother rule, but I was amazed to discover that Pele's mum is still alive.
  7. I'm having my first experience with the STV player so far during this World Cup. I think I seen the Trivago advert about half a dozen times before the live match appeared on screen.
  8. Big fan of having a live crowd at the draw to jeer and laugh.
  9. Most of the British public being bigoted wankers isn't news.
  10. Eni the Tory wants to take Qatar's word that everyone is welcome there.
  11. Do Wales have some useless former First Minister who can come up with a blueprint to resurrect Welsh football? Cardiff and Swansea B teams in the Welsh league would be my solution.
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