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  1. https://twitter.com/RangersFC/status/1484608219754504197?t=ce9EI2CqnjmjahxvAK3CTQ&s=19
  2. Inverness Athletic confirm that they have left Ardersier for good. They will be using ICT's training pitch along the road at Fort George this weekend. https://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/sport/inverness-athletic-to-play-at-new-venue-after-leaving-arders-263576
  3. Another banter first two attempts Wordle 215 5/6
  4. This is one way of ruining one of your biggest export markets. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-60054053
  5. I think that's the first time I managed the first two guesses without even getting one yellow square.
  6. I hope Labour fans are excitedly sharing a poorly edited YouTube compilation of Christian Wakeford's best Commons moments. Set to 90s dance music.
  7. He was apparently sobbing during his meeting with MPs last night. It's fantastic seeing this c**t suffer so much.
  8. I look forward to Rees-Mogg today declaring that pork pies are scum food, only eaten by thick Northerners.
  9. What a company. I'm not sure it is the smartest idea to name an Austrian guy after a prominent Nazi and then have his ruthless henchmen dress all in black.
  10. Totally fluked it on the third try. Wordle 214 3/6
  11. This should be good fun, although I worry it might give Phil the molester a taste for the big time again. WORLD SENIORS DARTS CHAMPIONSHIP, February 3-6 FIRST ROUND Peter Manley v Deta Hedman Kevin Painter v Tony O'Shea Robert Thornton v Bob Anderson Paul Lim v Dave Prins John Walton v Les Wallace Terry Jenkins v Roland Scholten Alan Warriner v Larry Butler Darryl Fitton v Richie Howson SECOND ROUND Phil Taylor v Manley/Hedman Wayne Warren v Painter/O'Shea Trina Gulliver v Thornton/Anderson John Lowe v Lim/Prins John Part v Walton/Wallace Lisa Ashton v Jenkins/Scholten Keith Deller v Warriner/Butler Martin Adams v Fitton/Howson
  12. Which poor sod is going to get landed with this gimmick?
  13. Does anyone know what emergency service this mystery vehicle belongs to? ?
  14. It looks like Microsoft have got the wallet out again. This is a gigantic deal, especially considering how many people buy consoles pretty much just for COD Edit - it's been made official by MS. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2022/01/18/welcoming-activision-blizzard-to-microsoft-gaming/ Sadly it means that arsehole Kotick can slink off into the sunset without answering for his behaviour.
  15. I'm fairly sure he'll end up signing a new AEW deal, but it's still surprising to see this.
  16. This documentary next Monday could be interesting. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0013yfj
  17. Boris going a bit route 1 in his attempt to get Tory voters back onside. It will probably work.
  18. I think it's due to the Saturday 3pm football blackout rather than Sky choosing not to show it.
  19. Maybe he's just a big fan of the council and has bought the replica top?
  20. If only everyone was as empathetic as you are when it comes to other people's difficulties.
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