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  1. This is our revenge for all the Weegie campervans stinking up the Highlands during the summer.
  2. Scottish boarders? So the hotel's will still be open then? Shetlands Islands as well. Top quality stuff from The Sun as usual.
  3. Batistuta is obviously wearing the Swastika kit there. The replacement was plain white. https://museumofjerseys.com/2019/09/25/purple-pain-a-whole-lotto-trouble/
  4. Britney's post has fair cheered me up. My loneliness has been killing me.
  5. Is there any way to hide posts on here containing certain words and phrases like you can on Twitter? 'Sweden' would be the first word in the bin for me.
  6. To make the tier system as local as possible, the government should resurrect the pre-1996 council borders.
  7. This could end up being hanging chads multiplied by 1000. Trump can't handle losing.
  8. It would be incredibly petty of Sky and the SPFL to ban club streams when only a small number of fans are allowed in. Sky already pay pretty much zero interest to games they aren't showing live.
  9. I can't wait to get back to seeing County's miserable defeats in person.
  10. I assume they are going back to Orton vs Edge sometime soon, so I wonder if it will end up being Drew vs Edge at Wrestlemania?
  11. It's some going to be remembered as the unfunny one from a panel show that also featured Rory 'The Watcher' McGrath.
  12. For a supposedly elite military squad, The Special Boat Service is not a very intimidating name.
  13. A sad day for Scottish sport. That was an enjoyable enough show, especially the three cell matches.
  14. Retribution currently racking up a win/loss record that even The Mean Street Posse would have been ashamed of. What a waste of time.
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