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  1. There's still no sign of the catering trollies being brought back, so I imagine bevvy won't be allowed until at least then. Did ScotRail just pay off the catering staff once furlough ended, or have they been redeployed elsewhere?
  2. lol at a 56 year old going for the "those Tweets were 10 years ago" defence, like he's a 22 year old footballer being pulled up for saying something iffy on Twitter when they were in first year.
  3. The inevitable photographic evidence appears to have surfaced.
  4. I know people do some strange things when they are on the bevvy, but that boy's habit of sleeping in bins seemed utterly bizarre.
  5. The diplomatic equivalent of letting Father Dougal do a funeral.
  6. The investigation into the cause of the fire is complete. Muriel Gray remains at large. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-60111191
  7. I'm sure Dame Cressida and the famously incorruptible Met will carry out a thorough investigation.
  8. This thread title is a lot more sinister now.
  9. Owen Coyle went from being touted as a possible successor to Wenger to possibly being the most incompetent Scottish top flight manager in recent memory. He seems to be doing ok in India at the moment though Jim McIntyre's CV since winning the League Cup hasn't been the greatest, despite his pals on Sportsound putting him up for every job in Scottish football.
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