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  1. We were thoroughly shite for about 80 minutes of that game. Lucky for us that Kilmarnock are also awful. That match has aged me by about 20 years.
  2. That list is pretty much the UK version of the rocket full of shit celebrities that is deliberately fired into the sun after Homer destroys Earth.
  3. He's tried to get the Tories to cover up the £200k bill that Carrie racked up decorating their flat.
  4. The head of the nursing union should just hang around Matt Hancock's local pub for a bit. They'll be quids in.
  5. I'm veering towards thinking it's Kurt Angle. I also think there's a good chance that Paul Wight has set us all up for another one of his famous heel turns.
  6. That looks like the livery of some banter team from the 90s that barely ever made it through pre-qualifying.
  7. Making the lowest earners even poorer seems like a bold strategy in his attempt to win back the Red Wall voters.
  8. That helps explain all the crooked contracts he is dishing out to his pals.
  9. Harvie needs a decent number of SNP voters to give the Greens their list vote, so it would be madness if he backed the Tories here.
  10. I know there are pretty grim things that go on with puppy farms and the like, but are thefts of bog standard dogs even a thing?
  11. 205 is suddenly looking a decent innings for England [emoji38]
  12. Nice to see that Big Jock is keeping abreast of Scottish politics despite the notable handicap of being dead since 1985.
  13. I attended a Zoom funeral yesterday for the first time, but I was unsure of the camera etiquette for these things, so I was sat there like an eejit wearing a white shirt and black tie just in case other folk had their cameras on. Thankfully just about everybody else had their camera off, so I was all dressed up for nothing.
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