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  1. Fair play to Sainz for ignoring Ferrari's stupid attempt to try and keep Leclerc ahead after the safety car.
  2. Jeezo, the impact was even worse than I thought it was.
  3. The story I've heard is that the Athletic chairman wanted to refurb the changing rooms, but the owner of the park said that they weren't allowed to because they were still waiting on an insurance payment for prior water damage. The chairman kept pestering the park owner about it and eventually the owner had enough and told the club to bolt.
  4. The North of Scotland Cup draw appears to have been made today, although I can't find the full draw anywhere online. Here is Rothes' half of the draw at least.
  5. I think this is the Jackie Stewart thing. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/formula-1/lewis-hamilton-retire-jackie-stewart-27309069 It's not as blatantly offensive as Piquet's nonsense, but I think there's borderline iffy stuff there.
  6. Yet another senile old driver has been saying very stupid things.
  7. Lowland League wallets being inspected in the most predictable way imaginable.
  8. It's not just P&B where people take the city status thing incredibly seriously
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