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  1. Walton is a waste of airtime. He just describes whatever is happening in the replay without offering his opinion on what the decision should be.
  2. I doubt Gosens will be at Atalanta for much longer. Some performance from him today.
  3. Big fan of that pigeon casually strolling around the pitch.
  4. Brillo, with his napper redder than Alan Brazil's, well on his way to having a meltdown.
  5. They had as kind a draw as possible in the 16 team Euros era and still only managed one impressive performance before being hilariously papped out by a crap Germany team.
  6. Feigning ignorance won't work this time Ron.
  7. I know all goal celebration music is shite, but 7 Nation Army is a million times better than that dire U2 WATP song they are playing this evening.
  8. I'm delighted we've finally got to find out what Kalvin Phillips favourite pic n mix sweet is. Quality journalism.
  9. Ukraine aren't the quickest at following up a saved penalty at either end.
  10. Very easy for Ukraine. North Macedonia and Turkey might help keep Scotland away from the Euro wooden spoon.
  11. Finlay with a response the current Ross County manager would approve of.
  12. I'd rather get a heavy dose of Novichok than watch that again. Do Americans actually like Corden?
  13. Macedonia with the best flag and kit combo of any team at the Euros.
  14. Dougie Donnelly won't be happy that this c**t has moved onto his patch.
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