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  1. Leverkusen obviously have plenty of decent players, but Havertz is on a different planet to the rest of them
  2. Hamburg have managed an old school Hibsing tonight. 2-0 up against Stuttgart at half time and managed to lose 3-2 in injury time.
  3. Borderlands Handsome Collection is the next Epic freebie from this afternoon
  4. There's also potential for a Red Bull franchise in the new Tornagrain.
  5. It's amazing how quick the Beeb are to punish their staff when they upset the Tories. The likes of Sarah Smith and Laura K are free to continue to pump out government PR on a daily basis though, with the odd clarification of what their sources really meant to say.
  6. David Wagner's Schlake having another banteriffic performance. 1-0 up to 1-2 down in the space of minutes.
  7. I have zero interest in CoD multiplayer, but always have a fun time with the single player campaign so I'll definitely give this one a bash.
  8. Leverkusen are being scudded at home by Wolfsburg. A 5'6 Wolfsburg player scored a header for their third.
  9. "Once again, I would argue that this is not the time to be expelling well resourced, well run and well supported Clubs like Partick Thistle from the Championship." Partick Thistle who are so well run, their own players had to drive themselves to away games at the start of the season.
  10. It seems like the Cheltenham Festival and the Liverpool vs Atletico game did cause a spike in cases in those areas. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52797002
  11. Would love to see Charlestelona or Uncle Bobs getting onto the Scottish football pyramid tbh.
  12. Bellew is a professional Scouser, so his Tweets won't be going down too well on Merseyside.
  13. I'm willing to currently give Roy the benefit of the doubt on the furlough controversy. One of his main businesses is a recruitment agency, so I'd like to think that he is getting expert advice regarding the matter. The club has usually has a good reputation of treating players well. If it turns out he has let them go when furloughing them wouldn't have cost him anything, then that would be a real dick move. It's s bit shite that we have gone from winning the U20s league to having no youth teams at all in such a short space of time. Especially since barely any of those players were given a 1st team chance. Brora and Elgin will have a decent selection of free agents to choose from though.
  14. He's now playing the Stephen Ireland dead granny card. A bold strategy.
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