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  1. Most of the British public being bigoted wankers isn't news.
  2. Eni the Tory wants to take Qatar's word that everyone is welcome there.
  3. Yer da Dion moaning about coloured football boots.
  4. Do Wales have some useless former First Minister who can come up with a blueprint to resurrect Welsh football? Cardiff and Swansea B teams in the Welsh league would be my solution.
  5. Iran's first ever World Cup win against a European team.
  6. That Welsh defence is stinking. The England reserves should batter them.
  7. Mark Hughes looked like he was in his mid forties when he made his Wales debut
  8. The contestant says that they didn't give the BBC consent.
  9. Dorries threatening to cancel the licence fee had made the BBC more Tory than ever. That statement is nothing but straight up transphobia.
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