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  1. Cardiff is apparently the preferred venue for Summerslam next year https://talksport.com/sport/wrestling/953113/wwe-summerslam-uk-ppv-stadium-nxt-uk-bt-sport/
  2. Labour trying get the Blue Lives Matter Wall voters back.
  3. It sounds like it was a better episode of Raw than usual. At least Keith 'Bearcat' Lee is on TV again.
  4. Ian Murray chose a great week to declare that the stupid Jocks should only vote for Labour or Tory from now on if they want an adult government.
  5. If the army can get the the petrol to forecourts as quickly as they bolted from Afghanistan, then the Tories are onto a winner.
  6. My car gets forty rods to the hogshead and that's the way I likes it.
  7. I like the recent trend of PPVs being on a Saturday night.
  8. The PPV wasn't too bad. The matches were all half decent, but nothing felt like it had any consequences. Christ knows what the end of the Balor/Reigns match was all about. The draft can't come quickly enough.
  9. That weirdo Dodds was on Sky News this morning. She steadfastly refused to concede that Brexit is at all responsible for the HGV driver shortage and mentioned 'families' about 100 hundred times.
  10. These sunlit uplands appear to be covered in a thick layer of stinking human faecal matter.
  11. The grandstand at the Northern Meeting Park in Inverness has been standing since 1864 and was briefly used by Inverness City in the North Caley league about 15 years ago. https://northernmeetingparkcom.wordpress.com/history-of-the-northern-meeting-park/
  12. I imagine WWE going to BT Sport has killed a lot of the casual UK live audience, especially with there no longer being a Cena or someone else on a similar level to advertise to appear on these shows. I remember Sky used to constantly plug the UK tours and wrestlers would appear on every TV show and radio station while they were here. If I hadn't seen that clip of Drew at Glasgow Airport, then I would have had no idea they were at the Hydro last night.
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