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  1. It's 3 now and both our strikers get o. The scoresheet. Good days work from the Rovers
  2. Some of the best players have what we call a howler of a debut. Just look at Larsson for celtic! Personally I thought the penalty was soft to be fair. But I have faith that Nando will come good. I think the game is a lot faster than he had anticipated and he will realise that you don't get as much time on the ball in Scotland. Far too early to call him out as a dud but yeh he did not have a good game....
  3. Mate unfortunately for you Falkirk are making sand castles too. Most probably stealing the deck chairs though!
  4. Anyone know when the highlightes are available?
  5. Like the front design, it looks smart. Not keen on the back though. Hey but at the end of the day it's a raith shirt so I'll still buy it.
  6. Reminiscent times. I loved this moment. I came up from down south for this game and I got smashed at the novar bar afterwards. 🍻
  7. Wow when will our supporters just start supporting the team. If our players read some of the posts no wonder they would start with such a negative attitude. Imagine using that attitude in your workplace. Would you get the best out of the employees without support? It's just rediculous.. Think of the meaning of supporter what does that mean???
  8. I tell you what for a big lad he can shift on and off the ball. Going from this game his positioning looks spot on too. Good to have a big unit in the back line again.
  9. I have a phobia of clowns. Reason behind not following the Pars.
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