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  1. Compared to that DAFC away top our new strip is mint. It looks like a car has ran over it!
  2. The strip is smart! They have RRFC on the back of the socks. I like it plain with just the badge and no RRFC under the badge
  3. One thing that's come out of this going forward is players thinking otherwise in signing for the Pars due to them not looking after the best interests of their players and their families. They may even take a little pay cut to sign at srarks Park based on the support Raith are showing to the players in these hard times. In situations like these you always find out the rotten eggs. Dunfermline are like the greedy fkers who were stockpiling at the beginning of the lockdown!
  4. That falkirk game was probably my favorite away league match ever.... the fans were going mental, when i went to school I couldn't speak for 2 days due to the cheering and singing! Amazing memory of me and my dad. Thank Rovers for giving me these special memories 💖
  5. I would rather masturbate with a billow pad! I'd love to shit in his cornflakes!
  6. There may be an option for a couple of loan deals owing in from Fulham. John spoke of this after the sale on Bowie. It would be nice to bring in a loanee from somewhere else rather the the usual Hearts.
  7. Don't forget it wasnt that long ago that Andy Robertson was plucked from the bottom league with queens Park and look at him now!
  8. One of the best Rovers games i was ever at! Think I still have the paper cut out at home with me and my dad in the background celebrating Robbies goal!
  9. Christ crazy to think we were paying 80k for Graham in the 90s and we can only dream of that money to spend on one player now
  10. Tait goal for me. A cracker for such a young lad.. Player of the year is Regan for me too. So consistent for Raith and really controls the games.
  11. In your time supporting Raith what would be your top 3 Rovers managers in order. This isn't just based on trophy's but style of play, youth coming through, circumstances etc.. 1. JIMMY NICHOLL 2. JOHN McGLYNN 3 FRANK CONNOR. I'd prob expect these managers to be in the majority of people's top three but in what order and why..
  12. still think this is the best crop of youngsters we have had come through since the early 90's Sure we have the odd one come through like Dargo but we seem to have new potential every season in the first team. All thanks to Mcglynn and Smith
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