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  1. Wasn't there a famous quote made a few years ago "you can't win anything with kids" all be it slightly different. We are a championship club with an obvious reduced budget what would you expect?! I for one am happy with the direction IM has taken. The season is a marathon and not a sprint so give the guys a chance to showcase what they can do before passing judgement. But hey it is a forum so you are entitled to express your thoughts, but I am glad we also have some positive posters in full support of IM
  2. IM just like Ten Hag ( i am not comparing them as such) seems to be picking up players he knows or has worked with. I think this is a good call, They know what to expect from the manager and I'd Imagine will work hard for him too. I am pleased at how things are coming together.
  3. I believe so, He was on loan at Airdrie previously scoring 6 goals in 22 games. I also believe there may be another player to come too.
  4. From his interview it sounds like we have indeed signed these other players. May be some paperwork being organised in the background but we may still have an update this evening or I'd expect tomorrow morning at the latest. My trust is still with him and I am personally glad he hasn't panic signed, bringing players he has obviously accessed himself.
  5. Dino Velente or something like that. Apparently he controlled balls well and Always finished in the box!
  6. No need as we will probably not face the Pars for a few years
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