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  1. Horrendous, ive lost untold fortunes on these. Stay clear
  2. Hes playing a more central role at the moment. His workrate has increased and seems to be a lot fitter than at any point that hes been with us
  3. The premiership strikers will be rubbing their hands at that news
  4. Got it mate. Also Bet365 offer for Man City vs Lyon on Sat night
  5. Winnable group though St Johnstone are probably thinking the same. Was hoping for a wee trip to Tynecastle but never mind. Maybe get them next round if they qualify
  6. Would Hearts have taken 4 points from the first two games of the premiership season? Unlikely Will it hurt Robbie Neilson watching his old players strolling it whilst hes putting a set of jobbers through preseason? Likely Does it feel good seeing Dundee United in the Premiership knowing Hearts officials, players and fans are watching at home in a seething mess? Most fuckin definitely
  7. Its bizarre how Celtic have barely put a cross in the box considering thats where the got all their joy last weekend
  8. 'Morelos definitely looks hungry' Fuckin right he does, that was 45 minutes he has went without eating something [emoji38]
  9. Clive giving it the 'going for 55' within 30 seconds. p***k
  10. Yeah, he was rested as it was only Motherwell we were playing today and we have a top of the league clash on Tues
  11. Ive been Pawletts biggest critic but he has done well in the two games we have played this season. The Tangerine Guardiola is turning him back into a player
  12. Excellent performance, fuckin delighted with that
  13. Robson and Harkes have been our best players. Louis is isolated so id be bringing on Clark to support him
  14. Arite mate, hows things going in the Championship? Glad you have popped in for a chat. Dont be a stranger [emoji38]
  15. Also, i follow a guy on twitter whos big into betting. Ive got notifications for when he posts as he spots bookies errors in pricing regularly. Have to be quick before the odds change
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