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    Didnt realise there was a break with 5 more episodes to go after next week. I did wonder how they were gonna cram all those storylines into the final episode...
  2. Good solid 0-0 draw in the second half for the Dons [emoji38]
  3. Thats a great third goal. Aberdeen are fuckin toilet
  4. Twinkle


    Rashad Tate will be getting his holiday pay shortly you would think. No way that everyone of Ghost, Tommy, Tasha and Tariq gets out of this alive
  5. I genuinely think it wont be us. Can see Inverness winning it
  6. So the minute we arent top, he gets the bullet? Perfect
  7. Terrific argument and one which theres no coming back from. What happens when we arent top any more?
  8. After the last two results (and performances), that c**t Neilson should be out of a job. Id invite any arab on here to come and serve up an argument against that. I dont mean to harp on but i cannot reiterate it enough, we will not get promoted with that clown in charge
  9. I dont think thats the point. The reason we have scored that amount is due to attacking teams and starting on the front foot (see Caley, Dundee and Morton). In the games we have lost vs Alloa and Ayr, we invited them on and played a defensive system. Its really not that difficult to understand to be honest
  10. Been all over social media and the papers. Also, i completely agree, there should be a clause in his contract where its terminated if we fail to get promoted
  11. Twinkle


    I think one of the reasons its so good, is that its not scared to off one of the main characters with the exception of Ghost and Tommy. Everyone else seems fair game
  12. Twinkle


    Suprised there hasnt been much chat about this. This season is getting better with every episode
  13. Some of these comments are real eye openers For what its worth, it was supposedly Irvine that stuck the head on someone rather than Mcpake
  14. So McSnake charged eh? These dabs and their made up stories have caused this
  15. Had his birthday party last night. Fuckin hell...
  16. Terrific patter... Ive said it before, if we do get promoted it will be despite Neilson and not because of him
  17. Right, whats the script with the grub? Waiting til i get through before stuffing my face with the local delicacies. Whats the chefs special at the pie shop?
  18. Aubameyang is far too good a player to be at a shite club like Arsenal
  19. Hazard murder again. You hate to see it
  20. No complaints despite my earlier reservations [emoji38]
  21. 3 centre halfs with Smith and Sporle as wingbacks? Fucking horrendous selection again. That c**t Pawlett must have compromising pics of Neilson
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