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  1. Fuckin Rado!!! We need to be looking for a new keeper in the summer. My patience has finally gone with him
  2. Deserved half time lead. Now we have the wind, we should be having more efforts from around the box
  3. Anybody read the papers today? Rado has us down for the fuckin treble.......
  4. Unbroken 9/10 Fantastic, just simply fantastic. Jack O'Connell is superb as an olympian who is involved in a fighter plane crash across Japanese waters during WW2. He endures nearly 7 weeks at sea before becoming a POW in Tokyo where hes tortured relentlessly by the devil like sergeant. One of the best films ive seen for a while, highly recommended
  5. My mate text me last night to say he had 5 out of 6 and the only one which let him down was Man city vs everton which he had down as 3-1 City. He was gutted til i mentioned there was 55 winners! Took the edge off his depression slightly
  6. Im over it mate. Didnt mean to come across as arrogant, i was just surprised its achieved such a high rating and the message board on the film has a lot of people agreeing. In the end, its all about opinions and mines was that i hated it. Tonight im going for Unbroken which is another film ive been looking foward to for a while
  7. So Moyes last year amasses 37 points from 21 games. Under Van Gaal and the mammoth money splurged, Utd have now played 21 games and their grand points total is now.......
  8. Is Van Gaal deliberately throwing this game with those subs??
  9. I watched it on friday. Cant say i was impressed with it in all honesty. It was a decent enough film but after watching the trailer, i thought it was gonna be more of a "Lone Survivor" type film than what it was. Maybe the fact it was set over a period of years and didnt show as much of his home life as opposed to his army life made it difficult to have the relevant sympathy for his wife and kids
  10. Thats the fuckers! That was bugging me like you would not believe
  11. Brannigans Roast Beef and Mustard crisps He-Man jelly sweets Cadburys Fuse There was 10p packets of pickled onion crisps when i was at school but i cant remember for the life of me what they were called. They came in a flourescent green bag and the flavouring on them left your mouth bereft of saliva for days
  12. I find it quite staggering that between 60 and 70,000 people took the time to go and sign a petition against him joining yet only 4,500 take the time to go and pay money to watch Oldham. Massively hypocritical imo How would that conversation go if it was a street petition for instance? "Hi there, would you like to sign this petition to stop convicted rapist Ched Evans joining Oldham?" "Definitely, its an absolute disgrace that they are even considering signing him. Ive been on the internet and social media letting everyone know how strongly i feel about this and i consider it totally out of order that the club is going down this avenue" "Do you support Oldham and how often do you attend their games?" "Well i dont support them no, but........
  13. His game has regressed alarmingly and its doubtful he would fit in to our style of play. Considering his goals to game ratio in the Championship, id say last season could have been his indian summer
  14. Id be absolutely aghast if we signed Kris Boyd. He offers us nothing whatsoever except a large wage packet. This would signal a huge backward step for us as a club if he were to join. On the other hand id be very happy to sign Mckay but it would be surprising if he didnt sign for a club down south on massive wages due to him being a free agent.
  15. The Birdman - 1/10 Without trying to be controversial, this is one of the worst movies ive ever been subjected to. Id been looking forward to this since i spotted the trailer a while back on IMDB but it was horrific despite what is a stellar cast of Michael Keaton, Ed Norton, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts and Zach Galfinakis. How anybody made it through this film and mananged to sleep that night without the sound of that constant drumming is be a miracle and im stumped as to why it has such a high rating on IMDB
  16. Thats what started off this thing in the first place......
  17. Ive been reliably informed by my mrs that i wont be watching any of these til the weekend as shes on nights for the next few days and we tend to watch films together.
  18. With the awards ceremonies almost upon us, its that time of year that the films that are up for recognition, start appearing on torrent sites after being leaked. Today was the first day that a batch have came down from heaven. Included in this set were American Sniper The Birdman The Imitation Game Unbroken The Hobbit - Battle Of The Five Armies Into The Woods No doubt more shall drop in the next few weeks but this collection will keep me going for a good few days
  19. The question should be 'why are you spamming a united match thread just a few days after suffering a humiliating record defeat to them whilst it was beamed worldwide'?
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