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    Game of Thrones

    As long as there's extended scenes involving Tyrion Lannister, I will be happy. Absolute legend. Star of the show by a country mile despite being only half a person!
  2. Canna mind if i posted in here so gonna do it again anyway. Keninho83 - playing MW3, Black ops 2 or Tiger Woods 13. All in Xbox 360
  3. Now I've hit prestige master, I'm not really sure if I want to continue playing it. If I do it will only be to diamond camo as much as possible. Might head back to MW3 for a bit of a change. Also, is it just me or does anyone else have probs trying to connect to the team death match series etc? Every time I do get in a lobby, people are impatient and quit before the lobbies full and it locks the game in
  4. Twinkle

    The Walking Dead

    Watched the new episode just now. I'm liking the direction in which this is going. Beginning to get really dark
  5. Twinkle


    The support I caught the end of in Aberdeen was a band called The Bastille who looked decent. Two door cinema club were excellent. Battered through most of their two albums and the place was jumping. Also had a good stage show ie strobes, massive balloons falling from the ceiling etc. If they keep these sort of live performances up with the amount of catchy tunes they possess, they could be absolutely massive in a stadium band sort of way. A good TITP performance will only enhance an already growing reputation as being the best of an upcoming bunch
  6. No I pretty much doubt it at prestige 4. Its 100 head shots to open up the remaining challenges on a gun including 10 bloodthirsty and 150 kills with no attachment plus 150 kills with no perks on so ur talking a good 500-1000 kills to prestige a gun twice depending on just how good u are. I'm prestige 9 level 30 and I can't recall playing against anyone who has got diamond camo for all the primary or secondary weapons. I've also got gold for the first sniper rifle and am pretty far on with the last one, the ballista but it pisses me off having to snipe. I prefer to rock out with meh cock out and batter round maps with a sub machine gun tearing it up ha ha
  7. Diamond Camo'd all the smg's and lmg's. Also golded the first two launchers and now onto the RPG. The assault rifles should be OK but there's 9 of them. The only problem is I'm garbage with the shotguns. Can see this being a labour of love
  8. Twinkle

    The Following

    I like it but some of the things that happened in the first two episodes were bordering on ridiculous. This does have room to grow with the cult angle so I'm looking forward to seeing a bit more
  9. Twinkle


    Just in from Mumford and Sons at Dundees Caird Hall. Absolutely terrific gig. What a sensational sound in a usually poor acoustic venue. Some of the stuff was spine tingling
  10. Anybody have a decent link to a live stream for the Spurs match?
  11. Not particularly. Mostly old titles. Prefer to buy it from u pre-owned. I will have a look at what i have and get back to u but i doubt anything will jump out
  12. How much u looking for mate?
  13. The Town A Ben Affleck written/directed/starred in film. His previous directing outings were quite good so i had high hopes for this. I wasnt let down. Terrific movie about a group of bank robbers with a little bit of romance and treachery thrown in. Kinda reminiscent of Heat without the big stars although the cast were really good. Very difficult to describe it in just a few words but was a quality film 8.5/10
  14. Devil Not too bad really. Was expectin a crappy film consider M Night Shamalan was involved. His efforts since Sixth Sense and even Signs, were pretty mince. However this turned out not too bad. Five people trapped in a lift and one of them is the devil who is there to punish them all for past crimes etc. One by one, they get bumped off in the dark and u are left wondering who the killer is before the usual twist at the end. Cleverly put together story entwining most of the cast a la Saw etc. 7/10
  15. Fair play, it might not be everyones cup of tea but i really liked it
  16. Death At A Funeral Highly enjoyable remake of the british version of a couple of years back. Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence star as brothers on the day of their dads funeral who are trying to make things go as smoothly as possible. For this to happen, they would have to deal with their cousins boyfriend who accidently pops acid thinking its valium and therefore trips throughout the whole movie, their fathers secret lover who is a midget white guy and their grumpy uncle (played brilliantly by Danny Glover). Some of the scenes were of laugh out loud quality. Not sure if its me but black people always seem that much funnier, due to their expressions and mannerisms 8.5/10
  17. The Last Airbender 3D Utter shite. Nearly fell asleep twice. Acting was really poor and although the special effects were decent, they couldnt save this from being a poor film 3/10 The Expendables Terrific 80s throwback to the cheesy action flicks of that decade. Expected everything to get blown up and i wasnt dissappointed. The only downside with having so many stars in it is that they dont always get too many scenes or lines. Still an enjoyable film tho 8/10 The Book Of Eli Found it a bit slow to begin with but had me glued by the end. The twist at the end wasnt a big wtf for me as some arsehole had let slip the thing when it was on at the pics so i knew what to look for. Spoilt it a bit but still liked it 8/10 Red Scorpion They shouldve just called this Russian Rambo. Big Dolph plays a russian special forces agent with the task of assassinating an african rebel. Cue him to witness the carnage that the ruskies have caused in africa and him to swap sides and kill his former comrades. Every action cliche thrown in for good measure as well 5/10
  18. Anyone have a link to a live stream for tonights semis and finals of the prem league?
  19. Got four tickets for the PDC Darts in Aberdeen tom if anyones interested. Face value of course
  20. Add me if you want to give somebody a doin at fifa 10 on the xbox 360. Im just about to take the game from the cellofane so dont expect miracles Gamertag Keninho83
  21. First time ive read this thread and ive been pissin myself all day Theres hundreds that have still to be done but its difficult getting the pictures. Darren Fletcher - Skeletor Martin O'Neill - A leprechaun
  22. Craig Levein James Wade Harry Redknapp Churchill Dog.............Oh Yes
  23. Josef Fritzel - Paedophile b*****d Jocky Scott - Blue Nose b*****d
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