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  1. Good to see the wee man get some sun on his back in Cyprus and have a wee rest before his resumption of net bulging. This weekend has turned out ok for us by the looks of it [emoji38]
  2. We may need an upgrade to Clark next season when Shanks is away, if we want to be challenging for 3rd in the Premiership
  3. Choking for a Cyprus win here after starting Naismith in front of Shankland
  4. Thoroughly enjoyed season 2. Some good actors and excellent characters. Only downside is that its just 8 episodes long
  5. Fuckin hell, abusive PMs to another poster [emoji38]
  6. Not even sure where to start with that utter tripe
  7. Love the show however im not sure i can sit through three weeks of that p***k Ian Wright. Actually despise him with every fibre of my being
  8. Hold on, is Bobby Madley not the ref that had to jack it in after footage of him sucking off a dog emerged?
  9. I will never understand why people engage with Dundee supporters when it comes to finances and player value
  10. Got it on good authority that Lochee United will be coming in with a bid of around £1000 and a set of tracksuits, for Scottish international Lawrence Shankland. Also heard from another source that United will turn down the offer unless theres a multipack of Freddos thrown in
  11. Get off your knees, you begging b*****d [emoji38]
  12. Hopefully Arbroath get a result this weekend to put the pressure on these minks
  13. The great Kane Hemmings getting pocketed from Uniteds 5th choice centre half [emoji38]
  14. Remember Dundee fans slated Butcher? Rather have him in my team than that set of guisers in dark blue
  15. I cant reiterate this enough Dundee are shite [emoji38]
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