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  1. You mean the same Shankland thats played in all 4 league cup games? Give it a fuckin rest eh🤣
  2. Im gonna stick that in the pile of 'things that never happened'
  3. This big guy up front for Well is a great watch 😂
  4. Its 100% nonsense. You can use that as an excuse for not scoring goals but you cant use it when your striker cant hold the ball up and get the team up the park. Hes an internationalist who needs to do better but he isnt even close to being our number 1 problem
  5. Shankland hasnt been covering himself in glory for the last 18 months. He gets a really easy ride from our supporters who usually like to aim for the usual suspects. All this nonsense about no service etc is fine but if you cant bounce a ball back to your teammate from a fuckin throw in then questions need asked
  6. Imagine keeping it in the corner against us😂😂 Theres probably another goal in it if they wanted😂
  7. Probably for the best cos we winning this 3-2 mate
  8. Surprised to see Nicky Clarks number go up there. Mainly cos i didnt know the c**t had played the previous 57 minutes
  9. I think my prediction of us challenging for the top 6 may have been slightly off. We are reeking
  10. We were a point away from a top 6 finish and made a cup semi at Hampden. Not really sure your point here given we havent lost any of our 4 most important players in Benji, Edwards, Fuchs and Shankland 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Battle for a top 6 place and at least one good cup run. So similar to this year
  12. The Duke 8/10 In 1961, Kempton Bunton, a 60 year old taxi driver from Newcastle, steals Goya's portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery in London. Jim Broadbent is the lead character and Helen Mirren plays his long suffering wife. Cracking wee British film
  13. Have we got the worst commentary team in football? Firstly that dick was calling Elgin, Ross County for the first 10 minutes. And he keeps saying Mark Connolly instead of Mark Reynolds. These two would give paracetamol a headache, clowns
  14. Home strip - louping Away strip - should be in the Louvre♥️
  15. Either Dundee or County to finish bottom. Thats the only cert here
  16. Free £5 bet builder on PP for the England vs Czech Republic game
  17. Mibbee 😂 To be fair i wouldve gave Armstrong and O'Donnell the hook after 15 minutes. Both had a holocaust
  18. Shouldve been playing instead of his former united team mate whos had a shocker. Not naming names though Stuart Armstrong
  19. I did tell you boys 🤷🏻‍♂️
  20. Tierney fails fitness test and replaced by Jack Hendry🤦🏻
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