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  1. Yeah, i will take that mate. Better making it a square tenner though
  2. Shes an ugly c**t so its no wonder she had to advertise a £60,000 a year job for a boyfriend. Complete attention seeking arsehole
  3. Also worth pointing out that we cuffed them 3-0 at Dens in the 1980 League Cup final as well. So thats 2 major trophies won on their ground against them vs 1 relegation Id say we are a bit in front here when it comes to winning important matches at that dump
  4. That was on a closed Dundee group page. The guys a regular at home and away games and is quite well known among the Dundee support. Hes also fuckin spot on with what he posted
  5. Judging by the posters on this thread, the ticket fiasco isnt a problem as they arent going anyway [emoji38]
  6. Wouldnt get too comfy, Ayrs 3-0 demolition of the wee team will have us in second place tomorrow
  7. A Macedonian who signed for Nimes just over a month ago for £1.5 million Hmm
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