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  1. b*****ds have cut mine from £50 to £25
  2. Id just take the £10 million and wish him well.....in the summer that is
  3. Got my tickets for this. Less than enthusiastic about it though as its our clubs AGM at the same time so missing out on the free drinks. Sure i will catch up when i get back there though
  4. Surprised people are moaning at the var decision for handball. Should be talking about the fact Jimenez has nearly broke Mcguires ankle in the tackle
  5. The Gentlemen 9/10 Brilliant. Big fan of Guy Ritchies films and this is definitely up there with the best. Too many top performances and very difficult to narrow it down to one, but Hugh Grant stole this Also, McConaugheys wife is a massive wid
  6. Twinkle


    Looks like its gonna be flashback episodes to rule people out of killing Ghost. Utter pish episode
  7. Florent Sinama Pongolle. Was delighted when we signed him due to his pedigree but turned out to be a complete wage thief
  8. Think thats a bit harsh on Mcgowan. One of the few that gave a f**k when he was with us
  9. The rumour was that we had agreed a PCA with him. If it came to a choice between the clubs, i doubt he would want to spend another season struggling in the championship whilst we are back playing the Celtics and Sevcos of the world
  10. Parasite - 7/10 Started off well but kinda lost its way in the last half hour or so. Still worth a watch
  11. Rodrigos penalty in the shoot out was the best ive seen for a while, right in the top bin. Had to be Ramos to win it as well. Hate they c***s winning anything
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