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  1. Arite lads. Heard the news and just thought i would pop in and say hello. Also, joking aside, i dont want you guys to go bust Shank you
  2. In 15/20 years time, i will mention this story to my son who will ask, ''Dad, who were Hearts?'
  3. Yeah United shouldve thought up a plan to keep Hearts in the Premiership. You have outdone yourself this time [emoji38]
  4. Im just wondering why the nationality of our owners have any bearing on the matter. Also, if you can point me in the direction of our owner being a dick, that would be great
  5. If Budge firmly believes that its for the benefit of Scottish football to have less teams, shes more than welcome to fold Hearts altogether. One less club to worry about and the rest of scottish football can see if it works or not
  6. Can see me setting up numerous different emails to claim umpteen free pinTs from various pubs around my area
  7. New gaffer has just been on Sky Sports News. Came across quite well
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