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  1. We can just take him and throw the wee team a token £50,000. They need to realise their place in the food chain
  2. Maybe. Im not writing him off, just havent seen anything in his performances up til now that suggest he has more levels in him. Time will tell i suppose
  3. Benji - will be a big miss despite his erratic form of late Mcdonald - wouldve kept him personally. He has something to offer and a preseason under his belt wouldve improved his sharpness etc Levitt - huge loss McNulty - thank f**k hes gone Biamou - who? Hoti - not good enough As has been mentioned, i havent seen enough from Neilson to say that he deserves another contract. He never kicked on the way Ross Graham has unfortunately so an extension is a bit of a surprise
  4. We need a clear out of some of the deadwood and unfortunately i would put him among that. Very hit and miss and was tremendous on his day but those days didnt happen enough. Good luck to the lad
  5. Well we usually take their good players off them (Robertson, Dixon etc) and pan off all our shite to them (Curran, McMullen etc). Maybe he will improve playing with better players
  6. Gavin Strachan and Graham Carlin. Cant wait
  7. How does the draw work, is it seedings based or open?
  8. In fairness, kids with special needs are probably the only category of people your fat racist manager didn't send any text messages about, so it's probably best they didn't get to meet him. It wouldn't have ended well.
  9. Surprised you have went down that route considering the pictures, videos etc doing the rounds this morning
  10. That must be for his habit of scoring against you boys because hes one of the most inoffensive players we have got!
  11. Not too keen on pitch invasions but very keen on absolute scenes
  12. The Northman. Be waiting a while for this but its utter shite. Gutted as i enjoy Vikings, Last Kingdom etc but i didnt enjoy it one bit
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