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  1. Slagging off teams? You might want to go back and read some of your fans posts on this thread before throwing that around. We are poor, have been poor nearly all season yet St Johnstone still cant beat us despite them being an established Premiership side. I made the point earlier, we are above you in the league so im surprised some of your fanbase are/were giving it the big licks on here before and after the game. Enjoy your Monday
  2. Maybe not most, but there was a large group of fans that did. The fact that we were all nonplussed when he left, tells its own story
  3. Just checked the league there and couldnt help but notice that we are above the fake Saints. Coupled with the fact they havent beaten us in two attempts this season, it may be they arent as good as they like to think they are?
  4. He can f**k off. 'we gave it a go' This c**t on the glue?
  5. I think hes the sort of player who needs to be playing every week to get the best out of him. Cameo roles and weeks without any football seem to kill his confidence
  6. Bit misleading as the two goals were in one match against the worst team in scotland. Perhaps what i shouldve said was that he hasnt taking his chance to force his way into the team and make himself difficult to drop especially with Shankland out for a period of time. When you look back at the team selections when he was injured, umpteen different people had a go at playing up top so he obviously hasnt done enough in training to prove he could was deserving of more game time
  7. I like Cammy Smith but he hasnt really taken his chance in the first few weeks of the season. We had Shankland injured and off on international duty and Smith hasnt really stepped up. Also we have Shankland, Mcnulty, Clark, Appere and Mcmullan that will fighting for a couple of places so makes sense to get him off the wage bill That said, he scored number 6
  8. So both sets of fans paid for one and a half games and got to watch.....one and a half games. Glad we got that sorted
  9. How are we robbing b*****ds? You still havent explained that
  10. Struggling to find a connection between the two? More than welcome to point it out
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