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  1. I like Mcnulty, very clever player and one i would keep until his loan is up. Bolton started off well but has failed to live up to expectation and should be punted back down the road with our young loanees all back at the club now. Id rather take a punt on one of them than have him sitting on the bench not contributing
  2. Man, see the amount of boos ive got saved up 😂
  3. Decent? Maybe im being harsh because i wouldve scored it but nevertheless
  4. Best cross was from Dillon Powers which Harkes somehow hit the keeper from, from 5 yards out
  5. Getting pretty sick of this shite we are serving up weekly
  6. That was fuckin shite. Go and try to win the match Mellon you fuckin p***k. Game was there for the taking
  7. I will be fuckin stunned if Clark leaves to go to the wee team across the road. Stunned
  8. The farmers will be no where near relegation. Fuckin state to get in
  9. Wotherspoon always plays well every time i watch him. Question is, will he fancy his chances in the Championship next season?
  10. Just had a quick look at our travel documents. We are due to be staying at the Sol House Bali Legian. Decent reviews on tripadvisor but means nothing if the place is still Covid ravaged in the summer
  11. This was booked about August last year when our Mexico trip was thrown into chaos due to Covid. I will be honest with you, ive completely forgot the exact details as it was that long ago. One of the few things i remember is the flight length and stop off at Doha. I will have a look through the travel stuff when i get home for further details
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