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  1. Wasnt the previous seasons something like £2.7 million loss? So similar numbers again this year. Im not on here claiming they are fantastic results but i wasnt surprised to see that figure
  2. I didnt think it was as bad as expected to be fair
  3. Oh eh? Ive seen this movie before and know how it ends...
  4. Brian Rice falling out with the head of Scottish Refereeing on the eve of this fixture is perfect timing. Numerous penalties for us tomorrow Brother Madden, if you dont mind 😏
  5. Fuckin surprise, surprise 😒 https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/dundee-united-peter-pawlett-new-contract-st-johnstone/
  6. I dont disagree but would it surprise anyone if Mellon offered an experienced premiership player a new reduced contract?
  7. We travel through to Hamilton for the third time this season and try to play our brand of sexy football despite their plastic playing surface. Mellon is claiming that we wont take our foot off the gas despite us never actually having having our foot on it and nearly going out the cup to a terrible Partick team. In terms of team selection, Sporle has to start again and i wouldnt mind seeing game time given to Chalmers
  8. It would not surprise me if we offered him a new deal. He would need to take a major pay cut but i expect that he will be taking one anyway joining the farmers
  9. Bizarre that you are loitering around this thread given todays results but each to their own 👍🏻
  10. Think im actually getting a semi whilst reading that Jobby McCall 😂😂
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