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  1. I cant believe you are that desperate for attention that you have started tagging people.. Your woeful attempts at getting bites on our previous thread got the extremely short shrift it deserved. But you keep chipping away slugger
  2. Newman starts tonight as does Ross Graham. Middleton and Pawlett the furthest forwards
  3. 3 points please United. 2-1 to the Tangerines
  4. The 'Managers Message' that the club have put out there is top tier content imo. Cant imagine that diddy Fox ever being able to motivate the players and fans like that
  5. Motherwell wont be making the top 6 and have enough points already to be safe from relegation so its only fair that they give us 3 points today. Surely you boys would rather have the Tangerines in the top league instead of tinpot outfits like Ross County and Killie? Anyhow, 2-1 Dundee United please
  6. Granny getting over excited about our 6 game losing streak coming to an end last night
  7. I think the difference is that Sibbalds was point blank range whereas Montano saw that ball coming from a distance and misjudged it due to the other Livi player swiping and missing the ball Eta - its one you scream for if its your team but are seething about if it goes against you
  8. To be fair, the ref called a couple of big decisions in our favour however im surprised nobody has mentioned what appeared to me to be a stick on penalty for a handball in the second half. Given the current handball rules and what we have seen already this season, im shocked more wasnt made of it at the time despite our players claiming for it
  9. Brilliant, that Aussie clown in the goal? At least it wont be goalless then....
  10. This shambolic sort of appointment would never have happened under the tenure of Tony Asghar. Justice for the 'Fat One'
  11. Had to double check it was in fact March 1st instead of April 1st. All the goodwill theyve generated in the last 3 days will be gone in an instant by employing either of those two jobbers mentioned
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