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  1. Mibbee 😂 To be fair i wouldve gave Armstrong and O'Donnell the hook after 15 minutes. Both had a holocaust
  2. Shouldve been playing instead of his former united team mate whos had a shocker. Not naming names though Stuart Armstrong
  3. I did tell you boys 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Tierney fails fitness test and replaced by Jack Hendry🤦🏻
  5. Nope. Its a back three of Hanley, Cooper and KT. Gallagher doesnt even make the bench
  6. Had that as well. Free money
  7. Ive done absolutely f**k all up til now. Always leave it to the last minute. Immobile was my shout for top scorer and i can see Italy doing extremely well in this. Difficult to back against France given their squad and Belguim have quality all over the pitch as well. Winner from either of those 3
  8. Erm i couldnt tell you mate. Hes got a lot more than you or me though I think you may have me mixed up with another poster when it comes to this subject but i will let you off cos you are a good c**t most of the time
  9. Picked up on a typo, clever you PS please dont ever comment on this thread again
  10. Currently 200mb Virgin broadband at a cost of £25 a month. As has been said, their hubs are garbage so ive recently bought the TP Link Deco M5 mesh set as i need a bigger range due to building a pub in my back garden. These things are terrific. Getting 200mb speeds at the bottom of my garden which is about 20+ metres from the house
  11. Well if nothing else, this should be very interesting
  12. Not particularly happy about it but regardless, these guys need the full backing of the support. Cant blame them for taking the job, if anything the hate should be aimed at fat Tony. These two will be fighting a losing battle if they have the fans on their back from day one
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