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  1. Its quite simple, if Ashgar fucks this up then he has to following the next manager out of the door
  2. In your opinion. Thankfully your opinion is in the minority
  3. 3000 Years Of Longing Not for me, im afraid. Very different from what the trailer suggests
  4. I sincerely hope that we disrupt that minutes silence just for the maximum seethe
  5. Free £5 bet builder with PP on this weekends EPL games
  6. Glad that the currants are getting all the nonsense out of their system tonight with minutes silences, singing the English national anthem and the putting out the Union Jack tifo. Means that they wont have to do it again Saturday when we play them...
  7. Tbh that was low quality bait dished out in between episodes of 'The Boys'. Looking back theres quite a comparison between 'The Boys' and United. Both are compulsive viewing but border on the horrific
  8. Motherwell have had a good start to the season and i think they will finish top 6 but what a fuckin state their supporters are in after the result today
  9. As comfortable a point as we will get all season. The Motherwell fans salty tears just make it even better imo
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