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  1. He'll still sign for us, SB will pull out his "going the extra mile" card, Vine back in his box and a 2 year deal 😁 Top trolling from the club for the last couple of days 😆
  2. Hope that wasn't a smoke screen and Vine being a p***k (well, bigger than normal)
  3. Rumour at work of May at Dens at the moment, don't really want clarification of this but if anyone's seen anything in that direction........ 🤔
  4. Kylie at Edinburgh Castle tomorrow night, Foo Fighters at the Summer Sessions in Glasgow next month
  5. Absolute beauty of a watch. You'd be surprised, I thought they'd all disappear but seen this & the nato strap version in a couple of shops - Goldsmiths in Braehead & one of the jewellers on Princes St in Edinburgh, can't remember its name.
  6. Seems the council have been busy with the cherrypicker this morning..................... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=776952538995815&set=a.421561537868252.100804.182490198442055&type=1&relevant_count=1
  7. This could be an interesting turn............. brian mclauchlin‏@BBCBMcLauchlinAn SPL chairman tells BBC Scotland there is an increased animosity towards Rangers after they take case to court of session. #BBCSportsound
  8. As a family man, absolutely, yes. Hence the reason a pair of snow socks are in the boot this year.
  9. Arghhh fuckin snow, lashing down again here in Perth
  10. That's fucking disgusting! 100% agree, get this to the tabloids!
  11. Just been having a nose around on Traffic Scotland, where the feck has all that snow come from? Looks absolute chaos across Glasgow & Edinburgh!!
  12. Got a surprise visit from ours around 4.30pm today First time this week.
  13. Tesco in Perth were apparently re-stocking some bread tonight with tomorrows stock as it was delivered early!! WTF is wrong with people??
  14. Perth & Kinross schools off til Monday as well. http://www.pkc.gov.uk/Education+and+learning/Schools/School+closures.htm
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