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  1. So, meeting up with the VP next month to discuss things further, have touched base with HMRC and they have informed me that tax & NI needs to be paid by the direct payment scheme if the have no base in the UK. Anybody able to shed light on this for me?
  2. As far as I’m aware they only employee US citizens who then travel to different countries to work for the required timespan. The job entails visiting companies and auditing their equipment and processes to report back to the bank so not sure if the sole trader thing would be suitable.
  3. I’m expecting full time employment, if it’s a contract I’m not interested. What if they didn’t want to register in the UK? Would this be a must?
  4. Yes I think so. I’ve had a little read up on tax & NI and there was a section on voluntary contributions which I could make for these?
  5. They currently have 1 person over here from the US for 7/8 months of the year and I would be taking over his role for the whole year. As far as I’m aware they are not UK established.
  6. As the topic states, does anyone here have experience of or currently work for a US company in the UK? Looking for some info/advice on what I’m needing to discuss with them regarding tax/NI/holidays etc. Thanks in advance
  7. Does anybody have a ZGEMMA box? If so, would you recommend it?
  8. HEED

    Euro 2016

    Bets as follows: Muller TGS France/Switzerland Germany/Poland Spain/Croatia Belgium/Italy Austria/Portugal Top 2 for their groups. France, England, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium - Group winners. Germany To Win. France, Switzerland, England, Poland & Germany 1st games Acca.
  9. Hi all, I have the same issue as the op. Not too clued up on all things PC. I'm Looking for a laptop to play FM on and been offered this HP pavilion g6 notebook PC, version 1511. Windows 10 home edition. 6.00GB installed RAM with 64 bit operating system. Would this be sufficient for what i need it for?
  10. I covered the bet in play as the game was too open but the United win was the best outcome for me.
  11. Hi, my iPad Air suddenly shut down last night and entered a stage of starting up and then once that sequence was compete then immediately rebooting and doing the same thing over and over again. Anybody had similar issues?
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