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  1. I found the sentimentality of this occasion too much to take until I seen this cloud floating over the funeral. If you squint enough it looks like Diego maradona
  2. A great day for a few afternoon pints and a plate of pasta at the local institutions who could not give a f**k about this ridiculous circus
  3. That interview is magnificent. I’ve never seen anyone quite so rattled by one player.
  4. Porteous having Aberdeen on strings was something I certainly didn’t see coming.
  5. Porto having a pop from 30 yards for a laugh, cigar tucked behind his ear.
  6. This weeks Aberdeen conservative and unionist party meeting will be a somber affair .
  7. Well done Dundee United supporters. Saw an opportunity and took it with both hands
  8. Yeah I’m just going to sit down and not applaud. I’m sure there will be plenty of booing from both sets of fans though.
  9. https://www.itv.com/news/2022-09-16/arrest-as-footage-captures-man-rushing-at-queens-coffin-lying-in-state Need this footage asap
  10. Imagine queuing up now to shuffle past a box at 2am. Truly odd
  11. Was that loud voice mccoist singing?! Oddest club in football
  12. 30,000 - self selecting sample 30,003 - balanced representation of Scottish public opinion
  13. Gyles Brandreth is one insufferable c**t
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