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  1. Their despair is so complete I almost feel bad laughing at them. Almost.
  2. I am too young to have really seen the shift but was it not down to more self policing amongst the TA?
  3. Wouldn’t mind being that trophy tbqh
  4. The only time I’ll ever enjoy looking at Shiltons puss
  5. Italy failed to qualify for last World Cup, sort it and then win their 4th trophy since England’s last. EZ. England get no credit because they have underachieved for decades. It’s not rocket science ffs.
  6. It’s absolutely amazing hahahaha fucking hell
  7. ITV is the sensible choice given there are adverts therefore less time for these clowns to talk drivel
  8. This is fucking torture to be honest
  9. Last minute insigne winner with him finding shilton in the crowd and pointing at his maradona tattoo pleas
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