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  1. I get that reference. It’s from goodfellas. That’s cool. You’re a great guy with a top notch sense of humour. Thanks for this post.
  2. I would genuinely be stunned if you could make a rational point.
  3. I’m finding it difficult to care too much about the porteous thing after watching the soldiers abseiling down the stand for armed forces day. It’s just fucking weird.
  4. Looking forward to Ron Gordon storming the pitch and sending a nonchalant selfie to his pals in Miami from the crossbar. EZ.
  5. I won’t consider our inevitable progress to the final a victory unless we can generate a total *** meltdown complete with unhinged statements and police inquests.
  6. Stonewall penalty. Scott Allan and Boyle goading the 8 Dundee Utd fans was a bit nasty though
  7. A plucky point for hearts. Reckon they might stay up this year.
  8. Magennis is the best player in world football
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