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  1. Chris Mueller content is the best content https://getpodcast.com/podcast/welcome-to-ike-podcast/episode-7-across-the-pond-american-soccer-to-european-soccer-with-chri_593371743a
  2. We were half shIte and half unlucky but watching Celtic fans sip a gin and tonic after winning a cup is pretty fucking dismal.
  3. Best header I’ve seen at a hibs game since 21/05/16
  4. I would have thought it’s pretty obvious but this isn’t real.
  5. It’s impressive how fucking relentlessly tedious Hibs can be. It’s farcical we’re ahead
  6. Welcome to my talk on how porteous attempts at winding up rangers fans were both inaccurate and ineffective. There will be an intermission three hours in.
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