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  1. A true gentleman who loved Junior football and Winton Rovers in particular. Will be missed by many in Ardrossan
  2. I recall a couple of seasons ago whilst walking out of Medda Park at the end of the Ardagh Cup final where Talbot lost to Kilbirnie, some Talbot fans were saying coming out the ground that they would never go back to watch Talbot whilst he was the manager as he was at fault for losing that game. I remember a few neutrals laughing at the Talbot support and a few shouts of we'll take him were heard.
  3. Some of the Beith fans were doing more "Greetin" than a Christmas card, seems they can't take it when they are not winning comfortably. Thought Medda well deserved a draw and could have nicked it near the end. Well done to the 4 under 19's who played their part for the Medda. Great chicken and haggis pies as usual
  4. And still didn't get promoted
  5. I thought Petershill were streets ahead of anyone else in that league last season, bottom five could be in any order, should be an interesting season
  6. Got it way wrong in the past but will try again.. 1 Pollok 2 Talbot 3 Beith 4 Buffs 5 Hurlford 6 Petershill 7 Glenafton 8 Cumnock 9 Kilbirnie 10 Clydebank 11 Rob Roy 12 Meadow 13 Cambuslang 14 Troon 15 Largs 16 Renfrew Can see this season being tight at the top and the bottom, looking forward to the new season
  7. I took in this game and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the game. 2 teams that were really going for it from the start, thought that Kilsyth edged the first half and the Buffs the second. The Kilsyth No 11 Stuart had a great game and took both his goals well. A draw was probably a fair result on the night though Kilwinning could have won it in the last 10 minutes. Credit to the Buffs for the work being done around the pitch, coming along very nicely, the pitch itself was tremendous. Good luck to the Buffs next season
  8. Easy to comment after a few games have been played, I made my prediction before the season started, didn't see your prediction then
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