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  1. I do agree that Ticketmaster probably wouldn't be the best company to hook up with, but to get a system with a similar user experience would be great.
  2. Very true, very true. My optimism has come back to bite me on the arse before and will likely do so again!
  3. It was a cracking game, with a great travelling support too. Disappointed not to have won, especially seeing as County will most likely beat us on their own patch up in Dingwall on Tuesday night. Assuming we win League 1, next season looks very promising.
  4. Considering the MINIMUM donation amount is £100, I think that is an incredible amount to have raised.
  5. Current "Buy the Pars" total: Pars United required £100,000 of fan donations to buy the Club. As you can see, this has been more than matched.
  6. The Challenge Cup is a complete waste of time. Hopefully it'll be scrapped after the SFL/SPL amalgamation.
  7. The group who are currently attempting to take over the club have stated that we will remain full-time regardless.
  8. Am I in the minority in that I don't want us to become wholly fan-owned? I understand the importance of having a significant portion of the club under fan ownership, but I think it would be risky not to have a few wealthy benefactors to fall back on, if needed.
  9. Yep, probably anywhere between a 10 to 25 point deduction.
  10. Club official statement: http://www.dafc.co.uk/articles/20130327/dunfermline-athletic-fc-appoint-pkf-as-interim-managers_2208030_3123641
  11. Wow VickingTON, talk about obsessed. You'd have an entire fucking essay by joining together your posts.
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