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  1. Both teams need to agree to change of venue obviously suits mids not to play this weekend and take there chances a other day, league seem quite happy to postpone aswel so no real problem really
  2. Gary Murray is the best striker Lockerbie has ever produced
  3. Agree there strongest 11 on there day is more than a match for anyone squad seems a bit weak after that though
  4. Sure Lochar beat bonnyton up there midweek. Mids seem to struggle a bit when they go back to grass
  5. Weeredbook your spot on surprised it never happened before now the standard of refs isn’t to bad the now apart from the young ginger boy who is well out of his depth
  6. No sure he's the same person description from ecclesbrother was spot on
  7. How u called that God nos? Who said to watch for nithsdale? Wot a start
  8. A would imagine Lewis will be Putin as much distance as possible between himself and riddick the man should be no where near a football game never mind in charge of it
  9. Any one at st Mary's the day to watch his performance?
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