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  1. I'm from Glasgow and looking to get back into coaching i worked with a few clubs and had my pvg and coaching badges but they have expired I can't drive im from the east end of Glasgow anything that is bus dooable will be fine I've got the experience with 04 05
  2. Disappointed about tonight let them back Into then conceded 4 goals losing 3 5 not good need to keep heads up when winning
  3. Well that was nail biting 2 penalty wins 1 loss 1 normal loss At least we beat Clyde [emoji41]
  4. Yea volunteers worked hard to make sure it was ready [emoji106]
  5. Didn't know Clyde had fans il have a look [emoji13]
  6. Team is looking good I'm confident we can fight for the playoffs hopefully we can kick off a good start away to Stirling on satuday.
  7. Lost 1 4 to Rossvale today hopefully the hoodo of home games will stop big game v shettleston who lost 10 1 lol to pollok then off to pollok on Wednesday
  8. What was score v that mob in Durham? Consett
  9. Sounds good who did he play for the same team hopefully we can go for it again next season
  10. Looking on some information about Cameron marlow just signed for us Pretty sure we will be signing more junior players so watch out
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