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  1. Hi guys, we’ve just signed Broque Watson at Annan and wondered what your thoughts were on the lad having had a loan spell with you last season.
  2. Another few signings at Galabank, Lyle Avci, Jamie Ballantyne and Euan Griffiths all announced this week. Some young hungry players in the squad this year. More to be announced before the weekend so I am told
  3. Oh aye the wee midfielder with white boots. We all know who your on about now
  4. Good to hear. Looks like Murphy is sticking with youth again this season.
  5. Big job on his hands again this summer but he doesn’t seem too concerned so he must have plans. Wonder what the expectations will be this year? Don’t go down... mid table... play offs?
  6. I thought the Karma came when Love dived to win the pen at Galabank! But he managed to cheat the ref again at Broadwood. You guys talk about dirty tactics yet you had the dirtiest racist cheat on the field win you the game!
  7. Good job cause the Annan fans nearly pissed themselves
  8. Aye if yer teams shite, blame the facilities
  9. If the car parks full at the ground, a good bet might be the moat car park. Drive past the club and take the first right, then right again. Quiet little car park down by the river, 10 minute walk max to the ground
  10. Bit of a selection dilemma for Murphy tonight, with us securing a play off position a few weeks ago he has been mixing up the team as much as he can with players coming back from injury at a key time. Impressed that it has made no difference at all to our recent form.
  11. What has that got to do with 11 v 11 on the park winning a play off tie? I’m sure teams with smaller supports have been promoted before you are just talking complete nonsense.
  12. Didn’t realise the bigger the support you have the more chance of getting promoted. I’m pretty sure Gretna did make the next step?
  13. I think the ref had already done all he could for Stirling today! Maybe if they hadn’t time wasted to much for the whole game there wouldn’t have been so much time added on and we may not have equalised. Credit to Kevin Rutkiewicz with his post match interview. Some very nice words said about Annan, the guy is a top bloke.
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