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  1. [emoji651]️[emoji651]️[emoji651]️ [emoji13][emoji13][emoji13]
  2. Quite right, I was amazed that they originally included the challenge in their highlights never mind the fact they replayed it over and over in slow motion!!! I noticed Annan left it out of their highlights [emoji1319]
  3. There’s a ball there he could’ve tried to kick though
  4. Should’ve been three points in the bag! Our debated second goal definitely looked over the line
  5. Big improvement with today’s live stream, the team line up scrolling along the bottom helped with the new players too
  6. I’m lead to believe the company that installed the Automatic camera has been working hard with a number of Scottish clubs to fix the ball tracking. Hopefully tomorrow will be better
  7. More money you think? An extra hours travel to a club that’s below us in the league? For a new challenge? Maybe it’s Mr Muir that’s out of touch with the modern world.
  8. I would try the solway cafe for them. As has been said already, cafe royal for breakfast and Francis’s the best bakers
  9. A senior football game in the third round of the Scottish cup should not have to be stopped to kick another ball back to another pitch.
  10. Ainslie Park, what a joke of a place to be playing senior Football! Does anyone else a little annoyed with the refs whistle at the game next door? Seems a bit of a distraction to the main game being played! Also having to stop play to clear the ball when the next game kick theirs over the fence. Very amateurish
  11. Hi guys, we’ve just signed Broque Watson at Annan and wondered what your thoughts were on the lad having had a loan spell with you last season.
  12. Another few signings at Galabank, Lyle Avci, Jamie Ballantyne and Euan Griffiths all announced this week. Some young hungry players in the squad this year. More to be announced before the weekend so I am told
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