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  1. Mon the saints

    The key word was ARGUABLY and the rest was a question.
  2. SoS League cannot award a team points and that seems just. It is only right you can be deducted points but you should not get points you have not earned.
  3. Mon the saints

    Thought that was where it all started?
  4. Mon the saints

    What on earth is happening at Kirkcudbright? At Wigtown, today arguably the best keeper in the league playing on the wing and the manager and coach both playing the full 90 mins and no subs. Where are the players they signed on contracts at the start of the season? Surely they can,t all be injured? Not a good follow up to the feelgood anniversary program on Border TV
  5. Annan Athletic vs Newton Stewart

    Stranraer in particular with being in a relatively remote part of the country and getting poor gates should be thinking of taking the plunge and assembling a local ( South West ) team. I know the diehard fans would take a bit of convincing but basing the team and players in the South would more than double their gates and I think they would be pleasantly surprised with the result. It would give the football down here a boost and IMO the standard would not be much if any lower than what I have seen at Stair Park. Please don't quote Rangers/ Celtic players not coming from Glasgow. Different scenario altogether.
  6. New Clubhouse at Lochmaben

    The quote is the only South requirement. A 6ft fence around the whole ground is an SFA license requirement and of course a way of making sure off paying spectators.
  7. New Clubhouse at Lochmaben

    "An adequate pitch perimeter protection system shall surround the playing area separating it from the spectators. This may be the use of rails, barriers or ropes" South of Scotland ground criteria
  8. Open Trial

    Lang way from Wigtown To Eymouth on a Wed/Thurs night!!!!!!!!
  9. Vale of Leithen

    Probably Spartans will cost a lot less than highering Gala pitch? Just a thought!
  10. Ian Moor

    Seen your posts on various sites. You are certainly a man? of few words!!!
  11. Fixtures

    It was the clubs (or at least the majority) who voted to let Annan play Fri nights at home. Ok if you are from Dumfriesshire but a big ask from Wigtownshire. League do their best but maybe when you vote at a South meeting you should think ahead.
  12. Predictions 12/01/19

    Have been critical of Sean in the past but he seems to have changed his attitude of late which has lead to a big improvement in his refereeing. Hope it is permanent as we need a good standard in the South.
  13. I think this thread has gone sadly astray. The original question was about a South League rule but has developed into a slanging match! I think the question has been answered. There is apparently no limit to the number of South clubs a player can sign for in a season but a limit (5?) to the number of games a player can play as a trialist. Hope that ends it.
  14. According to the present rules, I believe the only restriction now is a player can only play a max of five times as a trialist in a season. Think the 3 clubs think has disappeared.so it looks like a fuss over nothing.