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  1. Open Trial

    Lang way from Wigtown To Eymouth on a Wed/Thurs night!!!!!!!!
  2. Vale of Leithen

    Probably Spartans will cost a lot less than highering Gala pitch? Just a thought!
  3. Ian Moor

    Seen your posts on various sites. You are certainly a man? of few words!!!
  4. Fixtures

    It was the clubs (or at least the majority) who voted to let Annan play Fri nights at home. Ok if you are from Dumfriesshire but a big ask from Wigtownshire. League do their best but maybe when you vote at a South meeting you should think ahead.
  5. Predictions 12/01/19

    Have been critical of Sean in the past but he seems to have changed his attitude of late which has lead to a big improvement in his refereeing. Hope it is permanent as we need a good standard in the South.
  6. I think this thread has gone sadly astray. The original question was about a South League rule but has developed into a slanging match! I think the question has been answered. There is apparently no limit to the number of South clubs a player can sign for in a season but a limit (5?) to the number of games a player can play as a trialist. Hope that ends it.
  7. According to the present rules, I believe the only restriction now is a player can only play a max of five times as a trialist in a season. Think the 3 clubs think has disappeared.so it looks like a fuss over nothing.
  8. Think you are being a bit unfair. Surely no club is above the rules and CD 1953 is entitled to inquire if a rule has been broken? I am sure he will be the first to apologise if the club is in the clear.
  9. Top Marks

    Well done to Abbey Vale and Newton Stewart for insisting the game at Blairmount Park went ahead and for giving their all for 90 minutes of end to end action laced with some fine passing movements from both sides, Probably both dressing rooms will be thinking they had done enough to win but a draw was fair IMO. Hope all players and officials (and spectators) have thawed out by now.
  10. MIDS

    Two wrongs don't make a right and the dressing rooms are a bit nearer(Dumfries!)
  11. MIDS

    If it is the Sos have obviously changed their criteria. The goalposts are a danger with the heavy metal frames just behind the posts, which should be in sockets. The dressing room is too far from the pitch according to the SOS 4 years ago when Newton Stewart was refused permission to play there when they had flooding issues at Blairmount or perhaps the dressing rooms were too far from Dumfries!!
  12. MIDS

    Could be wrong but something tells me academy 3G is not a SOS approved ground and Mids are right not to play on it,
  13. The sack attack

    Good to see both Creetown and Newton Stewart sorted. Good luck to Neil Goochy and Rhuri.
  14. South Of Scotland Photos 2018/19

    One or two small corrections. Garrett McClymont & Dale Leith. Accurate with the ref tho!!!