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  1. NSFC asked the lighting technicians,who installed the lights and they were unable to tell them how to override . The only way to get longer time is to permanently alter the time clock which of course would be in breach of planning permission. As stated the game start was delayed by the referee and the halftime break was extended also by the ref who had also blown for full time just before the main lights went out. There were still 15 mins of emergency lighting left. Has common sense gone out the window in football?
  2. Watched Wigtown V Braves as a neutral this afternoon and I have'nt seen a more cynical display of diving and deception than that displayed by Braves no10. A talented player, but a total cynic. Aided by an incompetent and obviously unfit ref he directly led to the sending off of two Wigtown players . There is no place for this sort of thing in South(or any) football. Also , why was there no club linesman supplied by the visitors? Poor show from a so called professional side.
  3. Think you have the Abbey Vale score way out. Different Creetown from last season
  4. Clue is in the posting time and day!!
  5. They probably did it to give you something to spipe at!
  6. SFC, thank you for your clear explanation as to what happened in the ineligible player case. Would it be possible to have an explanation as to why players signed legally by other clubs were still appearing on Stranraer official team sheets as late as last month? It seems the: admin errors: are deeply rooted at Stranraer FC.The group of lads who played so well and deservedly won the league and progressed deservedly football-wise in the cups surely deserved better backing from their club.?
  7. It would have only been picked up by the SFA Disciplinary when he received a red card the other week.
  8. the rules are, and always have been, quite clear. to play in cup ties you have to be a registered player with your club. You can play in the league as a trialist for a certain number of games if named as Trialist on the teamsheet. Still think the team knocked out by a club playing an ineligible player should progress to the next round. Something to consider at the AGM?
  9. Never seen so many good young players playing in the South. This was forced upon some clubs who had to play a bigger percentage of 18 and under boys than they would have wished but I believe it has turned into a good thing for all concerned. They are learning the hard way but they are playing good football. Stranraer is a great example of how you need probably 4 or 5 experienced players to form a backbone o9f a really successful South team. As to West Juniors joining IMO, it would be better all round if they formed their own league either alongside the South or even a tier above. West Juniors know the benefits of localized football at a grassroots level and so I hope do the South.
  10. The key word was ARGUABLY and the rest was a question.
  11. SoS League cannot award a team points and that seems just. It is only right you can be deducted points but you should not get points you have not earned.
  12. Thought that was where it all started?
  13. What on earth is happening at Kirkcudbright? At Wigtown, today arguably the best keeper in the league playing on the wing and the manager and coach both playing the full 90 mins and no subs. Where are the players they signed on contracts at the start of the season? Surely they can,t all be injured? Not a good follow up to the feelgood anniversary program on Border TV
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