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  1. Makes delaying the decision even worse if that was the reason.!
  2. Assuming the EGM wont be held face to face surely it could have been held before this Sat. Luckily the weather has saved the spineless SOS executive from making a big mistake. Has common sense caught the virus?
  3. The South of Scotland league has played it right so far and with the increase in cases in the area the obvious correct thing to do now is to pause the league. There is a big difference between Premier,1-2 and 3 , where the players are being regularly tested , and the lower tiers where testing is not feasible. People in the south clubs know their area and what is possible and if they don't get SFA/Gov backing , should follow their instinct and take their own action. Good Luck
  4. I think 10' 000 Hrs from metal halide bulbs is wishful thinking in my experience. Maybe location has something to do with it. Can anybody put forward an explanation? We were also cautioned against changing to LED . Engineers said their reliability had not been proven.Comments? £15 per hr running cost is pretty much in line with our experience.
  5. £90 is a fair price for a full game with dressing rooms when you consider the cost of putting on a game on your own grass pitch. Spectators should cover that.
  6. Bit early in the day for the drink Robert! Lock-down getting to you?
  7. A lot of good people have successfully kept the opportunity to play decent football available to players in a lightly populated area for decades.Like every other area it has had it's good and not so good times but has kept going. The West have never had an integrated system before and it is good to see that highly populated area finally doing something about this.Quality will find its way to the top if given the proper pathway but do not push anyone to the side to do it. If the South Champions are not capable ,for whatever reason, of playing further up the Pyramid the playoff's will sort that out.
  8. He told the players to stand on the 6 yard ( sorry Lou) line
  9. Translations for you! 36 feet is10.928 meters 5 feet is 1.524 meters and 30 feet is 9.144 meters. Does that make it more understandable?
  10. If the distance from the six yard box to the edge of the penalty box is 36 ft and a free kick is given 5ft outside the box how can a referee justify MAKING the defending team stand on the six yard line when the distance defenders legally have to retreat is 30 feet(10 yards) ? What am I missing?
  11. Even the South League has its logistical differences without bringing in West teams. However the South like other regions can cope financially and geographically (just!) with what exists at the moment. Add more on and life will get really difficult for football in this area. It is common knowledge in the game ( as opposed to keyboard warriors) that Dumfries and Galloway can just support at the moment, and in the foreseeable future, QOS Stranraer Annan and one other lowland + side from Dalbeattie Threave Mids or possibly Saints. I am unsure of Gretna. Wigtownshire teams population wise have no way off financially of running a lowland + side and the teams I have already mentioned take up all the slack in the Dumfries area. That is not to say Stranraer Res Wigtown N/S and Creetown and the rest of the Dumfries area teams should be cut off from doing what all of their constitutions say ie providing a decent class of football for 16/18 fit young men every Saturday during the season. Forcing clubs to spend money and time they do not have installing floodlights they will only use for half a game every 2nd Saturday if that just does not advance football. Outstanding players if they want will always be able to progress and players who want to play on a Saturday afternoon to a decent standard will still be able to do and dream of the Scottish Cup! Progress by all means but not as any cost.
  12. I think the South have diluted the overall standard of the league by rushing into getting more teams into the mix regardless. Better a smaller league that suits the special geographics of the area than a difficult to sustain bigger league
  13. Well done Burnie and Fairweather . Interesting stats . The two faraway clubs show the need for leagues to be kept regional wherever possible. Also the more local players the bigger attendances. I know its not always practical but good for interest in teams. Good case for a West of Scotland league alongside the South league. Just a dream ?
  14. NSFC asked the lighting technicians,who installed the lights and they were unable to tell them how to override . The only way to get longer time is to permanently alter the time clock which of course would be in breach of planning permission. As stated the game start was delayed by the referee and the halftime break was extended also by the ref who had also blown for full time just before the main lights went out. There were still 15 mins of emergency lighting left. Has common sense gone out the window in football?
  15. Watched Wigtown V Braves as a neutral this afternoon and I have'nt seen a more cynical display of diving and deception than that displayed by Braves no10. A talented player, but a total cynic. Aided by an incompetent and obviously unfit ref he directly led to the sending off of two Wigtown players . There is no place for this sort of thing in South(or any) football. Also , why was there no club linesman supplied by the visitors? Poor show from a so called professional side.
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