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  1. Now I'm confused but no news there! Typically 2 contestants chose to answer in miles and 2 in km. @gkneil 50m km V @mathematics and @alang1993 3141592km @Blootoon87 12m miles V @die hard doonhamer 30m miles The answer is 59.718m km so @gkneil and @die hard doonhamer take your respective bows.
  2. @gkneil v @mathematics @Blootoon87 v @die hard doonhamer So, as the mercury rises, what is the distance between mercury and the sun?
  3. It was never like this when @SlipperyP was in charge. Already posted both Wed & Thu, 5 & 9 respectively. 8 for today.
  4. 10 for Friday. Guessed the LOTR as I've never been in to it, took a bit of time to get the GDP and fortunately had the Alaska question recently in another quiz.
  5. woo, 10 for Tuesday. Had to ponder the state and the dictator. Can't deal with time pressure as Sunday's live quiz proved.
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