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  1. Leeds seemingly not bothered about goal difference at all.
  2. And they have. Absolutely hopeless. Or maybe not..
  3. The bottom 3 as it stands ending up the final standings would be highly amusing.
  4. What's been good about the play off matches is that the extra half an hour in each match that's gone to extra time has had some decent entertainment rather than the familiar scenario of two teams terrified of making a mistake.
  5. Also, West Ham's last match is against Leicester. Quite appropriate that Everton's destiny is to some extent in Moyes' hands now.
  6. I will stick my neck out and say they'd not have gotten promoted if he was still in charge there.
  7. Fair to say that Airdrie have gained more out of us appointing Murray than we have.
  8. I would be amazed if it's better than yours. Hopefully someone from the club sees it and lines it up for the season after.
  9. Well done Airdrie. Looks like we did you a big favour by taking Murray off your hands...
  10. Not sure Koepka has the nerve for it these days.
  11. Delighted to see Zanatta relegated after his antics in the last couple of matches against us. If they go down again next season he'll probably have found his level.
  12. "Salford have used the data analysis of the England national team for these penalty kicks" And doesn't it just show...
  13. More play off drama unfolding at Stockport. With Stevie Mallan and ex Falkirk and Pars jobber Myles Hippolyte featuring in the goals in extra time. Penalties looking likely.
  14. Not overly fussed what our away kit looks like as long as we win a few more matches wearing it than we did the season just gone.
  15. Has anyone actually seen Dabrowski play? He's not exactly racked up the game time in his career so far so I'm a bit curious as to why folk see him as the preferred option.
  16. Darren Ferguson has always come across as even more of a prat than his dad so this is a welcome turn of events.
  17. Two Scotland greats dragging Wednesday out of the mire.
  18. Just a reminder that Peterborough haven't even had a shot on goal since the first half...
  19. What a shambles from that big donkey no 9 for Peterborough.
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