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  1. If Murray even wants to speak to them I think it's the beginning of the end for him with us anyway. All it does is just unsettle everyone. Even if he doesn't get the job, I wouldn't be surprised if we end up cutting him loose the same way Kelty did with Thomson.
  2. He'd absolutely be daft not to take it, regardless of the state Dundee might be in. There's no guarantee he'll get an offer like this again in his career.
  3. I couldn't be bothered with that. I was out last Thursday evening at my course with nobody in front of me and managed to play 10 holes in 1 hour 20 minutes. It was brilliant.
  4. One win in our last 9 matches, none in our last 7. A couple of embarrassing defeats to a hopeless Hamilton side in amongst all that. Yep, we were definitely building something under Murray right enough. Even taking into account the interruption in our preparations, I would prefer it if he goes. As long as we don't appoint Potter, we'll more than likely end up better off for it as it'll give the new consortium a chance to get their own person in rather than being saddled with Murray.
  5. Hendry as player manager is the only acceptable resolution to all this.
  6. I'm not going to lie, I won't be bothered at all if Murray leaves, but the timing of it is far from ideal. The new management structure will hopefully mean that any upheaval is minimised, and it would allow them to get their 'own man' in place, so it needn't be a disaster.
  7. Yeah. You'd think West Ham will make a good few changes for that match, so if Leicester can get ahead early on it will at least ask the question of Everton.
  8. It's a bold approach by Leicester to allocate themselves 5 minutes in which to win the match.
  9. Austin is finished at this level. You've dodged a bullet there.
  10. A good day's business for us. McGill offers good cover in a number of positions and fits the profile of player we are looking at. Connolly is a big statement signing and someone who in years gone by we would have lost at the end of his contract. Finishing work on the away dressing room already is also seriously impressive stuff.
  11. It's fine. Connolly is being offered the managers job as we speak.
  12. Do his earnings even count if he's not a member of the PGA Tour? America don't really need him in their team considering their strength but it's certainly going to create some awkward questions that Zach Johnson could do without. With regards to his major record he looks to have regained that edge he had 3 or 4 years ago when he was in contention for every major, and his self belief will be through the roof after convincingly getting over the line this time. Ominous for the rest.
  13. Think he's been his caddie for years. Before that it was Bob MacIntyre's caddy on his bag but I believe he had to give it up when Koepka joined the PGA Tour because of, em, some legal issues, shall we say.
  14. OB off the tee here please, Koepka.
  15. I would add Fitzpatrick as well. Hovland might get over the line one day if he keeps putting himself in contention but he's not covered himself in glory when in contention thus far in his career.
  16. He is. Luckily we only need to put up with him 4 times a year now.
  17. Second only to winning the Scottish Premiership with a non old firm team.
  18. You know fine well it went in the hole you plank.
  19. That could be a decisive miss by Hovland. Awful putt by McIlroy there too. Basically shown what not to do and did it anyway.
  20. Koepka can never complain about slow play again after taking a minute over that 18 inch putt.
  21. If Koepka loses this I doubt he'll win another major.
  22. It might just be Man City's B team but it looks like they can get as many as they want here.
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