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  1. I hope he keeps it up. Obviously it makes not a bit of difference to the outcome of a game but it looks much more professional.
  2. It is very early days but our new signings look like they are starting to find their feet now. Cuthbert looks like an excellent goalkeeper, Conroy is our top scorer, Stewart looks very lively, and Nade is tough to stop when he's on his game. Still some question marks over Scott, Perry and McKeown but the latter two have looked more comfortable in the two league games.
  3. We were probably fortunate to be ahead at half time given the chances Alloa had with headers. Second half we came out and impressed ourselves much more and were relatively comfortable apart from that chance Spence had. I did think we sat back a bit too much in the last 20 minutes but saw it out alright. Steady enough performances from most of the team and a well taken goal from Conroy.
  4. Can't see beyond Man City or Chelsea winning it. Arsenal should be third and although I think Liverpool will be better than Man United, the fact they have the champions league to think about this season means Man United might sneak into 4th. I think Everton will beat Spurs into sixth.
  5. I was thinking the same. A deadline day swoop for Don Cowie awaits.
  6. I like the way the board blame Nixon and their auditors for the lack of corporate governance. Are they seriously saying they have only recently implemented controls like countersigning cheques?
  7. Fletcher vice captain. Seems like Van Gaal sees him being a first team regular this season.
  8. Spence and Smith both seemed similar in that they would come off the bench and do well but then flop when they got a start. Murray seemed to operate some sort of policy whereby if one of them scored in a game he would start the next game but one game without a goal would see you dropped. Both of them will benefit from a regular run of games but neither would add anything to our current squad other than extra back up in the event of injuries.
  9. I tried to set up a squad full of Scottish players but came up one defender and one striker short. Disappointing.
  10. Rovers have cruised through to the next round of whatever season's Fife cup this is with a 2-1 win at Burntisland.
  11. Just switched the game back on 5 minutes ago but still haven't heard whether Martin Tyler calls Rodriguez 'James' or 'Hamez'. Can't take the suspense.
  12. Noticed someone put the first d the wrong way round in the pre match display there.
  13. I see someone named Billy Vidler has apparently signed for East Stirling after leaving us. I've never heard of him.
  14. They were even worse in the game at Alloa before the Challenge cup final. Those two performances were the worst I saw from an opposing side last season and both were under Barry Smith so that's probably where the negative perception of his Alloa side comes from. Hopefully it continues on Saturday.
  15. About 10 players in with a chance as the leaders head towards the final 9 holes. McIlroy looks like he's struggling badly just now.
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