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  1. Rubbish! Are you the one who wasn't fussed for Moon returning, either?


    There are very few of the current squad I would categorise as must keeps. McGurn aside I can't think of anyone else off hand.

    :lol: I've never seen the contributors to this thread reach this level of agreement! Sorry Martin Nelson, but there's nothing wrong with Cardle's attitude.

    There have been occasions where he's looked like he's been trying to get sent off, and he certainly doesn't look like he's putting a full shift in to me. That's before even contemplating how ineffective he actually is.

  2. In all honesty, we could pick up David Silva and you'd still be moaning. Cardle added a solid number of goals and assists last season and could provide that moment of class to help us out during games. He was nowhere near the top of the list in terms of questionable performers in terms of attitude.

    I'd be delighted if he signs back up. Pretty much for the sames reasons as Michael W points out.

    The only player with a worse attitude was Elliot but we're stuck with him already for next season.

  3. Agree here. Booth is a much better player than McGivern is. As much as we'd all like to see him back I reckon Butcher will give him the chance next season. McGivern's had his and blew it big time.

    I'd like Murray to get a similar type player. When Booth was on form he was fantastic going forward and I hope whoever we bring in can do likewise. Last thing we want to see is a left back who doesn't cross the half way line.

    I wonder if Murray has got in touch with Willie Dyer yet.......

  4. What's the official party line regarding the Cowden vs. Pars playoff? I would quite like the Pars to come back up, but I think it might stick in the craw of many.

    Hopefully Cowden for me. Partly because it would be funny to see the Pars left on the outside looking in next season but mainly because we've probably got more chance of staying up in a league with 3 part time sides in it.

    I think Cowden have got a good chance as well.

  5. Was at the East Fife v Clyde game and Clydes number 7 (Scott Ferguson I think) was excellent. Only a young lad but a real threat, took players on and had a go. Took his goal well. Probably wouldn't command a big wage and could be a game changer from the bench. Hope Murrays having a look at guys like this, some real gems in the lower leagues.

    What like were the ex Rovers?

  6. The main thing is that the board react swiftly next season when things go wrong. If the first half a dozen games of the season are a continuation of this seasons garbage then a change will be required.

    Hopefully Murray gets the message and none of the above is required, but like others I've not got a lot of faith in that.

  7. Yeah the tannadice game was a free kick for stevie kirk. Think Danny lennon might have got the other one. The 3-2 game was an end of season affair 3-0 up at half time I seem to remember a mini pitch invasion involving some one dressed as the pink panther! Although it was 20 years ago and may have dreamt it.

    I think you could be right about the pink panther in the 3-2 match! The game was the week before United beat Rangers in the cup final. I remember one of Jason Dair's goals coming from a run that started in our own half. We played some great stuff that season, as daft as that sounds considering we were relegated well before the end of the season.

  8. Grey Dyke and the FA seem to be pushing to introduce divisions containing the B teams of Premiership + Championship clubs in the Football League. Seemingly the big idea is to install new divisions of B teams between League Two and the Conference - or mix the B teams, League Two and the Conference into new regional leagues.


    Thoughts? Think it sounds fairly terrible, personally.

    I can't believe that he's not opened the door for Celtic and The Rangers to join at the same level.

  9. The folk having a go at the players for having the cheek to go on holiday - have a word with yourselves eh?? Did you expect them to sit there and think "oh, the supporters think we don't deserve a holiday, we better cancel it"? Yep, cos if I had a bad day at work and upset a customer I'd feel It would be right if they said I shouldn't go on holiday. Aye fucking right. The season is over, the players are well within their rights to take a break.

    Back to the Murray debate - I'm all for giving the guy a chance. I'll stick my neck on the line here - I've only been to TWO games all season, but that's been due to other commitments, and I'll admit, I've been following the flyers more out of the two. I think that Murray will make wholesale changes in the summer. He surely has to realise that the onous (sp) will be on him to turn it around after the second half of the season collapse. If the board can increase the budget on the basis of the larger gates for some games next season, then that will go a long way in terms of improvements to the playing squad. And with rangers in the league, hopefully a bit of TV revenue will come our way as well.

    Onwards and upwards.

    The players have just taken the last six months off. It's the timing of the break that seems a bit strange to me.

    As far as Murray goes, unless he's playing his cards close to his chest, his media comments provide me with no assurance that he even feels like there is a problem to address.

  10. http://www.thecourier.co.uk/sport/football/championship/livingston-2-raith-rovers-0-kirkcaldy-men-end-on-a-low-1.352585

    Some fans will moan about Cardle but he seems to be the only players who comes out and says the right things. He's also the first person, from either the playing squad or management, to finally admit we've done nothing since Christmas.

    I keep hearing people mention the Ramsden's Cup but we played every round, bar the final, before the end of September. It was a brilliant day but being honest, if it wasn't Rangers would we all still be taking about it?

    If we were losing games but playing decent football and being unlucky with results then there may be some excuse there. However the standard of football has been shocking and the same mistakes have been happening every week. Murray doesn't know, or seem to know, how to change it and resolve the problems. Even last week against Cowdenbeath we were losing 2-1 at home and he still only made 2 subs and kept the same formation. Go for it! Try something different!

    I always thought that no matter how bad this season got I'd renew my season ticket for last year but the performances and that rant from Hutton are seriously making me question that.

    Murray's take on it all?

    "It's the most successful season I've been involved with".

  11. Sorry, can't agree with that at all. He's done absolutely nothing to suggest that for me, nothing whatsoever. When have we tried anything different at all this season? It's 4-4-2 no matter what. He had 4-5-1 almost forced upon him at Easter Road and it worked a treat, so he decided to approach the next league game in the same manner - 4-0 down at half time at home. What else has he tried?

    For me, there's an absolute catalogue of errors for Murray this season. In no particular order:

    • "First and foremost" the squad size
    • The timing of dropping Ross Laidlaw
    • Failing to sign a centre back in January
    • Failure to sign a winger of any kind at any stage to give competition to Cardle and Anderson
    • His merry-go-round of strikers - it's not all about who scored last which is why we've been 'treated' to Baird and Spence chasing their own first touches all game on several occasions when it's clearly, by a long distance, our worst partnership
    • 4-4-2 no matter what
    • Square pegs in round holes - the Dumbarton game for instance
    • Failing to even attempt a shake-up for the majority of games e.g. swapping Anderson and Cardle for 5 minutes, push Thomson forward when it's not working for Booth, etc
    • Insistence on playing players, e.g. Cardle and Fox, when completely off form
    • The difference in attitude between Cup and league games
    • A completely and utterly criminal failure to address set-piece problems - just how many did we lose?
    • Probably the pettiest of my points but his post-match interviews really do not suggest he knows what's going wrong at all - accept this could be a public facade but it doesn't inspire confidence after yet another defeat when he just repeats that "we're disappointed as we want to win games of football"
    • Four points from twelve games (a third of the season) against the top 3
    • A complete failure to handle the behaviour of Calum Elliot with referees.
    • A complete failure to address the shocking defending which saw us leaking 3-4 a game EVERY game
    • A complete failure to address our woeful away form - seven points from our last thirteen away games.

    Agree with all of this.

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