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  1. 8 hours ago, renton said:

    Who cares, it's the challenge cup. Aye, it's nice we've won it a couple of times and it was a decent day oot but let's not pretend it really means f**k all. 

    Take the kicking, keep or get the boys fit for Saturday - Murray is being sensible here.

    I think the big worry is that we might not be much better off by Saturday, or god forbid, we could be worse off if we pick up a knock or two tonight. 

  2. 8 minutes ago, Raith69 said:

    When talking of finances and signing Connell, then according to the salary Sport website then Connell is on £250 per week and interestingly Big John is on £870 and is our highest earner in our squad not bad for sitting on the bench. Also Ethan Ross is on £860 per week. Now how totally reliable this is then I have no idea but does make interesting read.

    I think that is the site that is basically using salary details lifted from Football Manager. 

  3. 40 minutes ago, TxRover said:

    Simple facts:

    If we don’t sign Connell, we go into the Queen’s match with a maximum of 18 healthy players, discounting Ngwenya and Ross, and assuming Stanton is ready to go (questionable).

    Here’s the possible “strongest” lineup for Queen’s without Connel:

    MacDonald (and I’m not sure he’s 100% either)





    Bench: McNeil, Masson, Young, (?)Stanton(?), Frederiksen, McBride, Mahady

    That bench is near criminal? Now Connell would give us “more depth” at our “best stocked” area…but he is the devil we know and no one can say he doesn’t run and work his ass off. We are now perilously thin in the back, and our midfield is a f**king MASH unit. IM needs to find the money to bring in a spare mid and a utility defender, in my thinking…especially if we get bad news on Ngwenya. I’m concerned that Thomson seems behind schedule, as Jamie has looked pained in each of the last couple of games, the right shoulder may not be right.

    Young can't play on Wednesday because he's already played for Elgin in the Challenge cup this season. 

  4. 11 minutes ago, raith1974 said:

    You've hit the nail on the head. Rather than saying there are no strikers or players maybe it should also read for our budget or lack off.

    Let's say what players other rival clubs sign this month as I'm sure Cove will bring a few in, Arbroath already have and will probably bring in another 1 or 2.

    To be fair Arbroath have also lost one of their best players after he was recalled by his parent club so it's not all one way traffic with them. 

    Cove have signed Brody Paterson so it'll be interesting to see how he gets on against us on Saturday. 

  5. I have some sympathy with Murray here. Connell isn't really what we want or need, and ideally Murray would feel like he's in a position to roll the dice and wait a couple of weeks to see if anything better comes up, which it might do depending on the movement in squads up higher up the ladder than we are. Unfortunately you only had to look at our bench on Friday night to see that our squad is threadbare at the moment and the ongoing availability of players like Gullan and Vaughan who started on Friday is uncertain at best. So with the games we have coming up, it kind of makes sense to get Connell signed quickly so we can play him straight away. 

    I don't rate him much, but given where we are at the moment, if Murray signs him up tomorrow on a deal till the end of the season I won't criticise him for it. 

  6. I think most Rovers fans would prefer we made a few changes also, although we have fairly limited options at the moment due to injuries. 

    We are up at Cove on Saturday and a win there would pretty much confirm we'll not be dragged into the reckoning for the relegation play offs so I would rather that was our main focus this week. 

  7. 30 minutes ago, R.R.FC said:

    Just to add to this. We have only won 2 of our last 20 matches on grass. Full record is:

    Played: 20      
    Won: 2       
    Drawn: 8        
    Lost: 10

    In that same time our record away from home on astro is:

    Played: 15     
    Won: 11      
    Drawn: 1    
    Lost: 3

    Obviously helped by the fact the poorer league sides like QOS and Accies play on Astro as well as defeating lower league dross like Banks O’ Dee and Falkirk but enough there to suggest our passing approach doesn’t translate particularly well to a bobbly grass surface.

    If we play to our maximum we will win but there is definitely upset potential in the game. Get an early goal, we might relax play our football and win comfortably. However, if we continue our wastefulness in front of goal, the longer it stays 0-0 the more belief they take and then one defensive mistake is all it takes to become a disaster. Hopefully MacDonald isn’t required to play as well as McGurn did on our last visit!

    Didn't realise the contrast was as stark as that. 

    Who were the two wins against? Partick last season and Arbroath this? 

  8. 1 minute ago, raith1974 said:

    Most worrying thing tonight was IM apparently looking to sign Connell. Yes we have no depth that was shown tonight but squad players are not the answer just like he said about the 4 players this HK lot wanted us to sign.

    If we do sign him, it better only be a deal to the end of the season. Handing out a deal any longer than that would be a borderline sackable offence. 

  9. 1 minute ago, CALDERON said:

    I didn't see the game, but there was absolutely f**k all on that bench.  

    Yeah I think it's a it harsh to criticise Murray for that. Of that bench, rightly or wrongly, Connell is the only one that Murray has given any decent amount of game time to so he was never going to be chucking on the likes of McBride and Frederiksen with 20 minutes to go. 

  10. 6 minutes ago, roverthemoon said:

    Thought it was a fair result on the balance play. Superb first half but the pressure was always going to tell second half. Would have liked us to be a bit more ambitious after we conceded but in fairness we did have a go the last few minutes. Murray alluded to what the players had been dealing with on the whole financial/takeover thing in his post match interview. Hopefully he can create a more cohesive group as a result. 

    Still think we have enough as a team to avoid relegation. Really enjoyed the game and atmosphere. Also, Friday night football is class. 


    What did he say? 


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