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  1. Is Ross Stewart not notoriously bad? Mackay Steven will be out of our price range as well and I doubt Smith would be interested in signing as a back up. As for Murray, no doubt we could do worse but he's not someone I've ever wished we'd kept hold of really.
  2. Yeah I should've added that the main thing is he's fine.
  3. Bullen isn't the answer. It's Murray that you need.
  4. Was Vaughan's testimonial match not supposed to be this preseason?
  5. I'm sure 'released' isn't technically accurate for those two. If they're offered deals and don't sign then fair enough. Out of the other it's a pity it hasn't worked out for Greig Young but no point in having him waste another year at 3rd choice left back. Spencer I suspect will still go.
  6. Based on today's Courier it doesn't sound as though Dundee are even close to announcing a new manager so it looks like the limbo will continue on to next week.
  7. Classy bit of play from Casemiro there.
  8. This could easily be something like 3-2 by now but both teams have been abysmal in the final third. Chelsea have missed a couple of sitters while both teams have squandered multiple opportunities through either a poor final ball or bad touch.
  9. Yet again Chelsea look like they could be on the end of a hiding.
  10. If Murray has done enough to merit an interview then I would guess Bullen has too. It would be poor form if he's speaking to them while the play offs are ongoing though.
  11. I hope that we don't waste time trying to make some sort of counter offer to try and persuade Murray to stay. He's definitely not worth a pay rise that's for sure.
  12. The silence on Rovers social media over the last couple of days certainly suggests something is in the works.
  13. I think with our newly beefed up management structure, there's definitely an argument that we could go for an inexperienced coach/manager and give him a chance with a decent structure in place to support him.
  14. He's certainly enjoying the post match lap of honour anyway.
  15. Realistically you're looking at a 4 goal win for United and 4 goal defeat for Ross County at Killie. Seems improbable to say the least.
  16. St Johnstone equalise so United not quite down yet, albeit it's looking grim for them.
  17. That'll be Dundee United looking for a new manager as well, you'd assume.
  18. Could be decisive if Dundee don't have them installed...
  19. The tweet from the club yesterday hinted the season tickets would be on sale soon. I'm fairly certain that will be the case regardless of whether we have a manager or not.
  20. I see Garcia came through qualifying for the US Open while former winner Graeme McDowell missed out after 3 putting the last.
  21. We'll not be difficult to deal with. Dundee approached us at 9am yesterday and by 9.45 Pottsy had dropped Murray off at Dens.
  22. Because if his head has been turned he's not focused on us. This is a great chance for them to get their own man in as manager.
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