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  1. I took it he was talking about 24 players including the 2 or 3 that go out on loan. I can't see us adding more than half a dozen more.
  2. Nothing worse than when you try and play the percentages and it still all goes to sh!t.
  3. If we are aiming for a squad of 24, then we're 5 short. You'd guess that 3 of those will be defenders, 1 a goalkeeper and either a replacement for Spencer in midfield or another centre forward to compete with Hamilton.
  4. No offence to them both, but if they end up at Falkirk I wish them anything but the best...
  5. I think his time has come to a natural end with us. I thought he was excellent until the end of last year but he was off his game in the last few months of the season. I really don't see that we need another midfielder so I wouldn't even bother replacing him. No arguing he's been a very good player for us overall though.
  6. Just read that also. It was alluded to previously when the Fife Gretna names were coming out on the back of the 3 year deals, but in a way it's actually reassuring that we are not just handing out blanket wage increases everywhere. It's almost certain that MacDonald would have been on one of those McGlynn contracts with the built in wage increases and it's fair to say he'd be in the top 2 or 3 top earners bracket. He's 37, so I think we have to draw the line somewhere, and as much as I would have liked to see him for another year, I can't argue with the decision we've taken.
  7. Over 36 hours now since the village idiots provided us with a signing. What the hell is going on?!
  8. Jordan Marshall released by Dundee. Worth a look for left back?
  9. £285, or just £1 per Rovers goal scored next season, is very good value.
  10. Will definitely be getting a season ticket. Huge incentive for folk to buy a season ticket. I know there's a cost of living crisis but I would be hoping we could be pushing towards record ticket sales this year.
  11. I've got to hand it to them, I'm really having to work harder than I'd like to find something to be negative about at the moment.
  12. The main advantage of Docherty is that he's not Ian Murray.
  13. I'm just relieved it's not Jack Hamilton the goalkeeper we've signed.... Even I'm not going to criticise us for not signing Hendry. That's fantasy stuff and crazy that anyone thinks it's realistic. Shouldn't have bothered asking what I thought then, eh... I watched the league 2 play off final yesterday and the standard was dire. The one area they are miles ahead of Scottish Championship clubs though is their physical size. Almost all of them looked massive. Maybe Gordon Strachan was right after all...
  14. 38 games last season, 4 goals. Seems the sort of 'striker' we'd sign right enough.
  15. It seems like a 'good day' for the club is not losing a mediocre manager in exchange for compensation.
  16. Ah well. It's the hope that kills you... I hope the board have noted that Murray will clearly be off the first chance he gets, and we show similar loyalty to him if we start the season the same way we've just ended this one.
  17. They'll no doubt be doing it all over again this time next season.
  18. 10 minutes injury time! Plenty of time for some scenes.
  19. Hopefully Everton sit deeper and deeper as time goes by and Bournemouth can scramble a late goal from somewhere.
  20. Everton look hopeless so far. A goal for Leicester and they could crumble.
  21. No Martin Tyler on the last day. Has he been retired by Sky at last?
  22. I could see Carlisle nicking this inside the 90...
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