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  1. A complimentary Manchester day rider ticket for the entire squad to use on an open top bus.
  2. With him being an East Fife player, I've obviously never heard of Healy but if he's an attacking midfielder I can't see the logic in signing him at all.
  3. They're currently rewinding play back to the first half looking for an infringement.
  4. He's got to get across the goal quicker than that. Really poor.
  5. That is definitely De Gea's fault.
  6. You won't find clearer confirmation of a decision than Jenas thinking the opposite of it.
  7. Grealish lucky to escape a second yellow for being Jack Grealish.
  8. There was an article about him on the BBC website the other day and it was suggesting that his shot stopping of shots from outside had dropped off a fair bit and that goal did nothing to suggest anything to the contrary.
  9. Frustrating that McTominay is on the bench...
  10. At this rate United will be lucky to still be in the match at 3.30, never mind 5.30.
  11. Game over after 15 seconds. Even more predictable than the Scottish Cup final.
  12. Relegate them both. Pathetic stuff all round.
  13. Please give us a new signing or kit reveal soon to get this thread back on track
  14. https://www.bunkered.co.uk/golf-news/premier-league-stadium-converted-to-golf-course/ Too many artificial surfaces in Scotland for this to catch on up here.
  15. Say what you like about Brown (personally I have zero time for politicians full stop) but he's been happy to offer to help us again and it will extend the reach of the video exponentially.
  16. Will give that a try next time I'm out.
  17. I don't know where you're getting your info from, but let me put things straight. They're village idiots. No more, no less, so let's leave it at that please.
  18. 200 tickets sold in the first 2 hours. All we need to do is keep that up for the next 48 hours and we'll have a sold out home end each week...
  19. Managed to download the digital pass by logging into my fanbase account so now have it in my google wallet without needing to install the app.
  20. I just bought mine, but through the fanbase website. I didn't see anything about a physical card option, so I'm guessing I'll need to install the app now to access the digital card?
  21. Agree with this. It feels like everyone else will be playing for 3rd if Ross County come down.
  22. Have you got an injury crisis at the back? Seems crazy to throw someone that inexperienced into a match of this magnitude.
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