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  1. 43 minutes ago, Ye Olde Hamiltonian said:

    Spoke  to a guy down earlier today and it was sitting at  1850 and expected to top 2000 by 7pm.

    Very little advertising of the game, crazy Ticket Office hours apart from this week and zero advertising in the town-especially the kids go free deal.

    All this and our worst team in 20 years and it is better than many expected and to be honest,they should be selling them tomorrow and Sunday morning.



    2,000 is a decent effort considering the obstacles that have been put in the way. As you say, they should be selling them tomorrow but looks like a crowd of 6,000 plus by the time the hospitality etc is added on. 

    It's many a year since a Rovers v Hamilton match attracted a crowd like that... 

  2. 1 hour ago, Raithie said:

    Interesting item on the Rovers match preview on the official site. If game goes to pens the ref will decide which end the pens will take place (no coin toss). Down to his discretion taking into account potential crowd incursions. 

    So the Hamilton end then.

    They should use one of the practice goals for penalties and set it up on the touchline at the vacant end of the ground. It's the only acceptable solution.


  3. 11 hours ago, TheScarf said:

    I know it's a lazy and standard comment, but it really was the end of it as entertainment when Tim Lovejoy left.  2007 was it? That's a long 16 years of the male presenter trying to be like him

    Yeah that was the end of it as essential Saturday morning viewing. If I'm remembering correctly Fenners left the show a year or two before that as well, and I thought there was a bit of a drop off in quality then but it was sustainable while Lovejoy was still on it. 

    It's remarkable they managed to limp on for as long as they did. Helen Chamberlain leaving should have really been the time to bin it completely. 

  4. 5 minutes ago, pub car king said:

    Hopefully they've identified the long term issue with Gullan and it can be fixed. Ross looks to have cone through his treatment and hopefully will be an asset for the run in. 

    In other news it's Colin Steven for the final. 

    So after failing to stop us in the semi final, he's been given another go at it...

  5. On 21/03/2023 at 17:26, doulikefish said:

    Remember the dell match play starts on a Weds and is live on 1430 on sky only thing I'm looking out for is Rickie Fowler to make the quarters to get in the masters 

    Watching it just now and I'm not sure Luke Donald will be overly enthused by the results being posted by the European players so far. 

  6. 4 hours ago, Mr November said:

    We're still hybrid but I think Gallagher is the only confirmed part-time player now. He's definitely good enough to play in the Championship, he's gone from being a very good League One striker under Murray to near enough a complete forward this season. Whether he wants to go full-time at his age is a different question, I'm not sure what he does outside of football but he probably needs to make the move this summer if he wants to give full-time another go. 

    I do think Raith have a very good chance of signing Callum Smith though. Murray signed him twice for Airdrie and seemed very keen on him both times. He's at his best cutting in from the left but can play up front too, though I wouldn't have him leading the line on his own. He's very quick and works ridiculously hard, so it's easy to see why Murray is a fan. He's from Cowdenbeath too so a move back to Fife would be handy for him.

    I saw Charlie Reilly mentioned above too. Murray seemed really pleased with him and Leon McCann when he signed them on loan after they played very well against us in a Challenge Cup game but while the latter became a mainstay in the team, Reilly looked miles out of his depth. I think he was only 17 to be fair but his only notable moment in an Airdrie top was being banjaxed by Iain Davidson in that 1-0 game up at Starks where Airdrie had about 60 long throws. Murray did seem to like him so I could see Raith being interested but I reckon he'll get a better move.

    One thing we have lacked this season going forward is pace. The likes of Connolly, Easton and Vaughan have got plenty of technical ability but there's nobody with real pace that can get in behind a defence. 

    Whether it's Smith or not, I'm hoping that's something Murray will be looking to rectify for next season. 

  7. 9 hours ago, roverthemoon said:

    Looking at the League table, if we win our game in hand then we are only 4 points off the 4th play off spot. If Inverness beat Partick on Friday then the potential gap could close even more. Fixture pile ups and needing to win our games in hand crucial obviously, but is the dream still on? Maybe it’s just cup final fever gripping me. 

    We've three games in a week in the first week in April - Hamilton and Queen's Park at home and then ICT away. We'd need probably need 7 points from those matches to pull ourselves back into the conversation, which is a tall order.

    Our record against the other 6 teams in the top 7 this season is pretty poor so that would need to be improved on drastically to give us any chance.

  8. 1 hour ago, doulikefish said:

    Fleetwood in with a massive chance after Speith and Schenk both fail to birdie the par 5 11th...all tied at the top on -9 the three of them with tommy lad 1 hole ahead of the pair of them 

    Looks like none of the above will end up winning. 

  9. 11 minutes ago, DrewDon said:

    It is absolutely the correct decision to send off Mitrovic, but it makes it even more bizarre that Fernandes got off scot-free at Anfield a couple of weeks ago. 

    Not really. One is a Manchester United player and one is a Fulham player. 

  10. As far as I can see, Sky didn't bother screening it for some reason, but Ewen Ferguson has gotten his season up and running with a tie for 3rd in South Africa. 

    Connor Syme continues his solid run with a top 15 finish. 

  11. 1 minute ago, Ye Olde Hamiltonian said:

    It will be a cracking day out for sure...as for the football, well from our perspective, this could be embarrassing.

    We have regressed badly the last three games culminating in yesterday's game where Ayr should have scored 5 or 6.

    I don't recall a team anywhere in recent memory going  into a Final in such wretched form.

    It's a bit similar to last year when we played QoS who were in similar trouble at the bottom. The only difference this year is that we are going into the match in better form than we did last season, where we were in pretty much relegation form for the second half of the season. 

    We also have that very good record against Accies since they came down. 

    So, Accies win it surely will be then.... 


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