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  1. Possibly. A bit petty from the ref.
  2. This has got late equaliser from nowhere written all over it.
  3. Yeah I think Hickey sees a goal is on for him with all the joy we're getting down the left.
  4. That's the way I'd be leaning too. Harsh on Vaughan particularly after last week, but if Connolly is fit he has to play and Stanton offers a bit extra in the no 10 role.
  5. Imagine leaving McCoist pitch side and having Stewart in the commentary box..
  6. Any thoughts on our potential line up for tomorrow? Murray was saying he was settled on 10 of the starting line up so I'm guessing the only question mark surrounds whether Connolly gets back in the team, and if so, who drops out.
  7. Been catching up on all the stuff Raith TV have put out this week. Excellent content yet again.
  8. Noticed this typically top quality reporting in the BBC report of the France match. Not only is 4-1 a smaller winning margin than 4-0, Austria aren't even in the same group as France. France though were kept off the top of their group by Austria, for who Manchester United's Marcel Sabitzer scored twice in a 4-1 triumph against Azerbaijan.
  9. Apologies. I was being a bit tongue in cheek. The goal difference advantage should be enough to keep us safe... To be serious for a moment, it could be a bit of a morale blow for Accies ahead of the final so might well work in our favour.
  10. Could've done without that Arbroath win tonight. Gap back down to 10 points and they've still to play us.
  11. They're about the only European nation I would trust to take care of England in these Euros.
  12. Best get your ticket for Germany booked....
  13. 2,000 is a decent effort considering the obstacles that have been put in the way. As you say, they should be selling them tomorrow but looks like a crowd of 6,000 plus by the time the hospitality etc is added on. It's many a year since a Rovers v Hamilton match attracted a crowd like that...
  14. So the Hamilton end then. They should use one of the practice goals for penalties and set it up on the touchline at the vacant end of the ground. It's the only acceptable solution.
  15. Up there with Bob MacIntyre a couple of years back.
  16. Yeah that was the end of it as essential Saturday morning viewing. If I'm remembering correctly Fenners left the show a year or two before that as well, and I thought there was a bit of a drop off in quality then but it was sustainable while Lovejoy was still on it. It's remarkable they managed to limp on for as long as they did. Helen Chamberlain leaving should have really been the time to bin it completely.
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