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  1. I was thinking the same during the first half. Apart from the first 90 seconds they've just been going through the motions.
  2. He'll have spent the last week trying to think of a way to shoehorn in "I think we're alone now" into the commentary.
  3. Awful defending by the guy that dives in as soon as Fitzpatrick gets the ball.
  4. Ross County don't particularly look like doing anything but if they do score first it will be interesting to see how Partick react.
  5. I think folk are probably overrating McGowan because he had a couple of decent games for Accies against us.
  6. It's more his position that makes him a strange signing to me. How many attacking/wide midfielders do we need? I can only assume that there's nothing in this.
  7. I didn't see any of the 'analysis' so I don't actually know. Michael Stewart was co commentator but that's all I can tell you.
  8. For no other reason than to provide an alternative to Liam McLeod and Steven Thompson, my viaplay sub is worth every penny.
  9. ICT can't be criticised for this. The gulf between the two sides is so big that any other approach would've been suicide.
  10. He looked absolutely lost anytime I saw him in the champions league this season.
  11. My initial plan of just watching the first half is now back in action.
  12. Weghorst coming on aka Ten Hag raising the white flag.
  13. Nobody's appealing for handball Matterface.
  14. Rather than waste £80 million on Mason Mount, Ten Hag might want to sign a decent right back.
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