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  1. 4 minutes ago, Mark Connolly said:

    Still plenty of time for someone to shit the bed

    Hopefully Everton sit deeper and deeper as time goes by and Bournemouth can scramble a late goal from somewhere. 

  2. 1 minute ago, The Master said:

    Looking for Leicester goal soon and Everton to stay 0-0 for a while, just to keep things interesting for longer. 

    Leeds look doomed, and deserve to be relegated for conceding to Spurs. 

    Everton look hopeless so far. A goal for Leicester and they could crumble. 

  3. 12 minutes ago, Raith69 said:

    Wonder if we will maybe offer terms to any of the three players leaving Hearts. Think Gary Mackay Steven could be the winger we need, and Ross Stewart could fill the goalkeeping position maybe and having Michael Smith could give us full-back cover.

    Is Ross Stewart not notoriously bad?

    Mackay Steven will be out of our price range as well and I doubt Smith would be interested in signing as a back up. 

    As for Murray, no doubt we could do worse but he's not someone I've ever wished we'd kept hold of really. 

  4. 7 hours ago, 19QOS19 said:

    Tbf I'm not arsed if it's staged. I thought it was good to see him sitting up though. Looking back at him going down didn't look very nice at all. 

    Yeah I should've added that the main thing is he's fine. 

  5. 1 hour ago, CALDERON said:

    Releasing McDonald and Lang will be judged by the quality of their replacements, the rest I don't think there is much room for complaint.

    I'm sure 'released' isn't technically accurate for those two. If they're offered deals and don't sign then fair enough. 

    Out of the other it's a pity it hasn't worked out for Greig Young but no point in having him waste another year at 3rd choice left back. 

    Spencer I suspect will still go.

  6. This could easily be something like 3-2 by now but both teams have been abysmal in the final third. Chelsea have missed a couple of sitters while both teams have squandered multiple opportunities through either a poor final ball or bad touch. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Jeff Venom said:

    Aye, would be astonished if it's Bullen tbh. He's done well given his resources and we're undeniably in a stronger position than when he first arrived. Not sure that translates to a shot at Dundee yet, irrespective of the rumours of him heading back south to be with his family.

    If Murray has done enough to merit an interview then I would guess Bullen has too. It would be poor form if he's speaking to them while the play offs are ongoing though. 

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