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  1. The FFP has been dire for Rovers coverage since Matt Elder left. The Courier is heading down a similar road as well. The guy who replaced Alan Temple is useless. There's been a couple of instances recently where there's not even been an article about us on the day of a match.
  2. I was pleasantly surprised to see Tait back in your squad again, that looked like a season ender he suffered at Stark's. As for the match, our general performance levels have been good recently, but with this being a clear chance to put any relegation worries to bed we'll no doubt lose.
  3. Considering Murray said that releasing Frederiksen helped balance the books I wouldn't bet on anyone coming in to replace him.
  4. I can only assume that because they're level on points with Liverpool halfway through the season that they've gotten confused and think they are in a title race.
  5. Harrison Ashby linked with Newcastle the other day also.
  6. A couple of things about the game not related to our set piece defending and inability to hold on to a lead, wasn't it great to see Vaughan celebrating a goal in front of the South Stand again? And full marks for the choice of music at full time.
  7. BBC's decision to use only 3 cameras coming back to bite them.
  8. Were you actually at the game? Because in an earlier post you were asking if Masson was playing (he wasn't) but now you're passing judgement on the performances of three of our back four.
  9. I think that match really sums us up. Between each 18 yard box we're probably as good as anyone in the league but despite all our good football, we really struggle to carve out clearcut chances. I think other than the goals there was only the Gullan header in the first half and then the one cleared off the line in the second half. Meanwhile we consistently give away the sort of cheap goals from set pieces that we can never score ourselves. Very frustrating, but still some optimism that we aren't far away from getting it right.
  10. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/ross-county/5319712/malky-mackay-reveals-he-has-briefed-william-akio-on-his-public-responsibility-in-representing-ross-county/
  11. Just seen the link to it on the match thread. The only way is up after that I guess.
  12. 1-0 Rovers. Millen scores with a cross in the 9th minute of injury time.
  13. He wasn't championship level but he could probably do a turn for the Dunfermlines and Falkirks of this world.
  14. Forest Green have appointed Duncan Ferguson as manager.
  15. Hoping that the reason he hasn't come to us is because we have something better in the pipeline rather than us not having the budget for him.
  16. Martin Nelson for half time guest please. Or if he's not available, at least somebody who played in the 4-1 match.
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