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  1. I see that's the matchday app being withdrawn. I suppose it was never going to be renewed after Tag withdrew their support last season.
  2. After the impact of Sunday it's hard to see anything other than an away win. Probably with a bit to spare.
  3. Are you referring to the yellow card, or the likelihood of Liam McLeod actually knowing what he's talking about?
  4. Same here. It was only when it got to 95 minutes on the clock that I felt the game was over, even though anyone looking at it as a neutral observer would have seen that Spain had run out of ideas at least 15 minutes before that.
  5. That was sensational. The '84 match is one of my earliest memories of watching Scotland and over the last 10-20 years nights like that have seemed miles away. Not a single failure on the pitch, be that in terms of work rate, attitude or performance. Some of these guys are playing above themselves for Scotland, but a lot of them are either genuinely top class players or are likely to reach that level. Good times.
  6. Spain have managed to get the ref subbed off as part of a triple substitution.
  7. If that Rotherham winger who plays for Ireland can give the French a hard time then it stands to reason that Dykes will annihilate the Spanish defence.
  8. I am 99.99% positive Paul Sturrock was Southampton manager in the premier league, but he's not showing on the list.
  9. Decent effort by Ireland in the last 10 minutes against a fairly disjointed French team.
  10. Matt Doherty signing for Atletico Madrid has clearly passed me by.
  11. They were comfortably the better team while it was 11 v 11.
  12. Was quite looking forward to Ireland v France, but, Gary Breen....
  13. I think we need to win the 4 home games we have left and then pick up 3 or 4 points on the road. I just can't see that happening.
  14. There's absolutely no chance any of those teams will catch us. They've all still got to play each other and therefore will take points off each other. For all that Hamilton deserved that win yesterday, they still only had one clear sight of goal, and even that came about through a fortunate break of the ball from a corner. They look well organised but I'm not seeing a team that is suddenly going to win 5 or 6 games between now and the end of the season. The same goes for Arbroath, while Cove are clearly hopeless. I think we'll probably end up 7th, but that's at bad as it will get. And we'll be closer to 6th than 8th.
  15. Well that was a bit dispiriting. I think some Airdrie fans said they bottled the big games under Murray and we just didn't turn up at all until about the 44th minute today, and that's really where the game was lost. Baffling that we were so off the pace until then and at half time Murray could've subbed any one of them and they'd have had no reason to complain. I can't disagree that Isma was anything other than poor today, but I'm fairly sure if the red card had been 30 seconds before he was subbed rather than 30 seconds after, Murray would've left him on. He would have at least given us a target for the hundred or so crosses we put into the box in that last 30 minutes. Ah well, can't win them all I suppose.
  16. Yeah, well done today folks. No arguments about that result. You were clearly the better team in the first half and put in a great rearguard action second half. You'll no doubt get a bonus 3 points from us next week as well.
  17. Decent line ups for the semi finals with Scheffler V Burns and McIlroy v Young. The highlight of yesterday was Young stiffing it to within an inch of a hole in one....
  18. Everything weighted towards the big teams as usual...
  19. Stanton is better as a 'no 10' and Connolly and Easton are now established as our first choice wide players. He could get the nod ahead of Gonçalves but he's not suited to the lone striker role at all.
  20. I don't think he's in our strongest 11 this season.
  21. McGinn spot on in his assessment.
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