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  1. More likely it would be a smaller initial fee with a big sell on clause, similar to Ethan Ross. I can't see us paying any transfer fee this year though so unlikely we'd go for him.
  2. Just watched the interview with Easton. Says he's good pals with Lewis Vaughan as well as having played with Spencer at Forfar.
  3. 15 minutes less each way to get to Kirkcaldy. That extra 30 minutes each day makes all the difference.
  4. Season ticket bought. Right up for next season after the last couple of days. *feel free to quote this when I'm predicting automatic relegation after we lose to Dumbarton on penalties in the league cup...
  5. Not sure if he'll try and move anyone on but agree that it's the one area of the squad we didn't really need strengthening in. Murray did say if someone was available who he thought would be better than what we had, he would go for them and Easton might have been who he had in mind when saying that.
  6. No email and no payment pending in my banking app so fairly sure it hasn't gone through. I'll try again later or tomorrow and see what happens.
  7. Bouyed by the signing of the league 1 player of the year, I attempted to renew my season ticket. I say attempted, because I've no idea if the payment went through or not. I would say not, but when I go in and try again to purchase the seat its coming up as temporarily unavailable
  8. Got excited about signing news for a second there until I realised it would be Agnew
  9. Good idea to give season ticket holders the chance to bring a friend for £5 at some point also. I'll be renewing, sign me up for Murray Mania.
  10. I think that has been scrapped now unfortunately, So is the £280 before or after the £20 discount? I can't remember what the costs were last season.
  11. Not that I've seen. I wonder if the announcements have been delayed because the PGA/DP Tours didn't grant exemptions in the end.
  12. Yeah good point. Considering Lang's injury and Berra's injury niggles in the last few months of the season I would be happy to see him sign on for another year. Although I would have preferred Musonda but I doubt he'll stay with us.
  13. I've no worries about him coming back as good as he was previously - he's done it 3 times before - it's his knees I have no faith in sadly.
  14. I think he means lack of optimism among us as supporters about how much we'll get from Vaughan next season.
  15. I must admit I had forgotten all about that betting stuff completely. I remember being at that match. There was a bit of a stooshie about it in the immediate aftermath of the story breaking but it seemed to die away fairly quickly. Much quicker than it would these days. I suppose the fact it was the last match of the season probably helped to sweep it under the carpet. We will know this current board have some significant failings, but they'll have to go some to beat the characters that hung around the club in the early 2000s.
  16. Basically a bye to the knock out stagesfor Murray's Marvels
  17. Thomson stated "That's Kilmarnock, Raith and Dundee I've been interviewed for and I now believe that, having conducted 3 dummy runs, I'll be in a great position in the future when I am interviewed for a job that I actually want. In the meantime, my focus is 100% on Kelty".
  18. Looks like Kevin Thomson is going to miss out on the Dundee job as well.
  19. It sounds that way. Even off the pitch he mentions about the togetherness and the bond they had at Airdrie which sounds similar to how McGlynn liked to operate also.
  20. The talk about Easton, Frizzell and McInroy is all well and good but are they not all midfielders? Even if we lose Spencer we still have Matthews, Stanton and Arnott in the middle and the likes of Connolly and Ross. I could see us maybe going for one of them, or two at a push but not all of them. We really need to focus on a new right back, probably two centre backs and a couple of forwards.
  21. Guess we'll see what happens. I'm happy to be proven wrong! If he goes to Forest Green, then the least they can do is send us back Regan Hendry.
  22. Look at his stats last season, no goals in 42 games. That's what happens when he's not got us to play against. He'll be 35 by the start of the season so I would like to think we won't be using him as a player - at least not until we get the inevitable injury crisis and have to register him.
  23. Yeah, he did alright those last few weeks but if we are passing from the back he's no use. He was also never going to be any more than cover for an injury crisis and at his age now he needs to be finding regular football.
  24. He also says he's looking at bringing in Scott Agnew as assistant. Presumably that would be in a non playing capacity.
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