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  1. Those bunkers again.
  2. He's a bloody circus act. He actually puts me off golf.
  3. If the bunkers are so bad, best not hit it in there then Bryson.
  4. Better to be lucky than good I suppose.
  5. True. Just with them getting a win on Saturday and possibly a new manager by Tuesday I can imagine their confidence will be up. The fact we seem unable to put together two performances in a row is also part of my reasoning.
  6. They're all like that towards Man United. The game is totally corrupt down there.
  7. I think we're getting Ayr at the wrong time here. Away win.
  8. Are United about to blow the title race WIDE OPEN?!
  9. Fulham already looking the more likely against Liverpool.
  10. Stuff like this is exactly the reason why crowds returning to football will be at the bottom of the government priorities when lockdown is relaxed.
  11. Adams had his chance and wasn't interested. I would be pretty disappointed if Scotland were still chasing him. He's not even that good anyway. That was his first goal for 3 months. Better than McBurnie, obviously, but still pretty useless.
  12. It's baffling. Considering the constant bombardment of Covid related stuff on their website, to basically just brush this to one side of bizarre.
  13. DeChambeau co-leader? Brighton v Leicester it is.
  14. If every single member of the The Rangers playing and coaching staff isn't charged with bringing the game into disrepute after that it's an absolute scandal.
  15. Yeah they'll get hammered for that. Horrendous behaviour that is absolutely inexcusable.
  16. I've yet to see Ampadu have a decent game.
  17. There's no need either. In some of the games the swearing is the only highlight in the match.
  18. Aye overhyped is maybe a bit harsh. He just never seemed to be great at winning, even allowing for his 2014 exploits. He looked like he had the game for the Open and I thought that might have been his best bet but it's not happened yet. Hopefully he'll take a bit of inspiration from Jordan Spieth and start finding his form again.
  19. Laird in at - 8. Pity he didn't hold that birdie putt on the last but well placed for the weekend. There can't be too many occasions where 3 Scottish golfers have made the cut on a regulation US Tour event.
  20. Owen Coyle got sent of for f**k all. That's my recollection. Correctly sent off for being Owen Coyle. Good refereeing.
  21. I see Laird is - 8, turn it on, and the first shot I see is Laird driving into trouble.
  22. Clash with the 3rd round of the cup - will likely be the midweek before or afterwards. Would expect the Dunfermline game to slot in the other weekend unless we both lose our second round games. Yeah. It's going to be a busy run in.
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