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  1. One down and seven to go. The first episode has set a fairly low bar for those seven episodes, it has to be said.
  2. Never thought I would see the day that Chucky, Sturgeon and Leishman were in a room together. What a time to be alive.
  3. Leicester v Forest this evening. You would have to think the losing manager might not be in post for his team's next fixture.
  4. In our last game against Ayr, they smacked the inside of the post at 1-0. What goes around comes around. As for the forward issue, that's all on him and that's a decent chance it will cost him his job in the end.
  5. It might be if Haaland was inclined to stay at any one club for more than 2 or 3 years.
  6. I have to say I've seen Thomas play miles better than that against us for the Pars.
  7. Every possibility we'll be giving them a lift after the next 3 matches...
  8. Next 3 games for us are Cove at home and then Morton and Arbroath away. How those go will give us a decent idea of how we are going to fare this season.
  9. I think it's no surprise that we've not picked up anything in a match we've conceded first.
  10. Ironically, big Frederiksen might have been more use to us defensively than offensively.
  11. Absolutely. We just couldn't handle the no 66 at corners. How we didn't score is beyond me. I do think we are making progress though, despite today's result.
  12. Pretty much unbearable listening to those two.
  13. Tierney back on the bench while Zinchenko miraculously recovers from injury for this match.
  14. Funny he wasn't saying that when they were giving him a mulligan last week.
  15. Murray said there will be no loans in before the deadline.
  16. Thank Christ he's finally off the payr... err, oops, that's the other one. Good move for him.
  17. Can anyone clear up whether or not he's able to sign for Falkirk or Clyde since he's a free agent now?
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