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  1. The European Tour have realised that if these events don't carry fantasy golf points, they aren't worth playing.
  2. Yeah he should be. I commented at the time that he needed to watch himself when he kept hold of the ball so to jump into the back of McGuffie immediately was madness I didn't realise he'd played for Falkirk but he manages to get through our matches with Morton without self destructing so that's no excuse.
  3. I thought the beach balls were a nice touch.
  4. A bit of a shambolic start to the brave new world of the World Tour.
  5. On the red card, I noticed one of the Falkirk coaching staff celebrating it like a goal on the video.
  6. To be fair it looked like we were quite happy to meander along to a draw which I couldn't understand at all. I would rather have lost the match trying to win it than just sleepwalk through to a replay, which would've been the last thing we needed with the run of games we have coming up.
  7. Aye, I said at the game when we went down to 10 men that beating them with 10 men might turn out to be better than winning by 3 or 4. I fancied us for a fairly routine win after the first 20 minutes but obviously Tumilty changed everything with his absolute stupidity - it was almost like he was trying to get himself sent off. We got the goal and were very comfortable for the rest of the half but I actually was really disappointed with our second half effort. Dick was getting roasted down the right and Zanatta was basically as good as playing with nine men today. A draw looked likely which would have brought an unwelcome replay but I think replacing Zanatta with Poplatnik turned things back in our favour as we started to gain more traction in the final third. It really was an outstanding piece of play by Ross for the goal and great celebrations for the goal and at full time. All in all, a good day's work in the end.
  8. I would assume Matthews will get his chance to win his place back, although McGlynn might see the match as a low risk opportunity to give Musonda a run out in midfield and bring Dick back in to the defence. Either way I would guess Ross will still play behind the striker. Speaking of Ross, does his brother not play for Falkirk?
  9. Just had a look at the East Fife thread there. A couple of folk wondering whether Derek McInnes might be interested in their managerial vacancy while also wondering if Gus McPherson might leave Morton for them
  10. I don't get the praise that's being showered on the new manager. They're unbelievably naive and rather than do anything to fix it, he just basically says "it is what it is" and blunders on hopelessly. The most goals conceded of any team in the Europa league is an absolute embarrassment.
  11. That article reads like the sort of state propaganda that would put North Korea to shame.
  12. I'd agree with this. To lose Hendry, Tait and Spencer within 12 months would be a disaster and we'd need to rebuild the midfield completely.
  13. Worryingly for Antipodeans, there seems to be a number of these types in office down there.
  14. I don't think anyone will be queuing up with multi million pound offers for somebody that has scored two league goals this season. He's looking like he may have been found out at that level and I think he's missed his chance to get a big move.
  15. I noticed Hendry had been an unused sub the last couple of matches. He'd be a fine replacement for Tait when he moves in January.....
  16. Unless we can somehow win promotion I think Tumilty and Spencer will be off. Musonda, a lot will depend on his fitness over the rest of the season, and also where we decide to play him as I can't see him keeping Dick out of the side in the longer term.
  17. Wonder how much Raith get Based on his current form, about as much as you will.
  18. I thought I might have sneaked into the top 3 after this week but 4th it is. Gutted.
  19. Fantastic work all season. Already looking forward to the next one.
  20. This could be Brucie's big chance to land a late knockout blow in the Bruce v Moyes 'debate'....
  21. Bob jumps up 9 places to 55th in the rankings, which is where he started the year.
  22. The flip side is there must be a reasonable amount of people, particularly away fans, who buy a decently priced stream but would have no intention of attending in person. For example, the Killie and QoS streams are much cheaper than gate prices and might attract people who don't have the time or inclination to travel to those games. I suspect the reluctance of some to attend crowded events is more of a factor than streams.
  23. Rangers paying the ultimate tribute to Gerrard's time in charge by meekly exiting a domestic cup competition. Nice touch.
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