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  1. If somehow the worst does happen, at least thanks to YouTube we'll be able to reminicise about matches like that Holland one to ease the pain.
  2. Cheers thought it was Lang at first then thought I saw an armband and assumed it was Brown.
  3. I was following some of the second half on my phone and the wee guy playing left wing (No 24) looked pretty decent. Didn't have any sound on though. So was guessing at some of the players. Was it Brown playing centre half with Nolan second half?
  4. We could've just used anyone from last season who's still at the club. I suppose it was the only time Murray saw a trophy lifted at Airdrie while he was there right enough so maybe he will have some attachment to it.
  5. If it's true that Sim was going to punt McGlynn until we won the challenge cup I don't see why not. Coming trailing in miles behind the likes of Ayr and Morton is absolutely dire stuff and I'm not convinced Sim will tolerate it.
  6. If we finish even 7th or 8th this season I think Sim will sack him. Had to laugh also at the brass neck of Murray posing with the challenge cup as if he actually had anything to do with us winning it.
  7. It's disappointing these matches are on the Friday-Saturday rather than on Saturday and Sunday.
  8. It was all very boring. Gordon Brown got a mention (can't recall why exactly) and McCoist mentioned him being a Rovers fan.
  9. Portugal look like the conveyor belt of talent they've got coming through will keep them up there for the foreseeable future.
  10. Newcastle out in Saudi Arabia eh? Who would've thought it?
  11. Benfica will be laughing all the way to the bank here.
  12. I'm the same. Every tournament, the first time I watch Switzerland I seen to always find myself thinking "they're not still playing him? "
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