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  1. McGregor was the same against Serbia. I don't think he gave the ball away all night tonight.
  2. Gilmour will surely become an all time great for Scotland if he stays fit. A massive talent.
  3. ^^^^^ Doesn't know what he's talking about. That was absolutely outstanding. Every single player was magnificent tonight.
  4. Richard Bland going out in the last pair tomorrow will be a great story if it happens.
  5. Pish O'Donnell, Dykes, McGregor, Marshall. None of whom should be playing. McTominay in defence again. Absolutely brutal stuff.
  6. I'm having a mind blank here. Who was no 5 last season?
  7. MacIntyre starts with a solid level par round and puts him inside the top 25. Laird was - 2 at the turn but came back in +5 and has work to do to make the cut. How much I watch of this tonight depends on how much of a horror show a certain match at Wembley turns into.
  8. You might enjoy this then... https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/articles/match_england_players_to_favourite_foods
  9. They mixed it up superbly by doing the Scotland bit first this time.
  10. I think the first game back being a pre season friendly will be a bit of an anti climax. Much better it being a league match.
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