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  1. No surprise to that West Ham have suddenly turned into a football team since Moyes has been ordered to self isolate.
  2. 4 penalties in 3 Scottish games today....
  3. It makes a better spectacle. It added a bit of drama to an atrocious game.
  4. I like the rule. If it gets cretins like Mourinho and the like wound up then all the better.
  5. The corner threat is probably the most encouraging thing to take from the video highlights so far. We've had so little threat over the last few years, it's about time this was sorted.
  6. Moyes and two West Ham players test positive.
  7. If it's March down there it'll be at least April up here. I wonder how many supporters will be lost to the game as a result? The thought of being restricted to watching streams all season doesn't much appeal. I suspect after a few weeks I'll have lost interest in this season.
  8. At least you didn't do this : https://www.skysports.com/golf/news/12176/12077314/rory-sabbatini-gets-his-angles-wrong-in-putting-howler
  9. It's not great but they are taking an American feed. If the tournament was played under normal circumstances Sky usually have a limited number of their own cameras that they often use to show additional footage of McIlroy home based players to fill in time during some of the commercial breaks and they would also go back to the Sky cart etc during their coverage. Plus, with DeChambeau ending up as pretty much the only show in town it was easy to squeeze in a few extra adverts and still not miss a shot with his speed of play.
  10. Some fair comment from Luke Donald. Someone who's game at his peak was as far removed from the DeChambeau approach as you can get.
  11. Good question. I would like to think so, but I wouldn't put my mortgage on it.
  12. De Chambeau could probably get home using only the putter from here now.
  13. That putt from Wolff there was really poor.
  14. Wolff is starting to crack. Looks like being an anticlimactic finish now.
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