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  1. Quite frankly, Hatton and Finau doing the double combined with the Rovers score yesterday would leave me feeling very fulfilled from this sporting weekend.
  2. Gozie's back heel Kennedy for the 2nd and 3rd goals MacDonald's late saves This Rovers team (that we'll sadly never get to see in person )
  3. Another defeat for Newcastle tonight it's looking like.
  4. Absolutely delighted with that. In the circumstances that's one of our best wins in many a day
  5. Liverpool look like a busted flush. Absolutely clueless.
  6. Carragher speaking through gritted teeth.
  7. It would probably be quicker if Tiger just put out updates to tell us when he's not just had back surgery.
  8. If we come out of these two games with any sort of positive goal difference still intact I would call that a decent outcome.
  9. Yeah, I'll be giving that a miss. Although even if it had been £8.50 I wouldn't gave given them a penny.
  10. If Fulham or Burnley could pull a couple of wins out of the bag that would really put the pressure on them.
  11. Here comes Scotland's Elliot Anderson from North Shields.
  12. Bruce probably has enough about him to just keep them out of trouble but if they're anywhere above 14th they'll have done well.
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