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  1. If he shoots a 70 or 71 tomorrow that will almost certainly get the job done. We've seen plenty of players throw away a lead like this in the past though.
  2. Am I right that Butch thought that Zalatoris' ball was Rose's there or am I losing my mind?
  3. Rose is scrambling well for pars but I was expecting him to get up to 9 or 10 under by the end of the day and that looks very unlikely now.
  4. 4 at the last for a back 9 of 30. Every chance he'll have at least a 2 or 3 shot lead as Rose and Zalatoris don't look like making much inroads.
  5. Matsuyama really turning the screw since the restart.
  6. I stuck with him, got Shuffles too. At the moment my hopes are pinned on Spieth, and Bob....
  7. If he wins after I transferred him out of my fantasy team I hope he does the decent thing and gives me my 10%.
  8. MacIntyre currently 12th. Another round like that tomorrow would bring some very handy world ranking points.
  9. Heads gone from Thomas at the 13th.
  10. Unfortunately he's now struggling for par after going through the green with his 3rd. With the easier conditions it'll be hard for him to gain much ground on the later starters now.
  11. Here we go then. Four birdies to finish for MacIntyre and a 65 tomorrow and it's job done.
  12. I'm assuming this coming Saturday's fixture list will now be rescheduled. Hopefully to the Sunday afternoon rather than Friday night given our game on Tuesday.
  13. Just turned it on. Saw Bob birdie the 14th, then the horn goes. Boo.
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