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  1. If Watson plays, and you have to assume he will, then I suspect McGlynn will have Anderson playing in front of him to at least offer a bit of extra protection to him.
  2. Watson and McKay as the right half of our defence is the stuff of nightmares. Then there is the fact that we only have two central midfielders fit. We're going to be going there with a highly questionable starting eleven and with very little depth on the bench.
  3. I know Falkirk have struggled badly so far but, unless our injury situation has a miraculous turnaround this week, If they can't beat us this time then Miller and Mccracken should be sacked on the spot.
  4. I think we'll need to summon the spirit of the cup game at Pittodrie to come away with a win here. Lewis Allan to be the unlikely hero as he slams a Dylan Tait cutback into the net via the underside of the bar from 3 yards out.
  5. I'll be surprised if they even check the score, let alone any incidents in the match.
  6. Disappointed the highlights don't show the Murray sending off.
  7. Agreed. All Allan managed to do when he came on yesterday was give the ball away in the run up to Matthews' sending off. Victoria looked lively and at the very least is a better option off the bench than Allan is.
  8. Yeah the two Rovers red cards are probably warranted. Matthews was maybe a bit unlucky but he did go flying in recklessly. For the Airdrie one, it's the sort of foul that should be punished by red more often I think, but which tends not to happen in practice. No intention at all of even trying to get the ball. The penalty appeal was hard to say so I'm not sure Airdrie can say they were particularly hard done by there.
  9. Yes it does cause us issues. We'll likely be down to two available central midfielders and 4 available defenders.
  10. Anyone seen any details of the attendance? Didn't hear it announced at the match.
  11. That was a Mcglynn classic today. Proper backs to the wall defending in the second half. Looking forward to the highlights to get a better look at the goal and also the red card incidents. Watching them live I thought another ref on another day would've given yellow cards for all. Also I didn't think at the time that the tackle on the Airdrie defender near the end was particularly noteworthy. As daft as Davidson might have been, the missed handball seconds before was awful. All that aside a huge 3 points given events elsewhere and a cracking atmosphere as well once we went a man down.
  12. The odds on this thread still being open by kick off are lengthening all the time.
  13. Calum Hill top of the leaderboard of the Mauritius open after round 2. Connor Syme is tied 4th only a couple of shots behind him. This is a great chance for them to back up decent results last week.
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