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  1. I had assumed it would be all those who put their name to that letter last week. The whole thing is one unholy mess, that's for sure.
  2. This will be his 5th season in a row at this level, so I'm going to stick my neck out and suggest that he probably is championship standard.
  3. I was wondering what Speith must've done to be DQ'd. Yeah I was looking at the field and thought it must be a bit of an uncomfortable environment considering it's a pro-am. I see Poulter is hoping that the LIV players will get some sort of legal ruling overturning their ban from the Scottish Open tomorrow. Of course, that would then presumably knock about a dozen current DP/PGA Tour players out of the field and you can imagine the reaction to that.
  4. Paterson might well have turned out to be better than what we have at left back, but with the issues we have at centre back and centre forward, I'm quite happy to go with those two as our left back options if doing so gives us a bit more in the budget to look for a decent centre back and centre forward.
  5. I'll be surprised if Hartley is still the Hartlepool manager by 2023. A Falkirk style disaster is looming there. As far as Paterson goes, he was nowhere near a priority for us so not fussed in the slightest that he's moved elsewhere.
  6. As a player Stenson fits right into the category of player LIV are attracting. All his mates from the Ryder Cup are there and he did lose a fortune to a dodgy investment scheme a few years back so the security would be attractive to him. It would be a bit of a coup to tempt the captain of the European Ryder Cup team to cross over though. If he goes I expect Luke Donald will be made captain.
  7. The commentators at the John Deere classic doing their level best to build up the importance of the tournament over the years now that every man and his dog has given it a miss in order to fly over pond for the next couple of weeks.
  8. To be fair his loan spells weren't that productive. Wasted by Smith the first time and then second loan cut short by injury fairly early on.
  9. I think most people probably expected he'd address the obvious priority areas first. Instead he's signed players you could argue we didn't need and left us still woefully short in the defence and attack. He may well have loan deals lined up that have been agreed verbally, but in the absence of any news I would guess that is why some people are getting a bit twitchy.
  10. I thought he was holing that long par putt for a second there... Well done to Law. Good to see MacIntyre finding some form this week as well.
  11. If Zanotti birdies then Law is out of the Open on WGR places. That's unless Campillo bogeys...
  12. Some effort from Meronk here.
  13. Although I wasn't particularly impressed by Kelty it would be fair to say that either of Austin or the guy who scored would improve on what we've got up front.
  14. I take it Murray was watching a different game from everyone else? Although I thought we deserved to win I don't think there are many who share his level of positivity about the performance. Certainly didn't seem to be the general feeling near me.
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