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  1. This article suggests Rovers had it installed a few weeks back so they must be working their way round the clubs. https://www.fifetoday.co.uk/sport/football/raith-rovers-ready-play-behind-closed-doors-2873805
  2. I'm glad we're voting no to Budge's blackmail attempt.
  3. That's right it was a clean sweep over them that season. Hartley was brilliant that season, and he seemed to have an especially good record against St Mirren for us. I remember early the next season coming home after an away game away at Airdrie and listening to Nicholl basically trying to pimp Hartley to potential buyers. That was when there could be no doubt we were going to be in big trouble on and off the pitch.
  4. Initially when Nicholl came back I can remember some big crowds. Just checked and here are some of the crowds from that season: Forfar at home in the league cup - 2,945 Airdrie at home - 3,413 Hearts at home (league cup) - 7,146 St Mirren at home - 3,311 and 3,432 Partick at home - 3,417 and 3,675 Falkirk at home - 3,564 and 4,666 Stirling at home - 3,280 Ayr at home - 3,015 Even towards the end of the season when our promotion hopes had gone we were still getting gates of over 2,000. It was the 98/99 season where crowds began to dip below 2,000 fairly regularly. That's about 1,000 home fans lost in space of 12 months once they realised we were back to just being a bog standard division 1 club again.
  5. If there are going to be no crowds at matches next season nobody in the Championship will gain anything from Hearts being there.
  6. Villareal obviously saw our kit and asked for the same design. A red and white half and half would be a decent away kit.
  7. Exactly. There is no chance at all that these are unconnected events.
  8. I was nearer the South end. Roughly in line with the 18 yard line. It was a great place to watch the match from but there were only a few season ticket holders in that area hence the bother when the ugly sisters came to town.
  9. Motherwell beat us 5-0 our 5-1 and Munro was sacked in the car park. Then Rangers put 6 past us. I left before half time in that match. I had a season ticket for the railway stand back then and it was 80-90% away fans when we played the old firm. I couldn't stand watching any more of that. On the flip side, it was great for that Celtic match to be able to give a bit back to all the Celtic fans who had been celebrating 60 seconds earlier. I recall being warned by a steward for over celebrating when we drew 2-2 with Rangers that season because it could incite their fans sitting in our end. Absolute nonsense it was.
  10. Considering how bad we were that season that's a decent ratio.
  11. Watching those last few games of that 95-96 team you have to wonder what happened to Duffield after that season. He promised so much. Perhaps it was just the change of manager.
  12. To be fair to the Pars fans, I don't mind their interjections into this thread. Decent football chat is a bit thin on the ground just now so I can't blame them for taking a peek here. Also worth remembering that there were numerous donations from Pars fans to our just giving appeal. Rather than get worked up about what happened 10 years ago or whatever, let's look forward to some good derby games next season. Hopefully matches we'll all be allowed to attend.
  13. Maybe Joma have some inside info on league reconstruction.
  14. Nice top, but like others I'm not a fan of the blue shorts. We should always have white shorts. Always. Not bought a top for many a year but might buy that to help the club out.
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