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  1. https://www.insider.com/video-stand-collapses-at-dutch-soccer-stadium-after-fans-celebrate-2021-10 Vitesse fans bringing down the house in Nijmegen after a bouncy.
  2. That's what I go for except swap McDicken for Eremenko. I remember being scared of McDicken at my first Killie game.
  3. Deserved point for Dunfermline, we were f*ckin rotten and not for the first time this season. Genuine question, is the camera work for ParsTV always like that? It was all over the place.
  4. My first ever Killie away game was against Dunfermline in 1988, it finished 3-0 to The Pars, the big fella Watson with the red hair battered us that day. No idea how this one will go but hopefully we ditch the long ball approach and try and play some football.
  5. I saw that, bizarre indeed. Looks like that Montpellier chairman was a bit of w*nker prone to homophobic outbursts and petty name calling. The jokes on him he'd heard of Killie but we'd never heard of him......1-0 Killie.
  6. Sorry for your loss mate. Rest easy Sadhu
  7. She was incredible, I was mesmerized by her.
  8. Just watched No Time to Die, really enjoyed it, I grew up watching Connery and Moore but I think Daniel Craig is my favourite Bond. Glad Ana de Armas is only in it briefly otherwise I wouldn't have been able to focus on the movie itself.
  9. Cheers mate, he was a brilliant dog always so happy, can't believe he's away.
  10. My wee mate Aslak passed away suddenly yesterday, I don't know the full details I'm about to go visit his owners, I'm absolutely devastated. Rest easy you awesome crazy little guy
  11. A sleepless night last night, the wee man has a thyroid problem which the vet thinks is the cause of his recent weight loss, he has been on a course of medication for the last few weeks and it's been going pretty well he's put on a bit of weight but he has days where he's just not himself, last night he was throwing up an awful lot, so back to the vet to get more meds to hopefully help settle his stomach, I hate seeing him like this.
  12. This is incredible! well done guys. Do you take requests? How about some Disco Stu -if these trends continue......aaaaay
  13. It took me a few episodes to get into the podcast because of the presenter but he's clearly a fan of the show and I've warmed to his enthusiasm. Really enjoyed the episode with Frank John Hughes, the part where he's talking about digging fox holes was brilliant. I was luck enough to visit the Eagles nest recently, it was really cool to walk in the footsteps of Easy Company.
  14. I've got it on right now, sounds fantastically dreamy and a bit sinister. Just had a look through my CD's and found All in the mind, She's a superstar and Gravity grave CD singles
  15. My mates girlfriend worked for Smash Hits and sent us a cassette of Urban Hymns before it was released, couldn't believe what I was hearing, I suppose the clues to the direction they were heading were all there on A Northern Soul, reckon I'm going to have to stick A Storm in Heaven on for a listen as it's been a while.
  16. Reunited with my girls yesterday, their owners took early retirement sold all their stuff and have been touring Europe for the last 3 years, they are loving life on the road, they come back every year for a visit, great seeing them and had a lovely wander through the dunes, the little Boston terrier is struggling she going blind and has arthritis i got a bit emotional as her best days are behind her, this was done on my own time so I didn't get paid for this walk Dogs eh, they're f**king brilliant.
  17. Well that was rubbish, TW got his selection and formation totally wrong in the first half we were far too narrow, we looked a bit better when Burke came on. Fair f**ks to Raith took their chances well and worked really hard, quite an impressive performance.
  18. Manneken pis is rubbish but his wee pal Jeanneke-Pis is even more underwhelming.
  19. Guaranteed our next meeting at Rugby park it'll be blowing a gale
  20. I am indeed a lucky b*****d, if it's any consolation I got soaked to the skin today. He's a little character, he walks with a bouncy swagger and is totally obsessed with treats, best part is he always brings a smile to strangers faces just by the way he bounces along. Haha no but he farted in his general direction.
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