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  1. I wasn't comparing them to Barcelona in their pomp but when you consider that they're a part time team with probably one of the smaller budgets who's goal for the season was just to stay up I'd say that so far they've been brilliant, they play decent stuff at times but also know how to grind it out. It's night and day compared with the big budget shambles at Killie. As mentioned previously Raith have played the best football so far.
  2. Woke up with a hangover and I didn't even have a drink last night. We're terrible to watch, panic football in possession and no fight or desire when we don't have the ball.
  3. That was a brilliant day! Great atmosphere everyone was buzzing, Frizzell scored a beauty as well.
  4. Maybe Pepper Jack could become Cricket's pimp
  5. Welcome back jabronis! Hope we see more of Pepper Jack
  6. I reckon the guy that kept wiping the camera lens with the dirty cloth knocked the camera over.
  7. Would love to see Warnock & McArthur starting tonight, hopefully with Stokes alongside McArthur. And a first half goal would be amazing but I'm not holding my breath
  8. I went on a diet and lost quite a bit of weight which is great but the downside is my breeks are too big now, never realised how fat my arse used to be
  9. Had a great week staying in Torlundy, first time back in the Highlands since covid, take a bow Scotland you're f**king beautiful, keep it to yourselves but I'm in the running to be the new James Bond
  10. Good stream from QPTV, the microphone picked up some entertaining outbursts and comments from the Queen's fans.
  11. It's brilliant, I was a bit worried that it would be 3 actors talking about their craft but it's just them having a laugh whilst going through the episodes.
  12. You're right he's a p*sh laugh... have you heard the one he tells about our midfield? Killie midfield walks into a bar, the bar runs past them and scores, or something like that, I just don't get his humour.
  13. Happy Birthday to the brothers Campbell. I listened to Dick on the sacked in the morning podcast, great guy and really funny, one of the best guys in fitba right now. Wish we had a manager with a personality
  14. Gears? More like the car from The Flintstones powered by someone with no feet.
  15. Another one of those performances from Killie, Arbroath the better team, their work rate is brilliant, they're big, physical and play decent football.
  16. Got it from Alex Spink it's ridiculously good, I've been to the smokehouse to see where the magic happens. Hope the game is as tasty
  17. I've been up in Fort William with my girlfriend's parents this week they picked up a couple of those when they were in Arbroath and they're tremendous, they also got me some amazing smoked salmon. Arbroath - good guys and good food.
  18. Really sorry for your loss, such a bonny looking cat, rest easy Rilo
  19. Top 5? Has to be The Dave Clark 5.
  20. Yeah he's brilliant, Ajax are playing some lovely stuff this season.
  21. I like Thistle as well got a few mates that follow them, good lads. I remember our bus getting battered with all sorts back in the late 80s, then we stopped at traffic lights and a couple of neds pulled open the emergency exit and tried to drag me out by my feet, crazy times.
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