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  1. That's what they're doing on Dutch TV, not just for the English games but also Serie A when it kicks off.
  2. I think Power will do just fine doubt he'll be a regular starter, also think he'll feel he has a point to prove. The Alston comparison is an interesting one, I felt earlier in the season that Blair got a bit of unfair criticism, he was always looking to get forward and support the strikers but that left gaps in the midfield you'd expect those around him to work a bit harder and cover till he was back in position but that never happened either because of poor tactics or coaching or a lack of fitness or confidence ( felt we looked slow, ponderous and lacking a bit of flexibility in the first half of the season ) Power also seemed to suffer from trying to cover for Dicker's lack of mobility and that led to him being exposed and in turn led to some poor decisions, I'm sure he'll be aware of that and with the right balance around him we'll see a better version of him maybe not the player he was though but I'm sure he'll do a turn.
  3. It's really grown on me since I first saw it yesterday, I wasn't sure about the collar as I thought it didn't look right on the Southampton kit. I'm assuming names and numbers won't be available via the online Killie shop until the squad numbers are finalised? Really want to get Alston's name as a tribute to the guy that won the league at Rugby park.
  4. I was there about 10 years ago and they'd apparently just introduced tourist police, didn't see them and got hassled. I loved Marrakesh but hated some of the hassle, it was a bit much at times.
  5. Brilliant photo Thank you Sir, to be honest it's pretty easy the dogs will do anything for treats and the camera does all the heavy lifting.
  6. Just hope the rangers fans have enough energy left to wreck the place.
  7. Watching on Dutch TV, the commentator just said rangers were 150 years old, I've now switched over to a German channel.
  8. I know it's not a baseball team but I bought a South Carolina Gamecocks cap in Charleston a few years ago, surprising how many folk recognise it and even more surprising when they say "hey go cocks"
  9. I really like Krautrock and German beer, grew up in Ayrshire and saw some shocking bigoted behaviour over the years so it's a big Nein for me.
  10. Very much the former plus i'm a 48 year old in a team of guys in their early to mid 30s.
  11. I was freezing a few months back playing football during a hailstorm but resisted the urge to stick on my beanie because playing football in a hat just isn't right unless you're a goalie.
  12. My hair used to be amazing then some of it got bored with me and gradually f**ked off. So it's a baseball cap or occasionally a sombrero for me.
  13. Fell asleep in front of the TV last night and could hear Monty having his post sh*t mad turn, opened my eyes to find him staring at me.
  14. Cheers mate, iPlayer isn't available over here, I'll go down the VPN route, would've liked to give Arbroath some money to watch it. Thanks again and good luck!
  15. Is it possible to sign up for Lichties TV to see the game? Can't see any information on the site.
  16. They definitely made it to Amsterdam. https://www.at5.nl/artikelen/215024/zes-mannen-aangehouden-op-schiphol-na-vechtpartij-in-vliegtuig
  17. W**kers, 6 of them arrested when the plane landed according to the local news.
  18. Hope it's not too long a wait, I have so many questions.
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