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  1. Todays pack weren't impressed when i got the camera out.
  2. No need for a physical copy, your ESTA is directly linked to your passport number. If you want you can retrieve all your ESTA information by filling in your details on the ESTA website.
  3. Well that was fantastic, loved everything about it.
  4. Sakes man spoiler alert.
  5. Monty contemplating attacking me. The in laws cat Shadow, he's so cool constantly meowing for attention. And Harvey, I'm looking after him while his folks are away.
  6. Got the Balvennie Caribbean cask and Old Pulteney 12 from clients and a Macallan 12 from mrs stevie ktid, no bad
  7. Spot on, so glad Dyer stayed on, good guy, decent coach and well liked throughout the club, i'm sure he'll get a positive reaction from the players.
  8. Moise Kean subbed less than 20 minutes after coming on
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