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  1. Head across the river and go for an evening wander through the district of Trastevere, beautiful little cobbled streets, plenty of places to grab a drink and watch the world go by.
  2. Jones and Lafferty would be even better for the seethe. On the newco thing I would normally agree but I had the misfortune of bumping into a Londoner last week after playing football, his parents were both from Glasgow and he was a Celtic fan who I reckon was over compensating because he was English...he called me an orange b, he was steaming and kept shouting up the ra and f**k the h*ns I told him to just support his team and drop the whataboutery, jeez thought I'd left that pish behind when I left Scotland so f**k both of them. Mon the Killie
  3. Nottingham Forest are interested in 24-year-old Dutch striker Jizz Hornkamp, who would become the club's 13th signing of the summer if he joins from Willem II
  4. Hertl Weißbier, a brewery I'd never heard of before but will definitely be trying more of their stuff as this one is lovely, sehr gut.
  5. Our Monty just turned 15, he bloody loves sleeping these days.
  6. I watched it from my hotel in Munich, I've no connection to H96 but I was absolutely raging when St Pauli equalised.
  7. A lazy Sunday at Der Pschorr, I forsee a period of abstinence approaching as I've drank an awful lot recently, hardly surprising though German beer is fantastic, Prost meine freunde!
  8. Giesinger Feines Pilschen, great little brewery, they're setting up a BBQ and showing the 1860 Munich game later as it's just down the road from the Grünwalder Stadion.
  9. I watched this again recently I'd totally forgot about Steve Fleming, what a brilliant character, the way he's constantly laughing trying to hide the fact that he's absolutely seething is brilliant. Although Peter Mannion is fantastic I'm firmly in Team Tucker. I've got a to-do list longer than a fucking Leonard Cohen song. Get me a fucking curly wurly right. Someone get me a fucking fanta.
  10. I suppose the crazy pattern draws attention away from being sponsored by an online sex shop.
  11. I saw a guy walking a mini pig in Brooklyn a few years ago, not quite the whole hog.
  12. Schneiderweiss ( my favourite beer ) after a rather sweaty game of 5's. Getting in the mood for my trip to Munchen next week.
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