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  1. I'll be honest I haven't followed his career that closely but Killie seems like a perfect fit for him, he wasn't an instant success with us but has certainly found his rhythm in the last couple of seasons, good to have an older player playing well as it can show the younger players at Killie what is possible if you work hard and look after yourself.
  2. I thought Dyer got it spot on yesterday, he didn't rush into making changes after the red card,taking off Brophy was the right decision even though it was a shame as he looked right up for it. Dicker was great keeping everyone organised when County were in the ascendancy in the first half. Tish worked his arse off the entire game - delighted that he's showing what he's capable of after being quite a frustrating player to watch in his previous spells with us. I was critical of McGowan when his old man was talking sh*t on social media but fair f*cks to him, he looked good and fitter than he did earlier in the season. Haunstrup also looked very comfortable, good to have options in those positions. Pinnock had by far his best game in a Killie shirt, i always thought he looked reluctant to try anything, he would usually take a touch then pass it straight back to the full back but yesterday he actually took some chances and tried to beat his man and we benefited from it. Great save from Rogers, he's another player who has improved. Kabamba just gets better and better he did so much tracking back in the first half and led the line brilliantly in the 2nd half - really nice skill in the first half when he controlled the ball then fell down and managed a lovely back heel flick out to the full back. And Burke is an awesome little genius of a player, i was screaming for him to play in Rory... Glad he ignored me.
  3. To be fair i don't think Dyer had much option, we missed Dicker in the middle when he dropped back in the first half and Kabamba covers more ground than Brophy, its just unlucky as Brophy was playing well. Anyway who cares 2-1 yassss
  4. After seeing the replay it looks like a harsh red. It seems to have boosted us through and Brophy looks hungry.
  5. Ah the good old days before gentrification, those little side streets used to be filled with clouds of crack smoke now its all artisan bakeries and galleries.
  6. It was all down hill for them after they appeared on Countryfile­čśü
  7. Yeah they seem better suited to smaller venues even though they have quite a big sound. I saw the bear and they had a wind up air raid siren. Agree about their later output, Do you like rock music? remains one of my favourite albums. I threw out loads of old tickets a while back including The Wedding Present from 1987 or 88 at Barrowlands... The support were the inspiral carpets, i recall booing a roadie that appeared on stage as he was pretty much a clone of Clint Boon... Same haircut etc, that roadie was a certain Noel Gallagher. Christ i miss gigs.
  8. Saw them play it live, they had a screen as a back drop and played a beautiful short film of the great skua swooping over cliffs and over the sea, they also had loads of trees on stage, a great live act.
  9. My man! 3 of my absolute favourites from the mid to late 80s. Saw Pale Saints support The Primatives back then. That's my listening sorted for today.
  10. I posted a track by this artist in the what are you listening to thread but its probably better placed here. Sarah Lipstate aka Noveller is an LA based musician and film maker, i heard her tune Rune on Iggy Pop's 6 music show and I've become a bit obsessed by her, it's very cinematic with a sinister undertone, its become the soundtrack to my daily routine.
  11. That was brilliant, I'll need to watch the first 3 episodes again though as i find myself getting distracted by the visuals it's like being a kid again, it looks fantastic. Definitely going to watch The Clone Wars, i started it a while back and really enjoyed it then put it to one side when series 1 of The Mandalorian started.
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