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  1. fingers crossed mate, hope it's nothing too serious.
  2. The one on the left looks very familiar.
  3. I'm so glad i don't have to listen to Hoddle, the dutch commentary said Ramos used all his experience and strength.
  4. I've never heard this version before.
  5. Miles Davis - A Kind of Blue is a good one to start with.
  6. A charm offensive! I like it mate! We've tried everything else it's worth a try.
  7. Of course the down side to toilet situation in The Netherlands is toilet design with its viewing platform/shelf/plateau/observation deck especially after a heavy night.
  8. Well done Arbroath! Enjoy your summer, hoping i can take in a game at Gayfield sometime in the not too distant future.
  9. Not sure about the average ages but Doyle certainly aged me last night, the utter clown that he is.
  10. Song for the asking (for treats)
  11. Braw gang, amazing how it's always the wee one that's the leader. He knows I've got the treats and that I'm a total pushover, he's got me well trained.
  12. Remember that well, not exactly a popular signing at the time but we signed Tommy Burns at roughly the same time which certainly helped ease the seethe.
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