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  1. I sat next to Raymond van Barneveld on a flight today, didn't speak to him though as I'm more of Co Stompé kinda guy.
  2. Crazy excited for this, my first visit to Scotland since December 2019. Mon The Killie!
  3. Sebastien Haller has scored 4 for Ajax tonight against Sporting.
  4. My wee mate Mason, one of my very first dog walking clients is 8 years old today. Happy Birthday you nutter
  5. So sorry for your loss mate. Rest easy Millie.
  6. Well it wasn't pretty but we still got a result. What happened with taking the knee at kick off? I wasn't sure if it was still being done, I think all the Morton players did, about 4 Killie players did and a couple awkwardly went halfway down and kind of hovered and a few looked like they didn't get the memo, I know it's a serious subject but it gave me a chuckle.
  7. Took Monty for his check up this morning, my arms are shredded getting him into the carrier. He's underweight so needs to go back for a blood test next month, I'm hoping it's nothing serious.
  8. stevieKTID

    The Wire

    Don't know if it's been confirmed but I saw one report saying drug paraphernalia had been found in his apartment. This is from the NY Post who knows how accurate it is. Michael K. Williams — who portrayed notorious stickup man Omar Little on “The Wire” — was found dead of a suspected heroin overdose in his Brooklyn penthouse Monday afternoon, law enforcement sources told The Post. Williams, 54, was discovered face-down and unresponsive in the dining room of his luxury Williamsburg pad with what appeared to be heroin on the kitchen table, sources said.
  9. stevieKTID

    The Wire

    "Sometimes who you are is enough"
  10. stevieKTID

    The Wire

    Damn that sucks, I had no idea he had problems with addition.
  11. Probably Britney Spears, she walked right past me, must've been around 18 years ago, I was sitting outside a bar on Leidseplein in Amsterdam having a beer with a mate and she walked right towards us. I took a sneaky picture (with a real camera so it wasn't that sneaky) and said oops I did it again...she wasn't impressed.
  12. I had relocated to The Netherlands, I'd been there about a month and was working in a factory, my colleagues in the department were mostly Moroccan and Turkish, at the end of my shift I was cleaning up when a large crowd gathered round the radio, it all went very quiet as everyone listened to the newsflash, there were audible cheers from some of the Moroccan and Turkish guys, I asked a Dutch colleague what was happening as my Dutch was non existent at the time, got home and started watching the news, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There was a very strange atmosphere in the factory, there had always been a bit of a division between the Muslim employees and the Dutch / other European's but after 9/11 the gap was even wider, some of the Muslim guys were visibly delighted about what had happened. It was all rather surreal.
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