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  1. The pizza was really good, went in for one slice and ended up having 3, my favourite was the white pizza with caramelized onions. We were halfway through our first slice when my girlfriend kicked me under the table and said "there's Frank" looked up and he was shaking hands with his team and asking if everything was ok which I thought was really cool, I'd had a few beers that day and when I was waiting for slices 2 and 3 he stuck his head back round the door and I drunkenly said something along the lines of "amazing pizza dude" he flashed a big smile and thanked me, he comes across as a really nice guy The place itself is very simple nothing flashy or too hip, Christ I'll need to get back there.
  2. I went to Frank Pinnello's place in Williamsburg Brooklyn as our Air BnB was just round the corner, it's called Best Pizza and it's really good, the main man himself popped in to see his team. Nothing to do with pizza but one of my favourite things to do in NYC is to take the Roosevelt Island tramway cable car, it give you some amazing views as you pass by the buildings and over the East River.
  3. Disappointed with the result but really encouraged with the performance, a lot of positives for Killie today.
  4. Hurry up and take the photo ya d*ck
  5. I thought we were poor tonight, our midfield needs strengthening and I'm not convinced by Shaw. Not sure why the Thistle fans were booing Hemming.
  6. I'm cat sitting again but unlike the rest of my clients this one f*"kin hates me to be fair when I went to collect the keys the owner told me "she has an evil streak"
  7. I take photos every day and post them on our social media pages so the owners can see their dogs are in safe hands and are having fun, in order to avoid posting similar photos i have to get creative from time to time and some days the photo speaks for itself. Dogs eh
  8. Well spotted, bloody auto correct, I of course meant imagination. If he scores goals I'd be fine with that but he's still a fanny.
  9. Not sure how I feel about this, surprised that it's even being discussed I was under the impression that he left under a bit of a cloud, of course it could just be paper talk. Is it my immigration or have we been caught in a loop over the last few years of re-signing former players?
  10. Really enjoying it, if I had one slight criticism it would be Temuera Morrison's teeth are very white, there were a few scenes I missed what was happening as I was distracted by them.
  11. Can't believe it's been 6 years since the great man passed away, rest easy Dave.
  12. We were a lot more tenacious today but our finishing needs a bit of work. Queens TV coverage was very good.
  13. Similar to Patrick Kluivert he got 240 hours community service for death by dangerous driving, he was doing twice the speed limit and was drunk.
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