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  1. Was looking to buy a new laptop for this but not really sure what requirements are needed. My old laptop wouldnt run fm2015 so was wondering what type of laptop people currently use for FM?
  2. 11/10 for a chizzy win tonight, worth a punt?
  3. Lamont and McCleish ex dumarton players were playing for us yesterday. Why were looking at players released from our fellow relegation contenders is beyond me. Guess these guys are fairly shit?
  4. Did well for the goal there. Nobody said he was useless, just failed to make an impact so was a bit meh.
  5. Plays upfront. Was a brief spell for us. He was a good player for us but wouldn't have said he was 1st Division class. Only time will tell I reckon. Scored a belter of an overhead kick against Albion Rovers!
  6. Not sure if you guys knew but Robert Thomson has been training with yous. Released from dundee united, had a loan spell with us.
  7. Lister was poor in a shite team. Probably lack of service was a key factor. Megginson was poor in a good side and never made an impact.
  8. Not impressed with him at alloa. A bit meh if im honest!
  9. Alloa's confirmed list: Nobody as of yet. Everyone been offered contracts except ross mccord, blair munn, martin grehan and mark docherty. Bring on the 1st!
  10. Ayr fans calling other teams in the league, diddies. Pleasing! Good win for albion.
  11. Clyde for 130. p***ks Reading for 250. c***s
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