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  1. I worry for us though if Moore doesn't stay until end of season as there is no pace going forward without him. Need Adams and Doc back in midfield as well, can't fault Stevo for effort yesterday but he needs those 2 in behind him to let him play further forward
  2. I don't think blaming injuries is being bad losers - it's stating a fact. The better team won yesterday and probably should have won by more. Cairney absolutely ran the show for 70 mins, and a keeper that looked about 12 years old played for 15 mins without being tested. If we had a full team available I'd expect to beat Stranraer as the ones missing make us a better team - it's fairly simple
  3. So....'Derby' day is nearly upon us. Any chance it will be on? From a footballing point of view it probably suits Ayr to be off - with the injuries at the moment (Adams, Docherty, Boyle all out, Moore and Gilmour probably out) I can't see anything but a home win. Still, a New Year trip down the road with the team playing well (up until a few weeks ago) should see a decent crowd go down, so in that regard it would be nice if it was on!
  4. If we still have the same players missing on Saturday then I fully expect Another away defeat. It's too many important players to take out a starting XI. Hope at least Moore and Gibson could be back
  5. What's the deal with Layne? Did I read that he's on loan from Alloa? Surely too good to be not good enough for them?
  6. I actually think we might get beat here - 3 defeats in a row without a goal from open play, and (in my opinion) our 2 best players missing. Against a team who we held on for a draw against not too long ago. Either that, or 3-0, Steeeevoooo hat trick.
  7. I'm told Adams is missing and that Stevo and Gilmour are starting in the middle
  8. Is Stevenson and McKenna (maybe) not the only 2, the defender and midfielder/attacker that McCall mentioned after Peterhead game? Still think we lack width, and would love to hear some news re: a new deal for Adams until end of season
  9. Happy to get over excited. We've hardly had any fans favourites to speak of in the last 10-15 years and to get one of them back while still only 30/31 is brilliant. Hope it works out.
  10. Used to get a quarter of soor plooms and a quarter of kola kubes from the wee shop across from Somerset before games when I was wee. Wasn't a traditional sweetie shop but still came out the big jars. Think the shop sells wedding dresses now!
  11. While it's always nice to see us win 25-0, what's the point? I'm more thinking from Selkirk point of view - if they don't actually have an u20 team and have to patch one together or use a local boys club, only to take such a beating, who is it actually benefitting? Must be horrible for the Selkirk boys, and the Ayr boys aren't going to learn anything much you wouldn't think
  12. Pleased at this result - our 3-0 pumping at Cliftonhill seemed like an absolute disaster at the time - having seen Albion at Somerset in the challenge cup in July I thought they would be absolute whipping boys - proved very wrong!
  13. From the terracing on the halfway line it was hard to tell how it started - looked like the Airdrie fans causing bother but on the other hand, I've been at plenty away games where the stewards have been absolute wanks for no reason so it's hard to tell. Game wise - was the first time I've seen us in the league this season and thought we were superb. Should have scored at least twice what we did - Docherty was superb in possession and Jamie Adams won absolutely everything near him. 2 great goals as well. On a final note - had my wee 6 day old boy in for some photos in the ground before the game, and met Bryan Prunty in the tunnel - he came up for a chat and is a top man. Don't know how he isn't in that Airdrie side as they were absolutely dire up top.
  14. What changes did Airdrie make? Does anyone have a before and after for comparison?
  15. There were some Airdrie fans on an Ayr Facebook page I saw having a right good gloat about it all - pretty sad. Anyway game wise - Airdrie fans don't seem confident, but it's a game im worried about. Results for us recently have been good but the performances have slipped a bit - we've been grinding results out more than anything - I'd be delighted if we could get a win here
  16. Wishing a talented player who has missed 3 years of his career due to horrible leg injuries...a bad leg injury. Stay classy Pars fans
  17. Week 1 - QOS Week 2 - Ayr Week 3 - Rangers Week 4 - Dunfermline Week 5 - Peterhead
  18. On paper, we should win this. Don't think we will though.
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