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  1. Good point re: Harkins. I had been hoping he stayed but Moff and Moore up top with 2 from McDaid, Crawford, McGuffie and Forrest wide wins every day.
  2. I'm a bit early, but any one know what the gate prices are for Annan v Ayr in a couple of weeks?
  3. I asked AU Media on facebook tonight if they had any but unfortunately they don't. Hoping the 1 min 30 odd that we've seen so far isn't all we can get.
  4. Alternatively "Why are you so buzzing, its only a game of football, and remember we have to be in Livingston for a 3rd birthday party at half 10 tomorrow".
  5. When has Gordon signed until? I got told end of August but havent seen anything official
  6. A lot of doom and gloom re: the current squad - here is the lineup from the opening league game of what was a promotion season 2 years ago in the same league. Surely most would agree that we are in a better shape just now.
  7. Minishant 2-4 Crosshill last week
  8. We've definitely spoken to him but would be surprised if it went any further. Think he is keen to move abroad
  9. That was what i was getting at. That and the fact it's on TV bigger factors than last years relegation IMO.
  10. Why would last season have an impact on our first home derby in years? We were 2nd bottom of div 1 and playing absolutely sjite when we beat them in 1998 and the crowd was about 11k
  11. Yeah, i'd much rather have Cairney in the middle than Gilmour, for example. Happy enough with Rose in squad at CB, reckon he will do fine in there but ideally would prefer another experienced option
  12. On the Killie tickets subject, ironic to read on abother thread a Sunderland fan praising how easy it was to phone the ticket office, reserve tickets and pick them up on the day. Yet all the toys out the pram on here in the last 2 weeks about folk having to travel half a mile out the town centre to pick them up!
  13. Club shop opening times. Plenty opportunity to get Killie tickets.
  14. The bit i read just said they were expecting over 6000 at Killie game and mentioned new strips going on sale. Shop open til 8 on Thursday. Only mention of the actualt team was the Morton result, where one of the goals was credited to Michael Moore
  15. Yeah i joined the facebook page towards the end of the season out of interest but left again a couple of weeks ago. Makes this thread look sane and reasonable!
  16. 2-1 up against Morton at half time at Parklea. From official facebook page. No idea if its their 20s or first team. Forrest and Moffat with goals
  17. Anyone know the dates of the other friendlies / bounce games we are playing?
  18. Hard to say, he's signed Reid who can play right back and is definitely after another centre half so that might suggest he fancies Geggan in midfield (hopefully).
  19. Ha. I had you down as one of the grown ups as well. Capacity seems to get reduced year on year. 9000 or so now? A few of the younger guys i play football with that are KB's or OF fans or even 'greatest league in the world' fans (age 17/18) etc seem genuinely disgusted at the fact folk enjoy a stadium where you have to stand, and the toilets are a cabin etc. Shame really. Buzzing for this.
  20. What's the capacity these days anyway?
  21. Penalty scored and penalty against saved? Thats the shootout in the playoff final in the bag
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