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  1. Watched the highlights there - 2 daft red cards, rovers one especially when on a booking already. Nisbets miss - oh dear. Brilliant build up as well. Raith goal - Fleming looked slow, was it deflected? Also possibly a foul early in the build up but we had at least 2 chances to clear and didn't take them. Fine strike from Harkins. Would have taken a point pre match to stop the bad run, vital 6 weeks or so coming up now
  2. I started playing with Redbrae in 2003, could be wrong but I think we were in the North 1st then despite being a South team. Folded after 4 or 5 seasons. From memory was it league winners went up then there was a North v South playoff between the runners up for the other promotion?
  3. Aye, they hammered us on our last game of last season up there, was a decent crowd watching as well. Mental to think that 6 months later they have folded. How many is that that have folded in leagues above? New Cumnock and Prestwick spring to mind, any others? Unless there's a whole load of new teams appear I can't see the 3rd division existing next year
  4. Switched on at 2-2 with about 20 mins left, that Saints defence looks horrendous, actually quite worrying that we only managed one goal from a set piece against them
  5. Ended 1-1, both teams will probably be feeling they should have won it so I suppose a draw probably a fair result
  6. Home to Coylton for us on Saturday, for the second time in the league already this season. 8 team leagues are shite. Pleased with the win yesterday, been quite a while since we went 3 unbeaten in the league
  7. Can probably predict that 2 or 3 of our boys will get miraculously called in to work at the last minute and have to miss playing Hurlford away in the rain..
  8. I see Nisbet played for Partick U20s in Challenge Cup tonight, didn't score though
  9. Delighted at that. Hopefully between him and Nisbet it gives the attack a boost! Centre half now please
  10. Shant 2-4 Coylton. Similar to Saturday, draw level from 2 down then switch off. Positives - we've started scoring. Negatives - we've stopped defending.
  11. Aye to be fair to him he did say that in the same radio interview, that the fans must be sick hearing that he's close
  12. McCall said pre match on radio he was chasing 2 players, one of which he's been after for a while and would be a significant signing who he might get in time for Saturday...
  13. Think it's more realism - Raith will be a mid table side and that's the sort of teams we need to be picking points up at home against over the season. To go into a game like that with basically no striker and guys like Donald who have done a job but weren't top level league 1 players.. That's a worry. We need to use the loan market well and spring some surprises. Moore will be excellent if fit..but will he stay fit? And Thomas not starting suggests they don't have confidence in him.
  14. 5-4 defeat for us today at home to Stewarton. From our point of view, I think we should have won that game based on the general play and chances missed etc, but on the other hand the start we had (0-3 after about 15 mins) was embarrassing, especially as one of the back 4! Stewarton were clinical in front of goal as well, so it's hard to argue too much. Was probably a good game to watch as a neutral but a sickener to lose haha. All the best to them, seemed a decent bunch of lads and came back for a pint too which is nice, not many do! Coylton then Moorpark at home for us Wed / Sat, that will be the park fucked until March after that haha.
  15. To the guy from Stewarton Annick that started the thread - your boys are welcome back to the Market Inn in Ayr after the game at Minishant on Saturday. Cheers
  16. Ah, somehow I though it would be seeded on league position somehow rather than group position.
  17. Aye, sadly too many of the full time clubs in the league are still on the hunt for that sort of player so can't see it. Moore and Forrest still out tonight but hopefully fit for Raith game according to the match preview
  18. Same for us at the Shant - summed up against Moorpark last season when we won 4-1 up there then planned the same team in the reverse fixture the following week, think there were 3 called off on the day and 1 just didn't turn up, lost 5-0. Not saying we would have won the second game with the full squad btw, but just sums up the problem
  19. So how we all feeling? Playing each other 3 times surely, don't think it's been confirmed though: who's all on here. Got Dalry? Crosshouse, Minishant, Stewarton so far I think. Haven't seen anyone from the others? Edit - seen moorpark and Coylton mentioned but don't know if anyone one here is from them. Broomlands .... Symington, Darvel?
  20. Yous are on fire Edwin, thought u had lost players!
  21. No pattern in that group at all haha. Bottom of group 1 by 1 goal for us - We play Prestwick on Monday night in bottom playoff then got a friendly against Auchinleck on Wednesday.
  22. Saw there was a Jordan Preston scored for Guiseley tonight, assume it's the same one
  23. That 7-0 game must have been about 20 years ago. I remember going with my dad his pal and they won £100 on the half time draw. Strange the things you remember as a wee boy haha
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