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  1. Ah but the season tickets wurny printed in time and the club dont deliver free tickets plus 6 cans of lager to every house in Ayrshire! Sack the board! And you have to travel all the way to Somerset and brave the potholes in the car park just to see a game. Sack the Board!
  2. I can remember getting a carton of capri sun or ribena or something taken off me at Somerset a good 25 years or so ago as it was deemed a 'missile'. Was around 7 or 8 at the time - my old man was raging.
  3. I wonder if playing Gilmour up front for the last 20 yesterday was a wee hint to the chairman about wanting another striker
  4. Aye. The safety checks were a joke, we left the social club at 10 to 3 and missed the first 2 goals haha
  5. Pretty sure no. If Ayr win today we are definitely seeded. Think a Killie win will prob take them through as a best 2nd especially if they rack up a few goals. the rematch in the last 16 is (potentially) ON!
  6. I saw that he had been training with the first team a couple of mornings over the summer
  7. The young lad Ecrepont starting for Scotland u16s against England just now
  8. Any suggestions for pre match on Saturday? Getting the train down - best bet just to head to ground or are there any decent pubs on route?
  9. 3 wins from 3. Looking really good on the park from what i have seen. Need some more folk on here greeting about the season tickets being a few days late and the club not sending out taxis to take fans to Somerset IMO. Went a bit quiet in the last week or so. Sack the board Etc
  10. So the Ayrshire Derby in the last 16 is on!
  11. Is it possible to draw someone from the same group as you in the last 16 or is it kept apart?
  12. I take it the Killie - Annan train is fine this weekend?
  13. Despite having quite easily pumped Killie and Dumbarton, i've got a bad feeling about this one
  14. For the knockout stage, can you get drawn against a team that were in your group? Assuming one was seeded and one unseeded? Ie - if Ayr won the last 2 games and Killie came 2nd, could they get drawn v each other in last 16?
  15. Aye. David Hutton (as a random example) counts as 'experienced' and was our number 1 for a couple of seasons - i'd much rather give a younger guy who has potential a chance rather than go with someone that will never improve. It would be different if he had came accross as a complete bombscare but that's not the case. Fleming made plenty of mistakes as well.
  16. 1-1 at Dumbarton. The obligatory injury time goal in an Ayr - Sons game.
  17. Wasn't meant as a dig at you, just in case it came across that way. You guys do a phenomenal job.
  18. Aye, strange timing especially after a pretty decent season. Hopefully - we've got a strong committee so no danger of club being in trouble or anything but will get this weeks games out the way and then see what we can do.
  19. Mauchline 6-1 Minishant. Pre game preparations for the Shant hampered slightly by the manager resigning late Friday night. Auchinleck Boswell on Monday and Drongan on Wednesday in the Drongan tournament coming up.
  20. Daft question but i assume you need a subscription even for highlights? Find it a bit gutting that i can tune in to 10 min highlights every Saturday night last season to see us horsed right left and centre but can't find it for this game!
  21. Don't really care too much either way. I believe it's one of the oldest trophies still around in Europe, so for me it should be up at Hampden if it's not being played for. I'd say the same if we somehow won it back in a kickabout tomorrow.
  22. Maybe an age thing - i'm 33 and would prefer to donate the Ayrshire Cup to the Scottish Football Museum or something. Agree that an Ayrshire Derby is special but as someone mentioned before thats helped in part by the rarity of it. I'd love to play them 4 times a year in league or even draw them every year in the cup, but feel Friday would have been devalued slightly had we played them 5 weeks previously for the Ayrshire Cup for example.
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