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  1. Problem is that you are looking at an untried youngster on loan from the Premier League as a replacement at this stage probably. So you are just developing someone else's keeper instead
  2. Based on what? Everybody has been moaning that we dont have a plan b or backup up front. Now we do
  3. At 22 at least he might still have the hunger to prove a point unlike the likes of Farid / Beattie / Kyle etc. Surely his last crack at full time football.
  4. Fear the worst for Saturday. Had it been a game against any other team in the league i'd still have been hopeful of a result despite the injuries, but away to an on form Raith is awful timing.
  5. Did anyone watch the Scotland U21 game last night? Beat Holland 2-0 in a qualifier and in the 60 mins or so i watched bih Scott McKenna looked an absolute rock haha
  6. Bloody hell. Raith gone ftom 10/11 to 7/10 on Bet365 since this morning
  7. Who are all a booking away from suspension?
  8. Stop making reasonable comments. They are banned from Ayr and Raith match threads don't ya know.
  9. Ross Docherty. Out for 3 - 4 weeks with a hammy injury apparently, lasted 10 mins
  10. Ach well. Only us that had an embarassing defeat and lost an important player then.
  11. Had a good few quid Raith -2 at the ridiculous price of 4/1 today so thanks for that lads. Dont suppose any of the strikers picked up a wee niggle that keeps them out of next weeks game, or is that asking too much?
  12. All of a sudden this becomes a massive game for us after yesterdays horror show and having Raith away next. Full team out and demand a big win IMO
  13. Assuming you mean David Hutton and not Allan Hutton, you honestly think we have the worst keeper in the league right now? He is a young lad who pulls off some superb saves. Fleming was vastly overrated due to the penalty saves. Edit to add - those guys all came to us as 'experienced' keepers. Dunfermline fans said Fleming was shite!
  14. Where do we all see Forrest play? To me he is a backup to Moff or Moore
  15. Team that should have started today IMO. Adams will be one of our main men this season
  16. Agree with the 2 above. For me, same team but Reid or Ferguson at Rb and Geggan in midfield.
  17. So. What do we do on Tuesday? Send the full team out and demand a massive win to make up for today? Give the kids a game again? Cant have much faith in the young lads that play up front when Gilly was our last attacking sub today..
  18. Now that the league is over, ive realised its gonna be much more fun going up in the playoffs. Top from August onwards is boring lads
  19. Sounds like Arbroath on for a deserved win unless we can find something late on
  20. I know this isnt facebook etc for posting pics of the weans, but this was my favourite one. Sitting on the centre spot looking at the Somerset Road End. All the stuff his grandpa and dad have seen in that net in the past, and who knows what he might see there one day. Mon Ayr!
  21. Anyway. Hopefully a home banker. Feels strange being confident as this before a home game. On a side note, hope Bryan Prunty gets a good reception if he plays. Top man. Me and my old man took my 6 day old son for a wee walk round Somerset back in November 2015 and Prunty was there as an Airdrie player - came right over and was talking away about how he loved his time at Ayr and asking about the wee man etc - he even got a handshake from the 'hand of Prunt'. Ended up being sub no used as we beat them 3-0.
  22. Hutton to turn in his first superb performance in 50 attempts at Somerset haha
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