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  1. So how we all feeling? Playing each other 3 times surely, don't think it's been confirmed though: who's all on here. Got Dalry? Crosshouse, Minishant, Stewarton so far I think. Haven't seen anyone from the others? Edit - seen moorpark and Coylton mentioned but don't know if anyone one here is from them. Broomlands .... Symington, Darvel?
  2. Yous are on fire Edwin, thought u had lost players!
  3. No pattern in that group at all haha. Bottom of group 1 by 1 goal for us - We play Prestwick on Monday night in bottom playoff then got a friendly against Auchinleck on Wednesday.
  4. Saw there was a Jordan Preston scored for Guiseley tonight, assume it's the same one
  5. That 7-0 game must have been about 20 years ago. I remember going with my dad his pal and they won £100 on the half time draw. Strange the things you remember as a wee boy haha
  6. For anyone that's interested. Glad our game was last night and not tonight, f**k playing in this heat
  7. Mauchline beat Minishant 2-0 last night
  8. Drongan summer cup this week, games every night
  9. Heard Dalmilling have folded so that brings it down to a 9 team league, pish.
  10. Minishant and Symington drew 3-3.
  11. Can see the 3rd being pretty tight next season. In the last couple of years New Farm and Catrine were definitely better than the rest. Based on what I've seen in the last couple of years Crosshouse the best of the rest but there's very little between a lot of the teams - obviously a lot depends on some teams keeping their better players I don't have a clue what Dalry will be like so can't comment on them. Looking forward to it
  12. Would love Moore back although his fitness is a worry - seemed to pick up a lot of injuries
  13. McCall saying he goes straight into squad tomorrow as does a striker who's been at training
  14. We seem to be spending a lot of time discussing a Rangers reserve player who apparently doesn't want to play for us, who plays in a position that we aren't really struggling in. Players have problems at clubs - it happens. Players are precious. Hopefully McCrorie has a good career, if not, he might think back and realise being part of a promotion winning team at 18 was actually pretty good. I've heard at various times through decent sources that a few players weren't happy at times last season. But the fact that petty much all of the senior players were happy to sign in again suggests that it's not any different to what happens at every club in the country.
  15. Aye I can see us struggling through pre season and league cup with something similar to what we have until we get a couple of loan deals in last minute. Not ideal but worked out ok this season in the end with Moore and Preston
  16. Agree with that entirely. It was clear by the end of the season he wasn't a first pick for us when everyone was fit. Aitken obviously knows him well and thinks he can get the best out of him so is prepared to take the gamble.
  17. What was the latest from the Ayrshire Post this week?
  18. Seen McCall quoted a couple of times saying he's not everyone from last season signed again that he really wanted - not sure if that's a hint at an issue with Stevo or not
  19. If we had signed Thomson instead of Dumbarton you can guarantee the thread would have had the same folk moaning that we were relying on signings from Dumbarton and Stranraer ahead of a tough league in the championship and we're going straight back down etc etc. Impossible to win with some fans
  20. Fleming is decent - I think we could do better, but he is solid enough and compared to Hutton who we had for the previous 3 seasons then he looks like a world beater
  21. Pleased Fleming has re-signed. Hopefully more to follow but that's an important postition sorted early
  22. Guess we will find out soon enough - the main ones he wants to keep seem to be Devlin and Docherty - if they both leave and blame a pitiful offer from Ayr then it's time to ask questions, until then we just need to wait and see.
  23. I wasn't at that many, but best was the 3-0 home win against Airdrie - absolute dominated from start to finish and played some really nice football. Worst was the 0-1 at Stranraer on 2nd January, took a decent crowd down but had half a team out injured and performance was dire
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