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  1. Hadn't realised they were the same age (Shankland 3 months older). Anyway. Tuesday night for us that work in Glasgow is beautiful. 4pm finish, a few pints near central and then the train to the game.
  2. I must be reading this wrong. Is your 500/600 fans comment related to THIS season? Please tell me it's not. That's how i read it but surely not..
  3. Already looking to the Jamie Adams inspired tears and snotters at Stair Park in January.
  4. Yeah seems to be getting worse as well. Far poorer teams have had great backing at home over the last few years.
  5. I remember going to that game as a 6 or 7 year old, was one of my first ever away games and had my face painted haha.
  6. Fair enough - to me at the time it seemed to be a good signing and happily been proved right (so far). Interesting that we haven't tied him down beyond January yet though - I'm sure I heard McCall say he wanted to keep him so wonder if the player himself is holding off to maybe get a move back up to the Championship. He's had a bad season last year clearly but looks a right good player to me.
  7. Looking for a reasonably priced sofa / general living room furniture stockist recommendation, so thought the good people of P&B were a great place to start. Any ideas?
  8. Don't agree. There's nothing at all suggesting to me that we won't go up this season. Not convinced that we will win the league although a lot depends on Raith holding on to Vaughan in January, but I would put any amount of money at all on us finishing in the top 4, and don't see anything from the other sides in this league or probably Dumbarton from the league above that we shouldn't be confident about beating in 2 legged playoffs
  9. I'm sad enough that I've already checked. Itzdrk at his best haha. Special mention to McG1910 but he at least made a decent point. Edit - couldn't find the actual quote - it was probably you wasn't it [emoji23]
  10. That 3rd goal is lovely. Punt up the park from the keeper, but then Shankland-Moffatt-Shankland-Moffatt-GOAL. Who was it that slagged the signing of Shankland as a 'typical McCall panic signing' or something by the way? Would be intrigued as to your opinion now..
  11. Hard to say. Adams will almost definitely come in to centre mid with Doc, and Crawford left. Means Geggan to RB and a harsh dropping for Ferguson if so.. Gilmour or McDaid RM - wouldn't surprise me if it's Gilmour again. Never confident for games against Stranraer. We really should be winning this but no way is it going on my coupon. Unless he goes 433 with Moore starting. Could go Hart, Geggan Rose Higgins Boyle, Docherty Adams Crawford, then Moffatt behind Moore and Shankland. I'd love to somehow see that work. Puts a huge amount of pressure on the 3 midfielders though.
  12. Was during my brief time as a member of that Somerset Road End Facebook page in the summer. I'm not sure if any of the names are a 'serious' mention as such when there's not actually a job going but he was definitely there.
  13. Jeezo you are right - I stand corrected! Gary Locke is even worse than I thought haha. For what it's worth I agree we could absolutely have been justified in sacking McCall after relegation but think it was the right decision not to.
  14. Shows 'passion'. Which for some folk counts for more than the fact he loaned Lewis Vaughan out to his biggest rivals last season and thus took Raith down.
  15. Bollan (along with Yogi) are some of the genuine suggestions I've seen touted as replacements for McCall if we sack him. Stuff like this sums up why the 'McCall Out' camp do my nut in.
  16. Agree re: Crawford. Out of all the players in this squad I can see him going furthest. Recent improvement has been incredible. Think he's one of those that if he had been a new signing he would be an instant hero, but as he has been here from the inconsistent wee boy right through some folk have their minds made up already.
  17. How about we all try and be a bit more positive then? This league is very winnable!
  18. 5-0 away win. Hat trick for Moffatt and the other 2 strikers both scoring. 4th clean sheet in 10 league games. Think that's us got 50 goals already, and scored in 16 of 17? I'm sure there is a lot of massive negatives to take from this again, so it's over to the usual suspects.....entertain me!
  19. I think half the problem with the defence is due to the fact we very often set up with 2 strikers and 2 wingers (or at least 1 winger and 1 attacking wide player) with full backs who also like to attack. It results in scoring plenty but also being pretty exposed at the other end. It's up to the manager to find the balance though. McCall suggesting he might start Moore Moffat and Shankland together on Saturday. Not sure how that will work - would probably mean quite a narrow midfield with Moffat acting as the link.
  20. Don't know why you are quoting me and then talking about 'deserving' to win, as I've never once said that. Anyway - no point in arguing as never gonna agree. We've missed too many chances in recent games but I don't see us all of a sudden ditching Moore, Moffat, Shankland and McDaid and replacing them with guys who never ever miss the target.
  21. For what it's worth there is no denying we are under achieving - but having been at both the Alloa and Airdrie draws it's undeniable that on both occasions we really should have won comfortably (and on another day would have). If there had been a lot more performances like the Arbroath one then I'd be a lot more concerned.
  22. The amount of points Raith have has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on our chances of winning at Forfar though. I was pointing out that the folk saying that we were playing poorly and therefore likely to get beat weren't backed up by the stats. Also, if as you suggest as a possibility Raith do keep their form up and finish on 88 points then by no stretch of the imagination could they be called 'bang average'. That would be an outstanding season.
  23. 2 wins with clean sheets and 2 draws that should have been comfortable wins in the last 4 games, with 10 goals scored. Nowhere as poor as some of the drama queens on here like to make out. Also we have only failed to score in 1 of 16 games so far this season, which was a midweeker away at Hibs, so I'm pretty confident we will score again in this one. Defence still a concern but happy predict an Ayr win with both teams to score.
  24. It's frustrating and a bit of a worry that in 2 of the last 3 home games we have had far more possession, chances etc and yet drawn both games. So that's the first quarter of the season done - 5 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats. It's not too bad but on the other hand really should have been better, especially based on those 2 home draws. Keep that up and it's 68 points. Vital that we win at Forfar on Saturday - really can't afford to lose any games between now and the home game with Raith.
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