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  1. Fantastic win after losing 2 of our best players within 15 mins. Defence gets a lot of stick on here but the fact we didnt concede from open play with both first choice full backs missing plus a midfield of McDaid Moffat Doc and McGuffie is worth so much credit to Higgins and Rose IMO
  2. Is Higgins back for this one? Tend to agree about Reid. He's no way a starter for me when everyone but no issue with him playing when needed, we've had far worse at this level.
  3. Think teams have been kicked out as well, although that might have been for playing an ineligible player rather than a mistake on team sheet. Funnily enough AU Media didnt have him listed as a sub in their lineup, they had us 1 player short. Absolutely incredible if we have managed to submit a team sheet a player short and nobody noticed though.
  4. Banks o Dee have submitted a complaint against Ayr, saying Ayr had forgot to list Declan McDaid as a sub on Saturday. Or something like that. Alsp read elsewhere that the issue is it was handed in late, which Ayr deny
  5. Heading through to this, probably on the train. Looking forward to it but also got a niggly feeling that we might drop a couple of points here
  6. Agree with Rose on pens. He will end up with 2 or more goals this season no doubt.
  7. I was also really surprised to see he is a year younger than Craig Moore. I assumed he was 24 or 25 or so considering how long he had been around. If we could go up with (and keep) the 3 strikers we have just now i'd be delighted
  8. Maybe it's just 'good' timing that this is the season that i've had to chuck amateur fitba due to the knee and therefore see Ayr more often but I love this team. Last time i enjoyed our style of play this much was the late 90's when i was at school, hence the username. Shankland has to stay. He is a class above this level with his hold up / link up play. And clearly knows where the goals are
  9. 12 in 10 now. I bet i'm not the only one who checks this thread daily waiting to hear that Shankland has signed beyond January...
  10. Can i just say....I love the Scottish Cup
  11. I'm probably being whooshed, but I read that as hoping (expecting) to see a cracking game due to the fact both teams are scoring for fun at the moment - Banks O Dee won 10-0 on Saturday haha
  12. The 'pessimist' in me means i'll happily sing about 'going up' but not about winning the league haha
  13. Absolutely. Did McCall not mention in a post match interview recently that he had already brought it up, but said it in a jokey way? I'm usually half cut by the time I watch the interviews so can't remember the specifics...
  14. 100% agree with this. Can only assume he's been holding off as he fancies a return to the Championship in Jan (and if you were a QOS / Falkirk etc then why wouldn't you take a gamble on him for nothing?) but fingers crossed he is enjoying this run of form and stays to see it out
  15. Raith were awful tbf. Didn't buy the negative stuff from their fans in the build up but they were brutal. Glad to see someone else sticking with a useless loanee for a change
  16. There are plenty who have said otherwise. A lot of folk only a month or so ago would have had Hart and Rose out the door for example - rock solid today. Should add - i came away today thinking we won but hadn't actually been that great, but on the other hand to have been so comfortable against the league favourites would suggest i'm being harsh haha.
  17. Superb result. Well done Ayr - slowly but surely the 'doom and gloomists' are beginning to accept there is the makings of a right good team there. Moff's penalty though - jesus. Is that him, Moore and Shankland all missed in a row?
  18. Agreed. I'm not buying all the sudden negativity from the Raith lads - if you had been on here a month or so ago the general opinion seemed to be that Rovers basically had the title in the bag while we were going to struggle to make the playoffs haha. That said - unless we have done our usual and picked up 4 or 5 phantom injuries despite having a free Saturday this is as good a chance as any to get 3 points off them. Looking forward to it - a few cans on the train down to Ayr after work a bonus as well!
  19. Scored tonight for West Brom u21s or whatever they are against Coventry in the English equivalent of the Irn Bru cup
  20. I'd throw Robbie Crawford in for Ayr. I genuinely think he's one of the best midfielders in the league yet there are Ayr fans that wouldn't even have him in the team.
  21. 'A' Tuesday night? Any Raith fans that are doing the same pints then train give me a shout. Might as well have the Shankers v Vaughan chat over a few cans.
  22. If someone offers £0 for Shankland the now he'll be off. Get the boy signed up! Nice pad this. Could be comfortable a week on Tuesday
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