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  1. Still no Crawford for Forfar, and Docherty 50/50 which i assume means wont be risked. If the funds are there to bring in a keeper, i'd much rather it was spent on getting some defensive midfield cover on loan or something, as these longish term ones are eventually going to cost us.
  2. From McCall interview - Geggan and Adams should be fine, Docherty 'has a good chance' and didnt sound promising re Crawford. Big couple of days coming up - in theory the scheduling should suit us - home to the team on the bottom (who we have beat 3-0 and 5-0) on the Saturday, followed by a very tricky trip to Stranraer 3 days later. Stranraer however are away at Raith on the Saturday. You would hope that having a slightly 'easier' game on the Saturday coupled with being full time should give us an advantage there. A lot depends on those injuries though. Struggling to get any shape just now.
  3. Docherty and Crawford out again - any idea whats wrong with them? Seems strange that Doc made the bench a couple of weeks ago
  4. I do think we need to pick peformances up a bit though. Last few games have been a bit unconvincing even though we have got the wins - the injuries playing a big part to be fair. Either we will actually find sone form again and start winning again convincingly, or begin to drop some points. Would be massive to win this one as Raith have a tough game at Arbroath. I'm confident as our record on astro is ridiculously good this season, but Raith robbed a point here very recently so we need to be on our game.
  5. Wedding in Glasgow on Sat 30th then down to caravan at Portpatrick for a family new year. Taken one for the team by offering to take my 2 year old back to the van early after a meal and a few drinks in the wee pub at the caravan park, and fully intending to cash in the brownie points by starting to drink at 10am on the 2nd before the Stranraer v Ayr game.
  6. Cracking through ball from the EF player for their goal btw
  7. Shankland would be a points magnet in the Fantasy Football. Scores or assists a minimum goal a game, usually more.
  8. I don't get the hate for him tbh. Not a world beater but one of those who can do a job, and sometimes (today being a good example) him just being there allows others to step their game up a wee bit. Very useful squad member especially as he can do a reasonable job anywhere across the midfield if we are short. Nice guy as well and by all accounts a pretty decent coach.
  9. It's particularly pleasing that as we continue to pump teams right left and centre, averaging 3 and a bit goals a game, all the opposition fans seem to manage to convince themselves that we are in fact a bit pish and not much better than them [emoji41]
  10. Toaffee. Who's next? Airdrie. Beautiful. Seriously tho, delighted for Rose. Huge potential there. And he's been due that as folk have said, had come close about a dozen times from corners this season. Hope his pals that travelled down from Aberdeen to Arbroath and Alloa to watch him were there today!
  11. Dont think it will be Moffat, McCall has mentioned a couple of times we were too open last week so might play more defensive. Adams seems to be included in squad for some reason so possibly him and Geggan?
  12. Docherty and Crawford still out which is a blow. Nice to have Geggan back though
  13. Away games on astroturf record this season: played 6 won 6. Scored 28, conceded 6. Docherty, Geggan and Crawford all possibly back. Mon Ayr
  14. McGuffie is a tough one. Obvious ability yet for me he tends not to do much. I'd have McDaid ahead of him. Nice to have this debate though! Squad depth is pretty good.
  15. Hah im maybe being harsh. But for me if Crawford is fit he has be wide left. No way on this seasons form McGuffie should be there instead of him. Agree about Forrest / McDaid deserving a start, but then who gets dropped? A good dilemma.
  16. McGuffie starting and Moffat not? Or even Moore? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. You're at it.
  17. There were about a dozen Ayr fans on our thread saying McCall had to go after we lost at Starks in September as the league was completely lost..so i'd calm down the now..
  18. Aye no Adams for next 2 games. Docherty being on bench yesterday suggests he will be back, massive if we can get Crawford back (assume Geggan is still a bit away from a comeback). Big call for McCall. Do we go the 3 up front again which despite the wins isn't quite clicking, or do we drop 17? goal Moore.
  19. I've not seen an Ayrshire Post or anything, what was said about injuries etc?
  20. The club posted on facebook earlier that they dont have any worries about the park based on the current forecast
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