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  1. Based on the horrendous abuse a youngster in Jordan Hart has been getting for making some errors, it's probably a bad time to be blooding youngsters at the moment sadly. Faulds was already getting stick within 30 mins from the North Terrace on Saturday. Last thing he needs is to be the latest scapegoat if he starts tomorrow and has a poor game. It's also worth noting that Ruddy is the first loan signing (young or old) we have brought in this season - and we must have given game time to 7 or 8 of our own academy players over the first half of the season.
  2. Usually aye. In our case this season though it seems like every 'is 50/50' or 'has a chance' or 'could be back' means they will be nowhere to be seen haha.
  3. Ruddy confirmed as starting in nets. Rose listed as '50/50', which based on every other '50/50' rated player we seem tp have had this season means he prob wont even be fit for the next game in 2 weeks.
  4. Aye, having Bell or Adams in centre defence wouldnt bother me as such - its more the fact it would leave only one centre midfielder. Which coupled with both wide midfielders being very attacking and offering very little protection to the defence would give me a bit of the fear what with Rovers attacking options
  5. Geggan Higgins Docherty Crawford and Gilmour all defo out based on the Ayrshire Post. It said Rose and McGuffie might be OK, but I heard from someone else that they were both missing too so who knows. Rose is the important one IMO. If he is OK and no other new ones have materialised then we can still play a normal looking team,albeit an understrengh one. If he misses out you are then putting Adams or more likely Bell back to CB and having someone out of position in CM. If he is back i'd expect same as last week but Rose in for Higgins. If not, Bell at CB with Moffat in CM and Moore in up front.
  6. Yeah i agree with this. While Raith are clearly favourites, and if i'm honest i'd take a point just now - I don't think it's as big a certainty as folk are saying. IF Rose makes it (and ive heard conflicting reports) then at least we should start with a proper (albeit not first choice or on form) back 4, with 2 physical defensive centre mids in front of them. Then 4 from the 5 of Moff, Shankland, Forrest, McDaid and Moore which should still be able to cause problems. I assume Raith will come at us and commit men forward which might suit us as well as it leaves a bit of space to exploit, especially as we are likely to be playing longer balls again. Actually looking forward to it, although my first visit to the pubs in Kirkcaldy beforehand probably has a lot to do with that
  7. Aye but ours will miss the playoffs which you don't have to play in
  8. Higgins ruptured his achillies and is out for the season - that's a nightmare.
  9. Heard similar, but can't see it considering Stranraer are only looking for loans that they don't pay any wages towards. Gilmour gets stick but if we had him to come in yesterday when Higgins came on i reckon we would have seen it out.
  10. Perhaps if Rose, Crawford, Geggan or Docherty were available they would help stop the rest bottling it - hence the recent winning run. Injuries happen. Add Higgins, McGuffie and Gilmour into the mix and we are struggling big time.
  11. The thing is - for me, the 'excuses' above have actually been fairly accurate in other games. Alloa 3-3 game we actually played pretty well and basically got robbed a bit. Airdrie draw similar, and I wasnt at Forfar game but when you see some of the saves their keeper had and the late collapse it could be considered a freak. Today was different as we were terrible and got exactly what we deserved in the end. Didnt help that Moff and Shankland (and Moore when he came on) were all as bad as i've seen them. Touch miles off. And both full backs had shockers.
  12. Weird game. Early goal then seemed to through the motions, didnt play that well but still had some great chances to put it out of sight with Arbroath offering nothing at all. Then second half we were absolutely shocking - second to everything and struggled to trap a ball never mind put 3 passes together. Fell apart when Higgins went off - goals were inevitable (but of course had Hart not comes rushing out for no reason we would have probably got a point). Lack of urgency worries me. Injuries of course seriously hampering us - once Higgins went off you are looking at a team with 5 guaranteed starters missing. But McCall made an arse of the sub IMO - nothing against young Faulds coming on in CM - but to then put Moore on for McDaid shortly after and put Moff into midfield just seems daft - meant we all of a sudden had no shape whatsoever. Edit to say credit to Arbroath - as the game went on they actually looked the quicker and fitter side.
  13. Is Morgan likely to start today? Deciding whether to stick with Saints for my coupon!
  14. We do have a lot of ex Pars now! Boyle, Higgins, Geggan, Moffat, Bell, Shankland, Reid. Not far off a full team!
  15. Geggan unlikely to be back until Jan 27th v Queens Park. Can't put a date on Docherty or Crawford. Not ideal at all
  16. Aye. Docherty especially strange as he was actually sub not used at one point was he not, but now seems to be out until further notice.
  17. Guessing thats Rose and Jadams centre mid...could be fun!
  18. Aye. I noticed Docherty wasnt mentioned as being definitely out but wasnt mentioned as being back either..
  19. Chances of being on? Weather is wild in Portpatrick tonight
  20. I don't get to that many games. Thought he had a really good game at home to Raith played out of position. Only other one i've seen since then was Alloa away and he lasted 20 mins or so. Clearly seems to be carrying an injury.
  21. I'm sure i read that he had taken a knock yesterday and was a doubt. Had a fair few pints last night so hopefully I imagined it!
  22. Fiver on Stranraer at 16/5. Can see a 3-2 home win. Hope not - we need any sort of win but after Saturday I have my doubts. Especially if Shankland and Geggan are out on top of the ones we already have missing...still, looking forward to it!
  23. Heading down to Stranraer but dreading it. Can see us getting hammered.
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