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  1. I see the last Derby of season has been switched to the Friday night for TV
  2. On a different note- there's been a bit of debate on FB etc about ticket's after the update that Partick won't sell any at venue on the day, but Hamilton have a cash gate. What's the current situation for our home games - can someone still turn up and pay cash for a ticket in club shop up until KO like they do at Dunfermline, or have we stopped that? Edit- and also- can you buy online tickets for a normal home league game right up until KO or do we have a cut off time?
  3. Domestic loan window being extended another month probably doesn't help either
  4. Nope - James Maxwell has raced clear in second place with 3 goals (although the one against Arbroath was very generous not going down as an OG).
  5. Hamilton have incredibly manged to lose to Ayr sides managed by both David Hopkin AND Jim Duffy this season, conceding a goal scored by Cammy Salkeld into the bargain. An astonishing achievement. As for this game, no idea. One of those where both teams will fancy their chances - from an Ayr perspective we certainly need to be more ruthless when we do create chances and it seems more than ever that scoring first goal will be absolutely vital.
  6. Yeah fair assessment this. He's certainly nowhere near as bad as a lot of Ayr fans will make out - its not as if youve taken a McGinty / Salkeld off our hands. He strikes me as someone who to be at his most effective needs someone alongside him to win the ball, then someone else to do the creating. He will keep the ball moving between the two all day long. Unfortunately at Ayr we needed someone to win the ball and also be a playmaker and he was neither, and of course as the high earner/marquee signing type who wasn't doing much noticeable he was of course going to get stick.
  7. Another thought - if that's been going on in the background for 2 weeks as stated, and we've managed to get a fee however small for one of the highest earners - then there really is no excuse whatsoever to not get another couple of signings in....
  8. Sounds like it based on Dunfermline's tweet "after a suitable compensation agreement was reached between the clubs". Unless we've paid them to take him off our hands
  9. Well - it's 100% a position that needed strengthening as everyone knows so good luck to the lad.
  10. It's an Ayr Utd loan signing in January - he is probably going to be absolutely garbage and will start 3 or 4 games max between now and May.
  11. You know what really annoys me (and I've not read the last 3 pages so sorry if its been covered) but Alloa were 2 down to Celtic at half Time and made a game of it and Lost 2-1. If we had been 2 down to that exact same Celtic side at HT what do we think it would have ended, 4? 5? Easily. Morton took Motherwell to extra time. We would have lost 3 or 4 nil at Motherwell today and game would have been over by half time.
  12. Are we over thinking it? Since they sacked Gus for not beating us Morton have brought a manager in who seems to have got his team working working hard and has got 2 strikers in Ugwu and Reilly linking up well. Neither of them would be dynamite if we signed them and gave them the "chase long balls whist also going short to link up play whilst anticipating every McGinty and co punt and winning the header off it all on your own" role that we seem to need to fill.
  13. A fit Cammy Salkeld is the GPS hero. Would hope we are hoping for more than "runs aboot hunners" as a marker though.
  14. If he has had some sort of discipline breach as you are suggesting then it's equally as concerning if the manager is still playing him today as being dropped for 70 mins against St Mirren is hardly a punishment that sets a hard line. Stick Afolabi on instead for a laugh in that case to really prove a point.
  15. Agree. If (when?) we go down I'd be absolutely astonished if Andy Murdoch came down with us. He'd have 3 or 4 Championship offers easily.
  16. Aye Murdoch stick is bizarre. I've a few pals who are Morton fans and general feedback from them last week was that Andy Murdoch is absolutely wasted at Ayr and they'd have him back in a second. He'd easily fit in with most teams in this league.
  17. That seems massively OTT I'd say. On both fronts Edit: agree totally with the rest of your post though so apologies for only quoting that one part.
  18. Sorry - accidentally deleted this earlier. Just goes to show that what gets discussed on commentary does get noticed by the players, especially as this post and comment didn't tag Ayr or Tomi.
  19. Against a better team as well. Hopefully today can be added to last week and used as a wake up / reminder what we need. Seems positive if we have indeed got that midfielder signed from Charlton as is being reported, and (I'm going to jinx it here, sorry) as it stands Dunfermline are losing at home in the league.... Edit: aye shut the f**k up Hursty. Jinxed it.
  20. Or just not starting? To be fair in the 2 games Bullen has seen, one with Moff and one with Tomi we played better in the first one. That's of course assuming he is on bench and not out squad completely.
  21. No doubt a 20 minute segment blaming him for the camera angle being shite
  22. Exactly. I've not watched all the streams of course but certainly don't remember specific constant discussions (including half time) about for example McGinty or Baird being out of position for crosses coming in, or specific midfielders not winning all their headers / tackles / giving ball away. It 100% seems targeted and actually annoys me quite a bit how they are going about it as the comments from the Commentary folk are basically speaking on behalf of the club publicly.
  23. Probably nothing in it but on that note, it really is pretty unprofessional from us having an official club media outlet so blatantly picking up on and highlighting 'faults' with one individual. I'd be pretty pissed of if I was him, especially with how fawning and sycophantic they are with regards to just about everything else.
  24. And on that note I saw Yogi quoted the other day saying they had missed out on a few targets they were confident of getting - always the same in January when there's probably half a dozen or so fairly similar ranked teams competing for all the same players.
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